Sunday, December 31, 2006

lost in translation: part 2

i'm really sorry i wasn't able to finish already my list of depressing/sad songs.
xmas came by and well i had to prepare for it. i hope you've enjoyed your xmas.

oh yes my dad and I have finished the whole Alias tv series. It only has 5 seasons..really, really worth checking out. i cannot believe jennifer garner still shot the freaking show even though she was pregnant..

i am typing in my notepad today as i have found out that it is better to type in herebefore posting anything on blogger. and then i have a back-up in case my beloved pc decides to hang up on me.
so here we go i hope i can complete the whole list in this entry.. i just discovered that blogger doesn't want entries which are too long. but what the heck i don't really care! haha!

7. Masaya (piano version) - Bamboo

An old adage goes, "love is but a great irony..", and yes my favorite Bamboo song aside from 214 does justice to this saying.

So ironic is the effect of love, a great mystery as people would like to say. Every now and then we confront ourselves with questions as why we do this and that, ask ourselves if there is justification in the actions we do. Love is an unfathomable concept, an idea very hard to grasp, yet is all over us. Everywhere we look we find manifestations of it. Everytime we sit down and think we can only wonder, why is love so powerful?

ok, so much for that. I think the song needs not a full digestion of its lyrics, just give it a listen. Particularly this version. I'm sorry if I'm fickle with versions, but the piano arrangements of this song are amazing, performed by the wonderful Ria Osorio of the Phil. Philharmonic Orchestra. The piano has done wonders to the song, adding layers of sadness and monotony into the song..

ang pag-ibig, ganyan talaga, ako'y nilamon na ng pag-ibig, ganyan talaga, masaya...

6. Broken Sonnet - Hale

You didn't think they wouldn't be here eh? Think again...

Considered as the masters of "iyakan" songs thanks to the voice of frontman Champ, Hale's songs will be forever the common girl's choice for the perfect sentimental head trip. Loneliness? Depression? Anxiety? Name it, and they've got a song for it.

Not taking away anything from them, they don't really suck. The songs they make are well written, except for a bump or two in their choice of words.
But why Broken Sonnet? Yes, we all know there are better songs than this but allow me to explain. Broken Sonnet is about the realization of a lost cause. Imagine, finally giving in and admitting to yourself that, despite all of the hard work and sacrifice, you're not really fit for each other, i mean, you and the your prospect (excuse me for lack of a better term)
if there is one thing people hate to admit, it is the admission of defeat.
the chorus of the song goes like:

i'll leave my fears behind
coz, tonight i'll be right at your side

forsaking common sense for the cause of love is a regular habit of people. you can't really blame them, love is like a drug.
the pre choruse provides us with supporting ideas:

i don't care what they say
i don't care what they do

a lot of people do that. they leave and drop everything behind. a lot of sacrifice has been made, but at the end, it all boils down to nothing.. such is the pain infused into this song by Hale. A masterpiece.

5. Only One (acoustic version) - Yellowcard

A song so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes, in public.

I heard this one on my friend's pc, and boy I was so blown away by the whole song. The instrumentation, the arrangement and the voice. An absolute ear candy.

I really had to cry in public because this song hits you hard, especially people who consider someone as their one true love, aka their Only One.

Yellowcard's Only One is probably the best song to dedicate to the person you love the most. Nothing is sweeter to a person's ears when someone tells you that you are their only one. Unbelievable.
These are the lyrics of the song.. Read on:

Broken this fragile thing now
And I can't, I can't pick up the pieces
And I've thrown my words all around
But I can't, I can't give you a reason
I feel so broken up

And I give up

I just want to tell you so you know
Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you

You are my only one
I let go, there's just no one that gets me like you do
You are my only, my only one

Made my mistakes, let you down
And I can't, I can't hold on for too long
Ran my whole life in the ground
And I can't, I can't get up when you're gone
And something's breaking up

I feel like giving up
I won't walk out until you know

Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go, there's just no one who gets me like you do
You are my only my only one

Here I go so dishonestly
Leave a note for you my only one
And I know you can see right through me
So let me go and you will find someone

Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go, there's just no one, no one like you
You are my only, my only one
My only one
My only one
My only one
You are my only, my only one

well, what have I got to say? Total surrender to the person you love. Unreal..

So, why is this depressing? Its about someone who was left by his "only one". How sad can that be? Trust me, it can be very, very sad and depressing.
so, we have to cut this one short. Don't worry, we'll have the complete list soon, I hope..

*jana says i'm articulate? what? i don't even know what that means! kidding! thanks for the complement!*


Sunday, December 24, 2006

lost in translation

the past week has been a bugger... well sort of.. I went out too much, and as a result, I slept outside of our house for the first time since I was 9 yrs. old. hahaha!!! bad rc, baaaaaad rc!

so there, the result of going out which started in paskuhan sa ust that ended up somewhere between the sofa in lee's condo to the alabang escapade which had me spending the whole night outside the house was a bummer. but then again, it made sense to me. i was challenging the authorities too much, that my father had to step in since my mom cannot keep me on a tight leash. i still hope for a new phone. come on my good and very loving parents! give me my sony ericsson w710i!!!!! *cross my fingers*

why are there no small Transformers robots in Festival Mall? why? why? WHY?

meanwhile, let me share you something I picked up while loitering in Powerbooks ATC...

Hidden amongst a stack of books in the shelves of the beloved bookstore is a funny little doodle by Tom Reynolds.

Its called I Hate Myself and I Want to Die: the 52 most depressing songs you've ever heard. Its a damn funny and good book. Tom Reynolds' witty banter in analyzing these 52 songs ranging from the Barry Manilow wonder "Mandy" to Celine Dion's "All By Myself" to Evanescence's "My Immortal" is sure to make you laugh out loud. My beshie and I enjoyed reading the book, and yes we did laugh a lot. It was a fun read for anyone in need of something to joke around with. But make no mistake, the songs included in the book are big ones, which dole out the best of the best in suffering, self pity and depression.

So here I am now, trying to have fun before Christmas rolls in around 12 midnight, to give you my own list of depressing songs.

Criticisms, suggestions, new ideas and violent reactions are welcome. This is a very subjective list. And no, I will not make a 52 song list because I'm too lazy for that one. For this, 10 songs will be enough.

How will I be picking the songs? Simple. Any freaking song that makes my tear glands swell up should make the list. A question may arise, but that would make it a list of sad songs right? Don't worry, I'll try my best to separate the sad from the depressing, if there was such a difference. So any input from you will be welcome. Okay lets do this:

Oh, they're not in any order. Let's just make them as we go along shall we?

10. Director's Cut - Kamikazee

Yes. Jay Contreras and the rest of the boys know how to make good depressing song. Don't let the rocking instrumentals fool you. Listen closely to the lyrics. The scenario is all too familiar. The song chronicles the feelings of someone who just got left in the air by the one he loves. Despite the effort and all, he still gets dumped. Frustration laces the song in its whole. "Lahat ng gusto mo/tamang sunod ako/nagtataka bakit biglang ayaw mo na" is one line in the song which I can relate well. (ok don't ask why)

This song is perfect for the days right after the break up. Lakas kasi manumbat nung kanta eh. hahaha!!!

Another line goes:
At kung hindi/na babalik/sana sa paggising ay wala na ang nadaramang sakit

At kung hindi/na babalik/pilit sasabihin na hindi ako nagkamali

aww so sad is the one being left by the person he truly loves. Who knew Kamikazee knows how to pull heartstrings? Or am I the only one who feels this song? hahaha!!! Moving on...

9. What If - Menaya

My goodness. Sabi ng Menaya nung nag guest sila sa Breakfast, pang JS prom daw yung kanta. Its more like for a funeral of a friend if you ask me.

This is the song of love bordering obsession. Something like, I did it all but you won't even notice kind of song. The song repeatedly asks the question what if to the subject (in this case, let us say the one you love)

The song hits those who have long been suffering in silence, unable to answer the lingering questions he/she has because either they don't have the opportunity to do so or they don't have the courage to.

A part of the song goes:
What if cry?/What if I die?/Would you care about me?/Would you ask me how I feel?

These things are questions you don't ask to anyone except, well maybe your closest friend or your significant other. What if goes out there and screams out the freaking questions bottled up inside you. So if you can't really tell somebody how you really feel, let them listen to the song. Maybe they'll get it. Maybe not.

8. Rebound - Silent Sanctuary

Ah the violin. The local version of Yellowcard, Silent Sanctuary abuses the innate ability of the violin to make people sad. I personally rank the violin first ahead of the piano as the saddest instrument ever made. Sarkie Sarangay, the songwriter of the song masterfully tells the story of a bittersweet romance. It reminds me a lot about myself. Which is well, sad. The gist of the song is a lamentation of a someone who was used by his/her love to get over someone. Kung baga panakip butas. Thus the line "Rebound mo lang pala ako", and the song's title in itself.

The first verse of the song goes:
O kay bilis naman/Magsawa ng puso mo
Ganyan ka ba talaga?/Bigla na lang naglalaho
Para bang walang nangyari/Di mo man lang sinabi

The chorus goes:
Sana'y hindi na lang/Pinilit pa
Wala ring patutunguhan
Kahit sabihin ko pang/Mahal kita

See what I mean? The song has the bitter vibe of someone being used.

Nakakainis talaga/Nagmukha tuloy akong tanga
Pinaasa mo kasi/Puso ko ngayon tuloy lumuluha
Bakit iniwan mo kong mag-isa/Ilang araw lang ay babay na

Thankfully, the song doesn't lash out. Its a smooth and easy one to listen to. It also helps that the violin arrangements are great, courtesy of Seton Alumnus Jet Ramirez, and PPO's own Kuya Chino (i call him that. go figure)

Feeling bitter because you've been used? Give this one a listen. Shout out to _____ _____! I personally dedicate this song for you!


Saturday, December 16, 2006

4 days to go

aba mantakin ninyo december 16 na, pero hindi pa rin malamig...
pansin na pansin na natin kung gaano kainit, gawa ito ng global warming. ayaw kasing seryosohin ng mga tao ang pag-agap sa polusyon, ayan hala sige painitin na natin ang buong mundo!

aantayin na lang ba nating sing-init na ng summer ang disyembre natin sa mga susunod na taon bago tayo kumilos? ayusin nga natin mga buhay natin pwede? ang kahit anong gawain na makakatulong sa kalikasan ay malaking bagay na. paano na yung mga susunod na mga bata? lalaki na lang ba silang sanay na sa mainit na disyembre? o di kaya ang mainit na buong taon?

di naman ako aktibista para sa kalikasan e. pero para sa mga taong me kapangyarihan dyan, gumawa naman kayo ng paraan. di yung kayo lang ang may karapatang magpalamig!

hmmm ok yun ah. pwede nang speech para sa isang rally. mag-aktibista na kaya ako? hahaha!!!

apat na araw na lang. apat na araw at december 20 na. at malamang sa malamang pupunta ako sa pamantasan ng santo tomas para makita at iabot ang munting regalo kong pampasko para sa aking pinakamatalik na kaibigan. hala, di ko nga alam kung magkaibigan pa rin kami e. basta alam ko ayaw nya akong kausapin nung nagkita kami nung septyembre. ang galing.

ang hirap bumili ng regalo. andaming iisipin. pero hinayaan ko na lang. nabili ko na e. its the thought that counts ika nga nila. ang inaalala ko lang baka meron na sya nung ireregalo ko. cross my fingers sana wala pa.

hanggang ngayon di pa rin kami nag-uusap. di ako makapaniwalang ganun sya kaabala sa mga ginagawa nya. daig pa nya si darna. asus...

nakakainis pakiwari ko binura na nya ang lahat ng ano mang alaala nya na may pagpapatungkol sa akin. wala namang namagitan sa amin (wahaha talaga lang ah!) kaya di ko alam kung bakit di kami magkaabutan...

lagi na lang walang load, lagi na lang may ginagawa. lagi na lang alanganing oras. lagi na lang bawal. ganun ba talaga kasaklap ang timing ko sa tuwing susubukan kong kontakin sya? tama lang sa kanya yung diligence award na nakuha nya nung graduation namin. bakit ba sya nasa uste e pwede naman sya sa up. bakit ako wala namang award pero sa up nakapasok? baligtad yata..

ansaya mamili kasama ng beshie ko. (kahit na ang binili lang naman nya para sa kanya. hahaha!!) bibilhan nya ako ng transformers!! yahoo!! sya pa ang mauunang magbigay nun sa akin. akala ko noon si %&*^ e.. pero wala malas lang talaga.

ansaya nung araw kahapon. may concert na libre at nakanood kami ng beshie ko, kain kami ng kain ng kain at laboy ng laboy. salamat sa araw na yun beshie ko! hehehe sana nag-enjoy ka rin! ^_^

di ako bitter, pero naisip ko, di pa nga ngayon ang tamang oras para ibigay sa kanya yung dream catcher na pinangako ko noon... dun ako nangako sa taong mahal ako.. di sa kanya.. hahahaha!! ambitter amp...

hindi ako naniniwala sa mga summer flings? kayo? ^_^

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Now Playing: Typecast - Scars of a Falling Heart

Its already december 9 and I haven't got out and do my christmas shopping..

well, I already planned it on the next saturday, which is december 16th, which coincidentally is the 1st day of the Simbang Gabi. And Nicole's birthday. Wonder if I can call in the States to greet her personally... Well since I don't know how to dial for international phone calls, might as well scratch that.. haha!!

I went to Dasma yesterday to enjoy the fiesta. Thanks a lot to Ruthy for giving us the food we have been raving about since we were in Manila. Haha!!

I'm pretty much freaked out right now. Maybe I'm just nervous. No, maybe anxious is the correct term. I'm gonna be somewhere in december 20, where hopefully a lot of questions will be answered.. I know its not going to be a picture perfect day because there are too many factors to consider. And to tell you the truth, I really don't know what to say when that day comes. Heck, I don't even know if I am going or not..

Is half a year really that long? You know, long enough to erase your existence.. Everytime I think about it, I feel that I just met her for the first time. Kala ko talaga di ko na sya kilala.. Which is bad, since it becomes an impediment in my thought construction. Di mo alam kung ano sasabihin kasi nga di mo na kilala.. Bad trip....

I really hate my 18th year. A lot has gone wrong since my birthday. Its killing me. haha!!
Maybe I should use my birthday as an indicator on how my year will progress. Feeling ko tuloy nahawa ako sa beshie ko, pero pag pinag-isipan ko, oo nga ang bagong taon ko nagsisimula rin pala sa birthday ko. On my next birthday I am going to be happily celebrating, so that my year would be better than this... Or better yet, I should wish to have a better birthday next year...

Really I am freaked out.

random things about me lately:
- just finished monk and the simpsons season 7. Am trying to find new dvds to watch
- i am angry at my mother for bringing up a pathetic excuse not to buy me a new phone
- still trying to think of what to give to the people this xmas
- wanting to go to tower records and grab the Typecast cd, and Incubus, and Sandwich, and Dashboard Confessional, and Silent Sanctuary, and Sugarfree, but no money.. Damn!
- still trying to think what to write in the letters I will give this xmas
- just fed myself to the lions as I recently volunteered to partake in a debate about homosexual marriage rights
- will participate in 2 debates this sem, no plan to expand that, but hey, its a great exercise for my comm3 class
- am trying to get over her, uhh not really. just trying to get over my fear of public speaking
- am learning to organize thoughts while speaking in front of the public
- still no orgs for me (mabait akong bata!)
- so happy that the Naruto fillers end in Feb as confirmed by Shonen Jump! (finally! something to look forward to next year!)
- preparing for med school by studying the brain
- am totally nervous for december 20!
- formulated the name of our college barkada, THE FIRM. Yes to UP TFI! nyahaha!!!

kudos to all of us in THE FIRM! we went neck-to-neck with the best and we bested our expectations! haha!!

too bad Sir Ramota didn't really get what we meant regarding the TFI and commercialization.. HINDI NAMAN KASI SILA SAME WAVELENGTH E!!!! /gg na lang! ^_^

Thursday, November 30, 2006

welcome to the point of no return

I haven't been myself for quite sometime now..
I haven't even been honest to myself, and to those people who know me..

It seems to me that I have lost myself. I've lost track of my life, maybe I just didn't care. I'm currently adopting the laissez-faire approach to life.. If only life can be thrown away easily, then maybe I won't even have this dilemma of mine right now...

I've taken time away from it already. But since yesterday its been bothering me. Now suddenly all of these questions pertaining to this person arise, and still there are more questions just waiting to be formulated. Questions do give rise to many more questions..

Its eating me right now.. Myself actually. Here I am, a breathing body torn between two souls. And little by little my sanity slips away from my hands, no matter how much I try to hold on. It has been quite some time now, since this happened. I am once again drifting away from this reality, and onto my own sick, sad little world. A pitch black darkness. I once found myself seeking answers and refuge in this place. It was definitely wrong, but I insisted. Somehow I found comfort, but I never found clarity. The answers promised to me were not there. It was just me and myself. Myself which has now sprung out from its dormancy and has been asserting itself over me. The "me" part is bit by bit growing tired of suffering in silence. Images surface, payback, revenge, bitterness. But the "me" has been resilient enough not to give in to "myself"... That last tiny bit of hope is still there, a hope that I have been clinging on for such a long time. Half a year IS a long time. Very long if you ask me..

This single-minded, stubborn and viciously loyal devotion to an individual, how is it formed? How does someone put up for someone who doesn't even give an effing damn to their existence? How long can anyone suffer in silence? Does living in sadness eventually bring clarity? Is there any clear cut criteria or basis to know if you really do love yourself? To those who tell me to love myself, how do you know that you love yourselves? Do I not love myself enough? How do you know when you are loving yourself or that you are becoming selfish? How do you know when you have done enough? When does the sacrifice end?

What do you do when the craziest of all your crazy dreams come true? What if the reality you live in exceeds your expectations? Does anyone here have an idea where I would start looking for my answers? Maybe I'm a little too close. Maybe I'm missing something.. I am THIS close to throwing away myself. I am THIS close to being hopeless. I don't want to lose any part of me, most of all my sanity.. I don't want to be like Nietsche. I don't want to be crazy.

I am afraid. Afraid that what I would do anytime right now may cause my downfall. I am sad. Sad that I could not muster up the right words to say, even if I got a whole lifetime to figure it out. I am anxious. Anxious that I may figure out what the answers are, but it will all be too late.

I think it out over and over again, but I still draw out blanks. I think about it till my head hurts, but I still draw blanks. I think until I couldn't sleep anymore because its already morning and the sun is out, and still I draw blanks.

I've been here before. The same situation. The same, exact person. All but way too different circumstances. It feels like I am new to this. It always seems to be the case. Why? Didn't I learn something from what happened before?

I don't want to beg. I don't want to look like some fool trying to get back illusions of the past. I just wanted a second chance.. Maybe its too much to beg for a second chance. But I don't care.. Heck, I didn't even care all of my life..

I'm stuck with too many questions, and too little answers.
And again, here I am..
Welcome to the point of no return..

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Dang panget nung font ng aking huling post.. haha sabi ng beshie ko magblog daw ako. Ayan ginagawa ko na. Masaya ka na ba? hahahaha!!!

Marami akong gustong basahin, tulad ng socio at psych book namin, pero di pa ako nakakabili e!! hahahaha!!!

eto ang araw ko..
Thursday: Nov.23, 2006
- woke up at 7am, at wala nang tao sa bahay at napakakalat nito dahil sa mga kapatid ko
- nood ng Breakfast on Studio 23 sandali, guest nila si Ria Baustista ng Paramita (na tutugtog sa skul sa Dec.5 sa MOrg LivE!)
- tapos kain ng almusal, 2 chiken sandwits, 2 clover at isang tomi
- nanood ng Monk, season 4 na ako (shet matatapos na ito! ayoko pa!!!) alam ko namang may susunod na seasons pa to pero wa pang kopya e... ang ganda na nya super dramatic na... haha must see show ito!
- dumating si yaya at naglaba at naglinis
- sa Frio Mixx kumain ng lunch kasi andun ang beshie ko na nagpagupit (at napansin ko sya agad!!! good for me!)
- umuwi sa bahay at gumawa ng psych case study
- dinaanan ang suit na pina dry clean
- pumunta sa court upang maglaro ngunit di nakalaro T_T

haaay ayan ang araw ko same same lang. Pero enjoy ang walang pasok! hahahaha!!!
dapat ang gawin ninyong sked 3 days na lang din!!! hahahaha!!!

ayan ok na to, sa susunod kong post malamang December na!!! yehey!! >.<

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy feet!

Yes I have watched already the movie they call Happy Feet which features penguins, penguins and more penguins!! Plus your usual variety of antarctic seals and whales. Kind of like the movie Eight Below, but without the Siberian Huskies.

Its a great film. Its just that there's something wrong with it. Not sure where it is, can't put a finger on it.

Kiko Machine has once again found its way back into my player.

My head is throbbing, I am in need of sleep, which my dear school does not permit its students to do. So sad.

Jagged Alliance 2 is an old game, but it is still so good. Yeah.

My cellphone is back! Though I cannot use my mem card.. Long story but it is frustrating me thoroughly. I need a new phone!!!!! Really!!!!

Beshie, I'm really sorry for what happened.. Yeah so whats new? Well what is new is that I will be doing changes come next year. Its on top of my New Year's resolutions.. Be a better bestfriend. ^_^

NO school for me! hahaha!!! I love my 3 day week.

Friday, November 17, 2006

With fortitude I will overcome all adversity, and with a smile in my face I shall gently fade away from the summer night...

That was a long title.. Anyway, I'm really bothered by this feeling I have when I was on the bus going home.. Funny thing is, it isn't the negative bothering feeling you get when something is amiss. Yes I still have my problems to address. Yes I do have a lot of compromises to make. But believe me after this one I'm not going to be the same person anymore. I'll be... Someone better, not something different. I'm gonna make damn sure that I get everything that I want, and I know how to get it.

The 2nd semester's opening week gave me this ray of light thing you have in the movies, like, you know you have stepped on the right direction for the first time. I know its just a step, but its a start. A great start if I may add.

Wow, I feel so good about myself that I can kill the president right now and get away with it. hahahaha!!!!

So there, like a triumphant blowing of horns and trumpets, complete with the star-studded entourage I proclaim the start of the Takeover (ala Gilbert Arenas), an attitude I have set for myself to accomplish all that I want to do. haha!!!

Okay so I'm a little overboard with that one, but still, I'm really excited and ecstatic about this new found hope of mine. I'm gonna nail this one this time. I promise.

in other news....

A few days ago I had a little chat with Kate, who seems to have become my shrink. Well, she's a Psych major so no complaints about that. Yes Kate, SHE is embedded upon my subconscious. No I do not want to exorcise her from myself. I'd rather get her back. I'm gonna get her back, mark my words on that....

Christmas season will soon begin, and Manila has experienced chilly mornings as of yesterday. It is that time of the year to give out gifts and letters to 2 very important women (yes they are both 18 already and are worthy to be called as such, though it makes them a tad old..) in my life. Em gonna write to my two bestfriends, one of which has already discarded me and had me left for dead sometime in May. No I'm not angry at her, I never will be, maybe I'm just a little annoyed, things didn't go the way I imagined them to be. Have to set the record straight..

The other one, well, I've been a jerk to her for about half the time we have known each other, and its time to give back what she was bound for a long time now. I'm gonna make sure you are happy this Christmas.

I made a lot of promises today. Well, time to start doing them one at a time. Hopefully everything will go well. Peace y'all!!!!

Congratulations Martha Nicole V. Rabaino for getting her braces off a few days ago. I miss you!!

.... and as the last summer night dawns to a close, I close my eyes, reminisce and reflect on what I have done with my singular life. And I will surrender all of what I have done to the Lord Almighty, with it my life which has dutifully served its purpose here on Earth.
- Hymn of the Summer Hero

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Now Playing: The Infatuation is Always There - Typecast

watta nawiwili ako sa typecast. tunog dashboard. pero noypi. buti naman. hahaha!!!

anyways, its a good week for me. I arranged my sked, (actually, its my beshie who arranged it for me) to only have 3 days of school. hay sarap maluwag ang linggo ko!!! hahaha!!!

i'm already feeling it right now.. the problem is I don't have a lot of stuff to do and I have a lot of free time in me. plus I got a raise in my allowance, which gives me an opportunity to save a lot of money for Christmas..

I'm really frustrated right now coz I don't have anything serious to rant or talk about. Well maybe I'm just lazy or I'm not in the mood.
A lot of people have been setting up blogs as well. Good for them. They actually realize that they are already in the year 2006. hahahaha!!!

I'd be dropping 1.0s this 2nd sem. Mark my words my name will appear on top of that f*^%ing list!! MARK MY WORDS!!!!

so far so good. I should refrain from watching tv and using the pc too much. Its getting in my eyes. hahaha!!!!

A big shout out to the people who visit my blog. Thank you very much! ^_^


Sunday, November 12, 2006


ah nothing to do, nothing to say..

life's pretty boring right now.
hope all of you people are enjoying yourselves right now... not me...

hay nako wala akong maisulat!!! update lang!!!!
- lapit na pasukan
- may aayusin pa ako sa buhay ko
- sana maayos ang 2nd sem ko


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Naruto at Full Metal Alchemist

Eto ay isang magaang kasanayan lamang sa pagsusulat..

Well, wala naman akong ginagawa ngayong mga araw na patapos na ang sembreak. Sa Nov.14 pa ang pasok ko. Which means mga 1 buwan ng pasok tapos Xmas break na!!! wahoooo!!! di na ako makapaghintay para sa susunod na bakasyon!!! ^_^

Bakit ba ganito yung pangalan ng blog? eh kasi 2 na ang japanese anime na kinaaaliwan ko. May kapartner na yung Naruto ko. Isang dvd ng complete Full Metal Alchemist. Nung una noong pinapalabas pa sya sa GMA di ko nagustuhan kasi di ko naumpisahan. Tama nga yung hinala ko maganda sya pag naumpisahan mo!!! haha!!! at ang ganda pa nung oav nya. Kaya bibili ako ng Full Metal Alchemist the Movie kasi andun yung ending talaga nung series. Hahaha!!!

Pupunta raw Divi ang nanay ko bago mag pasko kaya balak kong sumama upang bumili ng mga shorts na panlakad at tsinelas at mga dvd.
Eto pa ang mga anime na balak kong mabili sa Divi:
- complete Hunter x Hunter
- Chrono Crusade
- Yakitate Japan!
- pinakarecent na ep. ng Naruto (syempre di mawawala yan)

ayan nakakawili kasi silang panoorin. Bakit ba puro GMA tong mga anime na to? hahaha!!! kasi nga we are anime sila... hahahaha!!!

sana naman maisipan na ng mga gumagawa ng tv series ng Naruto na ituloy na yung kwento sa tv. nakakainis na kasing maghintay. hahahaha!!!

Di ko pa napapanood yung Monk tv series na pinahiram sa akin ng beshie ko. Pero natapos ko na yung mga libro ni Mareng Agatha Christie (3 days) at Pareng Paulo Coelho (2 days). Astig si Agatha Christie magsulat ng mystery novels. Complete at flawless ang execution. Kaya pala sya nagustuhan ni beshie ko. At ngayon si Hercule Poirot na ang paborito kong detective.

Si Neil Gaiman naman ang susunod kong titirahin. Matalino magsulat si Neil Gaiman. Nakabasa na ako ng Sandman (salamat ulit sa beshie ko) at natuwa ako sa kanya. Sa kanya ko natutunan yung myopic reflex e. (tanong nyo na lang sa mga batang taga nursing o med)

Ayan lang. Masarap pa rin magbasketbol. Masaya na rin magtext maganda na keypad ng cell ko e.


err sa mga gusto ng ringtone ng naruto o full metal, pakisabi lang sa akin send ko sa mga email nyo. hahahaha!!!

gusto ko nang matutong magdrowing ng transmutation circle.. matagal na akong marunong mag seals e. ^_^

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Undas and other things

OK so everyone probably enjoyed november 1..
I beg to differ.
Dang my most lovable pair of slippers got broken!!! argh so bad!!! I had to walk back to my house to get a fresh pair.. But really, its a pain to walk the muddy streets of the cemetery with so much people and so much water!!! argh!!! it was like, penance or something.. Just plain bad luck I guess.

The mausoleum owned by our family was high, but the way in front of it was flooded ankle deep, so we needed a makeshift bridge to cross. Anyway, it was rather boring since we didn't visit the other people becuase it was a hassle to walk with such dirty streets. Haha!!!

My little sister somehow inherited my bad luck because her rubber shoes' sole got detached. We were all laughing about it and hence, my mother dearest asked me to buy a pair of slippers. Then it came to me, who would buy slippers in the cemetery?! Luckily, my cousin and I were successful in locating a store which sells slippers.

I ended my day texting my beshie all night. I want to go to a private cemetery. I want to see the yellowcab and sbarro booths. hahaha!!!

i'm gonna buy myself a new pair of slippers. Maybe the And1 flipflops will do. For now. They're cheap.

Dang I got an INC in my Math!!! Puta!!!! T_T

Monday, October 30, 2006


Now Playing: Stars - Callalily

I haven't seen stars for a while... Its because of the typhoon inside the country right now. My friend just told me that it will leave the Phils. in about 11pm so I rejoiced a little.

It has been a week since I last posted. Some people go to my blog and don't leave a comment or even just a msg. Please please please leave something here to let me know you're still alive...

What happened to me during the past days? Nothing much. Didn't play a lot of ball, which was a total bummer because of the bad weather. Had a sloppy lifestyle. Read Agatha Christie, watched Full Metal Alchemist (which is damn good by the way) and slept the days away. Have been eatin a lot of chips especially peewee which I remember was a favorite of mine in my gradeschool days.

Stars. Somehow I get a lot of serenity watching stars in a cloudless night. Observing them and letting the cold night breeze transverse my face actually washes my problems away. Maybe that's what I've been missing right now. Serenity, and inner peace of mind.

I had a very troubling senior high school year. Most people don't notice it, maybe except for those who were always around me. I was always this troubled person who didn't think straight. A lot of things happened, or were actually lost. It caused so much trouble in me. I think I even pushed people away. Somehow I dealt with it alone, but alas, its hard doing things alone for most of the time. That's when the stars came in. Well, I spent a night on our rooftop just looking at the sky and, well it gave me something I didn't have for a while, peace. I'm actually missing that right now.

Can I say I'm in some kind of crossroad in my life?
I don't know. Didn't actually believe in choices. I'm more of an impulse kind of person. I live and die on the consequences of my actions. But oddly, I have my own share of regrets. Any person who didn't have a single regret in his or her life isn't probably alive. I don't believe in the "no regrets" curtain people shadow you with. Its too optimistic and, well, kind of gives a justification for the errors a human makes.

Anyway, I miss looking at the stars. I miss the night breeze that allows me to think with solidarity inside me.

I just want things to be normal again... Is that too much to ask?

Monday, October 23, 2006


naalala kita pag umuulan (SEMBREAK)
naalala kita pag giniginaw (SEMBREAK)
naalala kita pag kakain na (SEMBREAK)
naalala kita ilang bukas pa
bago tayo ay magkita
ako'y naiinip na bawa't oras binibilang
sabik na masilayan ka-ha-hah
- Eraserheads - Sembreak

Ano bang dapat gawin kapag napakarami mong gustong sabihin sa isang tao pero di mo alam kung saan magsisimula? Ako, di ako alam kung ano gagawin ko.. Kasi ang hirap namang i arrange ng sasabihin mo kasi rambol rambol silang lahat.. siguro kailangan ko na talagang kumuha ng comm III. Makakatulong yun sa akin lalo na pag me problema na kailangan ng mahabang paliwanagan...

Boring na naman ang sembreak... tulog, laro, kain, laro, ayos, kain, ayos, tulog... hahaha wala nang nagbago.. hirap talaga pag walang pera.... sana mag miyerkules na. Para makapunta na ako sa beshie ko at tatambay kami ng buong araw.. May kasama na ako, masaya pa ako... Magandang gawain talaga ang tumambay sa ibang lugar basta may kasama ka.. hehehe!

ewan.. nawawalan na ako ng mga gustong sabihin... nawawalan na ako ng gagawin.. unti-unti nang nawawala ang kakayahan ko upang makapagbunsod ng pagbabago sa buhay ko... naging isang napakalaking ewan na lang ng buhay ko...

ano na bang ginagawa ko ngayon? eto naghihintay na may mangyaring maganda sa buhay ko.. (bukod sa basketbol na gumanda yung jumpshot ko.. pero di pa rin ako makatira ng off the dribble)

waaaaaaah binuburat na ako ng sembreak!!!! bigyan nyo nga ako ng pera!! gusto kong umalis ng bahay kahit sandali lang!!!!!!!


- anlabo ng entry na to... God give me something good.. Plllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


stunned daw si jana! naks naman!!!
oh my God!!!

my shortest blog entry...

well at least someone knew about my dirty little secret.. ;)

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Trebuchet ba talaga tong font na to? just wondering... haha!!
well, after a very grueling sem, SEM BREAK NAAAAAAAA!!!!

erm, technically, sembreak na ako.. pero... hmmm.. still have 1 (or 2) final exams and a documentation to make... hopefully they breeze by fast... i don't want to prolong my suffering anymore! damnit!

well, I'd like to call this entry a recap since it will chronicle a lot of what transpired during the 1st semester of my sophomore college year. but hey, its really just a collection of random thoughts and mumblings not arranged in any order whatsoever.. haha!!!

so.. here it goes:
- enrollment in my dear school usually takes a week for 2nd year studes.. even more for some..
- sabi ng mga dean-wannabes (candidates for dean) namin, dati raw 15 minutes lang ang BUONG ENROLLMENT DATI.. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! ULUL!!!!
- nagkabitak na yung block namin.. yung iba pariwara na sa pagiging tibak.. (ehem, mara? ehem..)
- nabawasan ang RTR (room-to-room) ng mga orgs namin
- ang dami daming concerts, kaso yung iba nacancel... kasi masama yung panahon
- eto ang sem na pinakamadalas akong nagkasakit.. wow
- dumami ang typologies ng mga prof sa amin (human sleeping pill, the absentee, the random, the sadist, the weirdo and many more!)
- dumami yung mga taong nakilala ko sa UP.. either thru friends, orgs ng tropa, panchichicks, gitara, etc...
- di ako kumain ng mixed rice buong sem....
- gumaling ako ng onti sa basketbol.. onti lang... dami pang kailangang ayusin....
- nabawasan ng malaking porsyento ang aking "paglalaboy"
- kumonti yung mga symposia na napuntahan ko
- nawili ako sa paggamit ng composition notebook (yung may artista na cover) kaya for my whole college life, gagamit na lang ako ng composition o kaya writing notebook!
- paborito ko nang bolpen ang Titus.. tsaka Pilot.. wag lang ibabagsak
- unti-unting nawawala ang hilig ko sa sumbrero....
- eto ang pinakamaraming araw na nagcutting classes ako (1 month mahigit!)
- ang dami nga palang nagsidebut sa mga kaklase ko dati... pero parang walang nagbabago sa kanila...
- naranasan ko ang maging "bitter" ng halos buong sem (medyo.. di naman halata.. haha!)
- nagsisimula na akong mangulekta ng mga quotable quotes sa kung saan-saan
- nangitim ako ng husto dahil sa swimming! weeee!
- muntik na akong kunin sa frat, buti di ako kinulit
- ngayong sem ang pinakamaraming beses na napikturan ko ang sarili ko.. pero hindi ibig sabihin nitong banidoso na ako. no way...
- pinakawalang kwenta ang 18th bday ko.. buset
- naging isa akong walang kwenta, irresponsable at gagong bestfriend
- nawalan ako ng tiwala sa aking sarili
- nagsasawa na ulit akong maging malungkot
- nagsasawa na ako sa buhay na single
- nagsasawa na akong iniiwan nya palagi...
- hindi na ako nakapunta ng QC masyado
- hindi ko na nakakasabay palagi ang beshie ko :(
- mahirap palang ayusin ang schedule ng klase, lalo na pag underloaded ka! kasi late reg ang abot mo!!! waa!
- gagu mga prof gumawa ng final exams..... Lalo na pag taga DSS!
- ngayong sem ang pinakamarami akong pera.. ngunit may mga pagkakataong muntik na akong di makauwi dahil sa kawalan ng pamasahe
- ngayong sem ko namaster ang maggitara.. ay hinde summer ko pala nagawa yun.. erase
- ngayong sem hindi naging masyadong babaero si Imman (kasi umuwi yung gf nya galing Canada)
- ngayong sem hindi pumapasok sa klase si Mark.. RAN mode!
- ngayong sem lagi na lang akong bangag o wala sa sarili
- ngayong sem tumama ang pinakamalakas na bagyo sa loob ng 6 na taon
- namayat ako ngayong sem.. hindi ko magets kung paano nangyari yun...
- ngayong sem magkaaway na naman kami.. or di nya ako pinapansin.. parang 4th year
- actually, parang 4th year din pala tong sem na to...
- nakapagbasa ako ng 6 na libro (na hindi academically required) ngayong sem na to
- naisip kong si Carl Gustav Jung ang paborito kong pilosopo, si Robert Ludlum at Tom Clancy ang paborito kong manunulat, si Masashi Kishimoto ang paborito kong tagagawa ng manga, si Hideo Kojima at Tetsuya Nomura ang pinakamalupet gumawa ng laro
- sa sem na to nawili ako sa pagbili ng DVD at pagpunta sa Divisoria
- sa sem na to wala akong nilaro kundi Tropico at NBA Live 06
- nagtataka ako kung bakit maraming tao ang pumapasok sa exit ng mga mall... hindi ko alam kung may katok sila o tamad magbasa
- ngayong sem na to nagpapakita na sya sa mga panaginip ko...
- naging isang emotional rollercoaster ang sem na to.. complete with peaks and waves and loop the loops.....
- ngayong sem nakanood ako ng 2 ballets, mga 5 or 8 movies at isang rockestra kasama ang aking beshie.. (hallo! miss na kita! :D)
- ngayong sem nagtayo ako ng blog.. habang "siya" naman nagkaroon ng multiply at isang bagong friendster account, may myspace pa!! walanju! meron pa yata syang account sa isang dating website... YATA lang ah... hula lang..
- ngayong sem naisipan kong gumamit ng colgate whitening toothpaste. effective sya. promise.
- pinakamaraming beses akong kumain sa kfc at sa greenwich
- pinakamaraming beses akong bumili ng pasalubong

ayan. yun lang mga naaalala ko e. hahaha!!!!

ge, tama na muna yung sobrang seryoso. sabi nga ng valedictorian namin e, RELAK LANG. hahaha!!!

well, actually di ko kayang magRELAK... pasensya na tsongs...

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Ok tong araw na to. Mani ang geo exam. hahahahaha!!!!
Salamat naman at nag day-off ang pagkasadista ng prof namin. Whew!!!!!

So, ok talaga ang araw na to. Nanood ako ng taekwondo finals ng mga tao sa UP. Syempre andun yung mga kaibigan ko kaya nood ako. Tangna magagaling talaga sila. Para silang papatay ng tao. Hahaha!!!!

maganda ang taekwondo kapag magaling yung naglalaro. Iba talaga ang kaibahan ng mga taong batak na sa martial arts sa mga taong nagPE lang. hahaha!!!! Perfect timing and execution. Pang highlight film talaga!!! :D

Tapos foodtrip pa kami ng bespren ko sa palengke!! PISHBOL PARE! PISHBOL!!!! MAY SIOMAI PA!!!

Bago tayo dumako sa main topic of review, ang bandang Hale, nais ko lang maglinaw ng mga ilang bagay....

Una, hindi ako kabilang sa 80% ng mga fans ng Hale, na naging fans sa kadahilanang:
- gwapo si Champ
- papabol si Champ
- pogi si Champ
- nahawa sa mga kaibigang naniniwalang gwapo nga si Champ

Pangalawa, pag-uusapan natin ang Hale at ilalagay sa konteksto na malayong-malayo sa bandang Cueshe, ang pinakabaduy na bandang galing Visayas. (dubista pa rin ako!!!)

Pangatlo, isasantabi natin ang tatak na "pogi rock", at ilalagay ang musika ng bandang Hale sa ilalim ng "alternative rock" upang mas mabigyan ng linaw at appreciation ang musikang hatid nila.

Pang-apat, nagsimula mula sa ilalim ng lupa (underground) ang bandang ito. Hindi sila binuo ng mga kupal na nagpapatakbo ng mga kumpanyang Kapuso at Kapamilya. Hindi rin sila produkto ng Pinoy Pop Superstar, o kahit ano mang pakontest ng mga magagaling kumanta.

Bakit nga ba Hale? Well, may bago silang album (na nagngangalang Twilight). At may balak akong bumili nun. Bakit? Eto ang mga dahilan ko.

Well, the first reason, and the most probably the best one, is the mere fact that Hale's brand of rock pulls off the most tearjerking heartstrings inside of us. Anyone sane enough to listen carefully to their first album will hear the vast array of sad emotions they tried to convey. To me, Champ Lui Pio and his gang provided some people the perfect outlet to let out their worst feelings. Guilt, dissappointment, denial, you name it. Sadness for them is not a solitary emotion, but rather a more complex concept, a lot like love. Actually, they're the counterparts of each other. They compliment each other rather well. Hale's music bridges the gap of these two emotions, providing anyone who listens with a surreal listening experience which not only entertains, but gives us a unique take into the understanding of sadness, how it feels to be engulfed by it, and how to survive and cope with the rest of the world. Truly, the Philippine music scene is blessed as it is gifted with these artists hell bent in squeezing out the crybaby in us.

Melancholic. You can't find a better term to describe their music.

My second reason, well, Hale's music encompasses people of all kinds. Their topic may consist of one single feeling, but it is broad and comprehensive enough to be understood and appreciated by all people. It isn't music for the masses ala Eraserheads, but for all those people who've had their brush with the sad reality, Hale's music becomes a savior of sorts as it draws lessons out of its beautifully written songs. Any person who's been sad lately should get a copy of their first album. Its got the most bitter songs and songs of loneliness, along with songs dealing with loss and denial. You really can't get any more of this kind of music elsewhere, its just stuck with Hale. Its their forte. And I won't expect anything less from their 2nd album.

Hale's a little bit unproven, although triple platinum status of their debut album and a little listen of their songs should be reason enough to give them a chance to enter your favorite playlist.

Expectations run high as they come out with the follow-up to their phenomenal first album. Hopefully they'll deliver the goods and keep the fans glued onto them. As for me, I still don't consider myself a Haler, because its attached to their legions of fans who adore the vocalist and not the sad songs sung in the most honest and heartfelt sense. Hale wanted their fans to appreciate the music, not Champ's face value.

That's pretty much enough justification for now. I'm itching to get my hands on their Twilight album. I'm already readying myself for the headtrip and the emotional joyride they'll provide. As for you out there, get the album. I recommend the guys who made it.

"One of the best things about sadness, is the fact that somehow, at some point in time, the questions you were asking for such a long time will be answered .."
- anonymous

Monday, October 02, 2006

Bakit Ang Babae.....

Now Playing: Sandwich - Bakit ang Babae
Disclaimer: parang kay imman to a, pero all of the material seen in this site is the sole property of the author... The thought provoking statements uttered in here represent only the views of the author on the opposite sex, on why sometimes she is hard to understand, along with the quirks and perks she does in her everyday existence. The author apologizes for the bias that may be made since he is part of the male gender.. Criticisms are accepted. Just don't pepper me with your threats ok? Thank you.

Had a tough day..

Got massacred in our geology report... Sana man lang ipasa kami ni sir... Justice was given on our report.. We didn't prepare well enough, and well, we got executed....

I had to blog right now because I would be busy the last couple of days... And I may not be able to check back often....

So, bakit nga ba ang babae mahirap maintindihan????
A close friend of mine, a girl, had always said to me that a woman's instinct consists largely of defense and fear.... Ewan ko kung san nya napulot yun pero medyo totoo naman yung sinasabi nya e,,,

Actually, the fear and the defensive mentality of a woman can probably be rolled into one, since the defenses (most notably the emotional barriers set up) are a by-product or a manifestation of the fear residing in everyone, not just the girls. Come on, who wants to get hurt bad? Who in his or her sane mind would like to be in excruciating pain?

Sabi nila maraming kinatatakutan ang mga babae. And sometimes this fear of theirs impairs their judgement and all. I've met a lot of girls who tend to exert a strong presence to people around them, but sometimes even they too break down, make mistakes and be soft due to a certain set of circumstances. After all, we do have a certain breaking point. Humans aren't exactly elastic you know.. But they can be tolerant and resilient.

It happens everytime, when you reach a point that you thought you knew a girl, then suddenly you didn't know her anymore. She becomes just a name. And you become the wind passing her by, ever anonymous, but not unnoticed. Do girls really go haywire after they emotionally break? Its really strange that they could easily erase any memory they have of you. Or maybe they are just too afraid to remember, since things can slippery slope very easily.

Water, rushing by, can easily carve unto the earth. Such is also the case with a stream of emotions. They are what comprise a girl's "moments" in her life. May it be spending time with her family who she missed dearly, going to the church after a long sabbatical, even convincing herself that she had found true love. These events define the person, but as easy as it is, they also have the capacity to destroy, with ease, everything they have erected.

In my life, I've had 2 bestfriends, both of them girls. One was back in high school, the other one was in college. They did have a lot of similarities. They loved literature a lot, and they were good at it. They loved gossip. They kept their friends close to their hearts. They were religious (ehem, si chowee po ay religious.. Tignan nyo na lang yung first communion pic nya. :D ) and one more thing, they were emotionally and mentally strong, the type of people you'd come running to when you've had enough of life.

Eeriely, they both have the same emotional set-up. The big, fat, thick as concrete emotional walls surround them. They were both very protective of their emotions and it showed. They loved with all their heart, and were smart enough not to give it all unto one person.

They were also swift and unforgiving when it comes to heartbreak... Both are also incapable of moving on easily. Well, siguro lahat naman tayo mahihirapan, kasi lahat naman ng sugat nag-iiwan ng pilat di ba?

For me, getting to know these two women in my life (well, 18 na po sila) was like an engineering development project. A lot of planning and time was consumed. Perfect execution was required. And well, after getting a peep of what was behind their walls, it made me realize that I did pick the right people...

Ever heard of tensile strength? Its a term in structural engineering that defines specific points of stress in a structure which, when applied with correct pressure literally displaces the center of gravity eventually leading to structural collapse. Since we are dealing with walls, well its a great analogy for the "getting-to-know" process of two people.

As you stick to a person, over time, you get to know his/her tendencies, her insecurities, anything that you might want to know. Then it gets to the point that, you wanted to know more, sometimes you eventually become the best friend. Then she becomes more open. But she won't let her guard down. It's up to the other person, whether or not he decides to break through her walls and see the "real" her, or whatever it is she keeps to herself. Girls build up these big, sturdy walls because inside of these edifices lie the true person.

Its when the girl bares it all that she becomes most vulnerable. But its weird, coz as mentioned earlier, sometimes girls have the tendency to be misunderstood by the people around them. They panic and push the erase button to rid of themselves of the person they called their best friend and resume their lives as if nothing happened.

A piece of advice to all of us, may you be an XX (girl) or an XY (boy).
Moving on is about accepting what is served in front of us.
It is not about leaving everything behind as if nothing ever really happened.

Some piece of advice. Pero sa totoo lang di ko rin sinusunod yan eh. Hahaha!!!

Di ko talaga alam kung bakit ang mga babae minsan mahirap intindihin, kahit na gusto mo syang intindihin wala ring mangyayari. Weirdo talaga. Pero siguro ganun talaga. Kailangan din kasi nating maisip na kung lahat na lang ng bagay naiintindihan natin, di na natin alam kung saan ilalagay ang tama at ang mali, kasi magkakaroon na tayo ng mga dahilan para masabing nararapat yung gagawin natin.

So, ang babae, mahirap maintindihan... Pero kung iisiping mabuti, mga tsong, bakit ba natin sila mahal? E kasi gusto natin silang intindihin kahit hindi na natin alam yung ginagawa nila.


congrats nga pala sa uste at nanalo sila.
bili kayo ng Transit ng Sponge Cola. A deeper, more meaningful and mature Sponge Cola sound awaits...

Saturday, September 30, 2006


ermmmm, ayan tapos na ang dalaw ni Milenyo sa Pinas... Papunta na siguro syang China.... Pero wait, may kasunod pa.. Si NENE!!! weeeee!!! oh nene!!!! amf!!!!

anyway, marami akong natutunan sa 2 araw na walang kuryente sa amin... Learning experience to ika nga nila.

TARSDAY: ang araw ng bagyo
- well, mga 11am daw dadaan si Milenyo sa Cavite, kaya kami hold your breath ang drama... Ako nga e naiisip pa yung sinasabi ni Beckham sa Adidas ad nya, "The typical calm before the storm." , well eto storm talaga...
- bago pa man mag-11, anlakas na ng hangin... Did someone turn on the wind tunnel? hahahaha!!!
- at nagsimula ang buong palabas.. Nature's wrath na to... ayun dinurog lahat ng bahay kubo sa amin pwera lang yung kina Miko (tigas ng bahay kubo nyo tsong!) at pinatumba yung puno sa basketball court....
- natapos ang part 1 (kasi sabi nila may part 2, totoo nga!) may break si Milenyo, sapat na oras para linisin yung tapat ng bahay kasi puro sya dahon at buuin ang tropa... Nakapaglaro pa nga kami ng basketball e...
- at dumating si part 2, tama ulit ang aming kapitbahay, mas malupit si part 2... Tumba lahat ng punong mangga sa amin..... dumating din si papa pero wala ako sa bahay kundi nasa kabila at pinanonood ang bagyo.. front row seats kami ng tropa...
- katakot yung bagyo, parang may bumabahing ng bumabahing ng malakas.. hahaha!!! nakakabuo rin sya ng mga little tornadoes na nakakatulong upang wasakin ang buong kapaligiran....
- natapos ang bagyo, wala na yung kuryente simula 10:30 ng umaga... basic survival kami ng pamilya.. sardinas at kanin lang!!! yahooo!!!!!
- maaga akong natulog dahil sa kabagutan.. hahaha!!!

PRAYDAY: da aftermath
5 things to do pag national blackout:
a. maglaro habang sumisikat ang araw, pag umuulan na, e di maligo sa ulan!
b. maggitara o matutong tumugtog ng isang musical instrument
c. makipagbonding with the tropa or with your brothers and sisters
d. linisin ang harapan ng bahay nyo lalo na kung kadaraan lang ng bagyo
e. lumaboy sa kung saan-saan at makichismis

ayan, sa sobrang kabagutan ko ay bukod pa riyan ang aking nagawa.. Kunwari pikturan ang sarili.. (kung saan pinagtawanan ako ng kalaro ko sa basketbol)

naglakad kami nina Ryan at Christian sa Toll Bridge upang bumili ng strings ng gitara.. Putol na kasi yung kay Ryan e. Masayang maglakad kung may kasama ka... hehehehe!!!

Mga alas-9 na nung nagkailaw sa amin at nung time na yun tinawagan ko ang bestfriend ko.. Na nabasagan ng bintana at di naligo ng 2 araw. YAK!!!! hahahaha!!!!

wow cool din pala ang bagyo... Marami kang mapupulot na aral! Hahahaha!!! Peace!!

Friday, September 15, 2006


Honestly I am so tired right now.. I just got to get this out first... So many things gone wrong this week.....
Let me give a little list of what went wrong:
- bought a cool dvd, but the eps. were in disarray. Had to replace it but stupid saleslady didn't know what I was blabbering about...
- got sick due to extreme heat and frustration
- got into an argument with someone (T_T)
- almost got killed due to boredom and rush hour traffic
- got twisted in an exam.. about to pierce professor with spear in the ribs
- always woke up with body pain...
- and so on and so on!!!!!!

wow, what a week it was.. And imagine that it wasn't the finals week.. But funny how it is, this must have been the most stressful if not frustrating week I've had in college... Exams usually don't bother me, but not the ones I took this week...

Oh boy, so much to do.. So little time. Better not procrastinate or else.....

I still don't know what's gotten onto my head this past week... I can't even walk straight when going home!!! DARN IT!!!! Sheeeeesh!!!!

Siguro masyado lang akong nabugbog.. Pero ala naman akong ginagawa!!! wah di ko magets to.. Am not even thinking straight right now... Arrrggghhh....

Hopefully by next week all of this will be gone... Hopefully!!!!!

When you think about little things too often, they get a wee bit draining... Yeah, I'm actually waging a silent battle, a losing one in that point. It just gets too draining.. But somehow, the guy up there gives me strength.. Somehow I am able to last another day... Shemay, nadadala ang aking pagkasentimental sa entry na ito... WAAAH!!!!

I learned an adage from watching one tree hill, goes like.. "Believing you'll do well is already half the fight."

Well, I'm curious about what the other half is.....

Sunday, September 10, 2006

As I stare at my princess trapped inside glass..

Now Playing: Burnout + Burnout Ulit

Its 12 midnight, yet I'm still awake.. I need to think about something.. Something important to me.
Pasensya na kay Liana, di ko kaagad nakwento ang dapat ikwento. Sayang excited pa naman ako.. I guess it will have to wait.

One of the best souveneirs I got came from, well, her birthday bash. It was an effigy of a princess sealed inside a glass cube. "Her" refers to the one I met in high school. "Her" was my first bestfriend. "Her" changed me. And "Her", being the person I love the most outside of my family and God....

My beshie was right.. Someday, somehow, I'll be writing crap like this. One whole entry dedicated to her. Must be the rain... Or the silent treatment I got from her. Whatever that is, its making me emotional, or rather, sentimental right now.... Guess I'm gonna pour my whole heart out in the wee hours of the morning...

Our story was your typical boy-meets-girl series.. I was the bastard in high school, she was the goody-two-shoes... Basically, we're direct opposites.. But somehow, she found a way to get through me. She understood me. She made me feel good by doing good things. She became my bestfriend. The first. Eventually, she became the first person I loved...

Maybe I shunned the signs and all, on how religous and extravagant I was when I give gifts to her on christmas. On how I would text her every now and then. On how I savored every moment with her. On how affected I was when she left me. On how happy I was when we got back again. It wasn't your usual bestfriend anymore.. It was something different.

Its funny how I said to myself back then, that she was only going to be my bestfriend, nothing else... Funny that I told her about my fantasies about other girls, while the best one was right under my nose. It took me graduation and the freshman year of college to realize that, yeah I crossed the thin red line. It was already different ever since, maybe I just didn't take notice of it since I was busy becoming the best bestfriend there ever was for her....

Only a select few know about this, about how much she really meant to me. About how much I will go out of my way just to protect her and keep her safe.. For me, no matter how much I do, I still know I give her something better. I always wanted to give my best.. Its just rather sad that, she doesn't see it.. Or maybe she sees it but doesn't tell it to me...

Merong mga pagkakataon na minsan naiiisip ko, tigilan ko na kaya sya? Oo minsan nasasabi ko sa sarili ko, siguro di talaga sya kaya nangyari ang mga bagay-bagay.. Tao rin naman ako e, napapagod rin sa kakahabol. Habol ka ng habol, sige lang ng sige, para lang mapakita sa kanya kung gano sya kahalaga sa yo.. Tapos di rin naman nya mapapansin.. Pero nakakatawa, kahit na ganun na yung naiisip ko, di pa rin ako tumitigil. Di pa rin ako nadadala.. Mahal na mahal ko pa rin sya. uh oh, tangna cheesy na to.

Siguro siya umay na umay na sa kakulitan ko. To the point na wala na lang syang ginagawa, kunwari di ako buhay. haha sometimes being invisible really hurts..
The last time na nag-usap kami, sabi nya, kamuhian ko raw sya, kasi masama yung ginawa nya sa akin.. Pero di ko magawa yun. Di ko kayang magalit sa kanya.. Yung dating nangyari na galit ako sa kanya? Di totoo yun. Kunwari lang yun para mapansin nya ako...
I can't plant seeds of anger to someone I hold close to me. Maybe I'm blinded by love. No, I think not. I can see all her flaws and all. I already accepted her for who she is, and loved her for who she is, not who she isn't..

Sometimes I get so tired of chasing that I wait.. But waiting won't do anything. If someone tells you that love is a butterfly, which goes away whenever you chase it, don't listen to them. Get a net, because waiting for it to come to you is pointless. Love isn't destiny, it's a decision...
Siguro hindi lahat ng tao maiintindihan kung gaano talaga siya kaimportante sa akin. But I guess I won't be needing everybody's understanding to do what I have to do...

I haven't cried for some time now. Maybe its time to open the flood gates again... :)

sana by some freak chance mabasa nya to.. wala lang.. wish ko lang...

i absolutely love sugarfree's burnout.. its the song that i never get tired of listening to, and it helps me especially in the times when i doubt myself, and when i get tired of chasing, chasing and chasing....

well, back to staring at the glass princess.. when was the last time I wished for something to happen so badly? You know I'd happily give everything back to get a second chance... too bad for me..

Saturday, September 09, 2006

when walking alone gets boring: epilogue

Being alone didn't bother me at all. Yeah I understood, there will be happy days, there will be sad days and all, but that's the reality of life.. It isn't fair, it shouldn't be, because if life was fair, man wouldn't be so intelligent...

I knew there will be times that I would be alone and all, that I would have to rely on myself to do what I was supposed to do. But still, we all have our exceptions. No matter how hard we cling unto our principles and ideologies in life, we need to understand that exceptions are part of the unfairness of life. It adds spice to it, it bends rules, changes perspectives and all.

Some people underestimate the true value of an exception. Yep, even people like me like to have some company every now and then. But then there will be the elite set of people you meet that you just can't live without...

In the long and winding road of life, we meet a lot of people. Sometimes they just pass us by at a glance, sometimes they stick with us all throughout. We chase our goals, we dream big, we laugh, we cry, we cope with the people who join in on our little journey.
But there will come a time for us to go forward, and meet a completely new set of people. Meron din namang pagkakaton na mag-isa lang tayong binabaybay ang mahabang landas ng ating mga buhay. Hindi natin alam kung kelan sya matatapos, kaya ang pinakamainam gawin, maging masaya sa bawat araw, magpasalamat sa panibagong pagkakataon na ibinigay ng Maykapal upang matuwid ang ating mga sarili. Kaya nga may ibang tao bukod sa atin e, para maibahagi ang kasiyahang nararamdaman natin upang ito'y lumago at sa gayon ay magsilbing halimbawa upang tularan ng iba...

Life is too broad to comprehend extensively, that's why the chase for a goal is all too often much more enjoyable than the goal itself. So, wouldn't it be nice for other people to partake in your quest for the life-long goal you have set for yourself? Let them be your stepping stones into turning you into the person who deserves to be happy, a complete and understanding individual who is capable of getting anything he or she wants, anytime. The best do not fall, but are rather set back by circumstance. But to be the best means to see one's imperfections and allow the people around him to fill the missing spaces in himself..

Sharing. For me the best difference of being alone and being with someone is the ability to spread the good around and allow it to grow. A team who won a championship is better than the superstar who single-handedly won a game.

As I end this moment of contemplative repose, I leave a simple message to the people around me. Thank you. Without you I am only half the person I am today. Although I am comfy being alone, it would be really nice if I had someone walking beside me on my way home.....

Saturday, September 02, 2006

when walking alone gets boring

I just realized that I'm not an extrovert. Yeah, em not one of those people who come up in front of you just to say their usual hi's and hellos. I'm not the one who is known by half of the school population. I'm not the one you see on tv, hear on the radio or download from the internet too.

But I didn't say I'm trapped inside my shell. For as long as I know, I'm out of that place. Though there was a time that I went back inside for contemplation and self-destruction. Yessir I am out, but I didn't want myself to be found.

(tanga ng USA, natalo sa Greece)

My high school classmate,Pau, who studies in St.Paul doon sa Pedro Gil, may have uttered the best interpretation of me.
I didn't remember the exact words she said, but the gist of it was, in tagalog: oo nga si rc mayabang, pero di nyo alam konti lang ang taong pinagkakatiwalaan nyan. kaya di nyo talaga sya maiintindihan.

up to that point I didn't realize that earning my trust was such a pain. Well, I think a lot of people didn't care or didn't even try. I just thank God he sent me some people who, unconsciously did not overtly try to become friends with me, but altogether touched my soul and changed me.

Let me get one thing straight. I did enjoy high school. But, I'm not one of those who remain chained to their high school life. Sometimes I get headaches listening to people who say "college is hard I wish I was back in high school", "I wish I had my high school friends", "I miss my high school life", etcetera, etcetera.... Come on people please grow up.. Look around.. This ain't high school anymore.. I suggest you throw away your diploma and start all over again. Ok, now I sound bitter. Well, not really taking anything away from these people, I realized that, I'm not like them.

I was different. Had I shown a clip of my high school people would notice. I didn't go out and eat lunch with the same set of people, I didn't have a solid group. All I had were a few friends that I can count with my fingers. Maybe that was the reason that somehow being alone didn't bother me.

Now, well, I enjoy college. I'm part of those people who go forward with their lives. Hindi ako nakatali sa HS pero lumilingon ako kasi marami rin akong natutunan mula sa apat na taon ko sa Rogationist.

Maybe I burden my friends a lot, konti lang sila, tapos mas konti lang yung nakakaintindi sa akin. (actually, 2 lang sila) Not saying that some of the people who tried to help me didn't understand, but they don't know the real story. Sure I tell my problems, but not the whole shebang. I leave it to myself, and consider the suggestions they give. Nga pala, salamat sa tulong. Malamang di nyo kilala kung sinu-sino kayo, pero salamat ng marami. Sa lahat ng taong hayskul salamat.

Everytime I go home, I always take that long walk from the highway toward the jeepney terminal. Funny thing is, I do a lot of thinking when I walk. Lalo na kung umuulan. It gets me into a state of solitude, and clarity. It makes me think straight.

to be continued....

Saturday, August 26, 2006


my head's throbbing in pain, I'm weak, I lost my voice, I cough and cough and cough...

I'm just sick... And it sucks...

The week past was a complete blur.. Well, except for the scolding I made to my beshie. Maybe it was an exaggerated reaction because I was stressed out and sick, but anyhow I'm really sorry.. We're ok right now, I hope it stays that way.. One lesson I learned from this, people sometimes do care. Yeah even if you feel obnoxious to the world and all that, people will see if something is wrong when they care.

I'd like to thank a few people. Well I don't like giving out names, but thank you very much. It looks like some people do care about others if they wanted to. Salamat ng marami!!!!

btw, Karl tagis ang yelokab!!! hahahaha!!! nakatipid ako dun!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Now playing: Oo - Up Dharma Down

When two distinct and entirely different things are mixed up, its either you get something really bad or something really good... Its like combining eggs with, erm, say, sardines.. Yeah they taste good, individually.. But try and put them together in a blender and see what monstrosity will come out of that.. Haha!!!

But nuff said, classical and rock music were both at the ends of the spectrum. Literally.. Rock, as some classical conneusieurs like to call it, is just rampaging noise. On the other hand, some people believe classical music to be the ultimate sleeping pill, causing boredom to the nth... It took some dude who new both genres of music to really appreciate it and at the same time cook up a plan that, if generated a few years back, would have been laughed at by people.. But at the end, through some nifty orchestration from both the media and the musicians themselves, they managed to give us this.. A rocking ensemble of people who would have been fighting for the stage if not for the guys who organized the event...

ok, before I continue... a recap of the day as it went by:
- woke up early, got stuck in traffic, didn't go to Math class due to sheer boredom
- read half of the book about Michael Jordan in Powerbooks for 2 1/2 hours
- took the "exam" (more of like, a seatwork really..) in Philosophy
- met two people, Joseph and PJ, who were good enough to lend me their guitars! Shout out to both of you!
- went to DLSU to buy something to eat
- went to Folk Arts for the whole shebang

Its really amazing how two kinds of things put together can give you a whole new entity. Its like what LP and Jay-Z did with the mash up album Collision Course, earning themselves some Platinum records and Grammy nominations. It's when bands like Yellowcard or Silent Sanctuary exist to further push the envelope for other musicians to follow. Guys playing today have set the standards high, and are getting the praise for going against the flow. OK, so much for preaching the good news, lets get into the concert.

thoughts during the concert:
- I like it when the orchestra pulls off that getting-louder-and-louder-then-poof-the-sounds-gone type of thing.. You probably know what I mean
- I saw this girl in the entrance, wearing this Giniling Festival tshirt (by the way, its a band who sounds like Kamikazee, funny lyrics and all), lugging around some 20 pcs. of items you normally see on a Mcdonalds menu. Yup, I think she brought the whole menu...
- I am pissed because Urbandub didn't go with First Of Summer, I thought it would rock if the damn song had orchestrational inputs (violins and stuff)
- I am glad that Up Dharma Down had a great set, so did Itchyworms, although Beer wasn't in the set list... Maybe the conductor was too drunk to think of a musical arrangement for the song
- my beshie says Ney Dimaculangan of 6 Cycle Mind is cute.. Ok.. So may you explain why you snubbed him when we saw him in Robinsons?
- there's a midget in the Manila Symphony Orchestra!!!! And he's playing the percussion!!!!
- I got the feeling that 90% of the women there were probably going to watch Hale. I was right...
- Lalay Lim of Urbandub is super cute... haha!!!
- I admit it, I wanted PJ's battery operated electric guitar!!!!!
- Shit, all the free booze was lost when we got in line... Poor us....

and so we ended the day... Got home safely though it was around 12am... but its all good.... gotta stop philosophizing and all. Lets save that for another post.

See you in Rockestra 3!!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Nani dattebayo!!!!!

I'll never forget those words uttered by my favorite anime character...

I love Naruto. At best I try to get myself copies of the episodes, but sometimes I just watch them... Buti na lang may dvd sa Divisoria!!! hahaha!! I love it!!!

Yeah, watching every fight makes me want more to become a Konoha nin (ninja, in Japanese) i my next life. Living it in full color and all.. hahahaha!!!! The adrenaline rush is so awesome, it makes me dizzy after watching a very good one (i.e. Neji vs. Kidoumaru, Naruto and Sasuke in the waterfall, Lee and Kimimaro although it was freaking short... I still loved it!)

Well, how did this all start?? Flashback to about 3 1/2 years ago.. (wow!)

yeah naruto first came to my attention when abs-cbn started airing it around summertime... back then they were the only ones with the rights for the show... I have to admit, I didn't like the show until I had the opportunity to watch a whole one. Then I was hooked... Freaking hooked...

Fast forward 2 years...
summer before college, I was having a ball of a time because a kind soul managed to give me a bundle of cds with episodes of naruto.. The series was (and still) a big hit in Japan right now, so I got a handle of the advanced episodes since channel 2 was so stupid that it could only get episodes of the show up to the Chuunin exam part..

I was just staring at the computer back then, watching with glee as Naruto tries to kick ass as hard as Sasuke would. Although all that Naruto does sometimes will go in vain because he was too ignorant (he's not stupid, just ignorant! freaks!)

Nowadays, I and all the die hard Naruto fans here and around the world suffer due to the limitless supply of filler episodes that the animators chalk up. WOULD YOU PLEASE CONTINUE THE FUCKING STORY????!!! The manga created by Masashi Kishimoto (who, by the way is my other favorite Japanese guy, aside from Hideo Kojima, who will have a blog dedicated to him soon. lol) has enough material already to start a whole new series!!!! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO FUCKING DELAY IT FOR SO LONG?!


Dear Animators,

Don't you notice that a lot of people are enraged right now because you guys just wouldn't give a shit if we clamor for the NEW episodes of the story coming from the manga? What the hell is this? Some kind of a marketing plan? Are you trying to get more viewers because you can't be satisfied with the phenomenon you created? Capitalists should be beheaded or even be drilled in the chest (ala Hostel) if they keep messing around!!! GIVE US THE NEW EPISODES YOU IDIOTS!!!! I'M SICK AND TIRED OF FILLERS!!!!!!

And Mr. Kishimoto, please make sure that the new episodes for the 2nd part of the story will feature better fight scenes and all. Thanks a lot!!!!!

Now, I end this blog, I still have a whole dvd to watch. hahaha!!! I'm too absorbed on this... lolz


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Divisoria! Part 1

A lot has been written and said about this place, in the middle of the bustling urban jungle of Manila where lore of it has spread out far and wide.

Saan ka nga ba pwedeng makakita ng mabibiling mura? E di sa DIVISORIA!!!!!!!

Its the one stop place for anything and almost everything that can be sold or bought. It is where the forces of the market are in effect. It is where the most talented snatchers hone their talents and train their future successors. All the chaos, the glory and gore of it all... If you want it cheap, it's probably in Divisoria...

So before anything else, what happened before I went there?

Let's See!!!

- had the once-a-week swimming class with Sir Vivi ( I like to call him that.) had my skin dry and my eyes burning in pain for God-knows-why
- had the once-a-week Econ101 class with Sir Arcilla. I passed the exam!! Fucking yeah!!! hahaha!!!!

nothing unusual happened, just the same same every Wednesday...

then me and my bestfriend went to Divisoria. She got to buy a watch for herself so I tagged along.

I bought:
- 1 pc. Incubus: Live In Red Rock dvd
- 1 pc. Naruto dvd (ep.185-195)
- 1 pc. cloth pencil case for my sister

And my bestfriend bought herself a Jim Carrey movie. Liar Liar. Nice!

then we went home....

random thoughts while inside Divisoria:
- I like Divisoria in the "off-season". NAPAKALUWAG! unlike the rabid chaos of the Xmas season and before the first day of school
- the first Filipino phrase a Chinese may want to learn: "Bili na kayo ate, kuya!"
- the Apple Ipod has around 17 imitations in one stall alone.
- Divisoria contains the most complete library of any American TV series. Daig pa Astrovision tsaka Video City e. Mura pa!
- my feet always hurt when I go to Divi
- is LYCHEESE the real spelling of lychees?
- I like the fact that I can hop on a jeep and go home to Imus straight from Divisoria. (yeah, I board the Divisoria jeep from Imus when I go to Vito Cruz for my PE class...)
- like Paola said in her blog, we really need to be nice to the salesladies.. (unless said saleslady gives you a bad stare, then proceed with whipping out of the chainsaw and cutting her head off.)
- are watchvendors really that hot-headed?

and so the trip to Divisoria ended with us going back to the Post Office and going home safely. Well, we still had a stop-over in the Imus Market to continue our East Side food trip series.... featuring pishbol, balat, isaw, buko, gulaman, chiken papkorn at siomai....

And the day ends with me typing away and getting ready to go to sleep....

Ay putangina, sira yung dvd ng Naruto.. Ayan, may topic na ako ulit.. Divisoria part 2!!!! hahahaha!!!!

salamat sa lahat ng mga masisipag magcomment! peace!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Note: errm, I made a promise to myself that I'd make posts with titles that are usually consisting of only one word.. But hey, we all get lost in our english most of the time.. so, I decided to extend my promise a little bit, hmmm, maybe a phrase title wouldn't hurt.. anyway....

I woke up this morning with the usual ringing of my dearest cellphone... (which doubles as an alarm clock :D)

Mom said we were going to church a tad earlier, and we did, much to my surprise... haha!!! I didn't have the chance to watch my favorite machine robo rescue which was totally annoying.. Anyway, the said reason for going to church earlier than usual is because of an outing in the faraway lands of Laguna! (sorry for the exaggeration, it wasn't that far you know..)

By 10:15am, exactly an hour after we got home from the church, we went to Laguna...

A simple stop-over by the Shell station in SLEX (the exact one we stopped on during the geology trip with mr.bato, este manueli pala) turned into a mini star sighting as we accidentally parked beside the car of certain celebrity babe/FHM covergirl. Flanked by 2 surfer dudes with the intent of possibly going to La Union (maybe, but by car? dang!), this certain celeb turned the windows down and was seen by my sister, who actually has a penchant for pictures with celebrities. (we have a whole album in the house, complete from child stars THEN who pose for FHM nowadays, to teleserye mainstays, to singing champions, to PBA players, even news reporters!)

Syempre si Mama nastar struck na naman, ayun may picture....

And lo, after buying the Mcdo Milkshake (a new product which is a copy of what Jollibee serves as melted ice cream, can't lay a finger on that darn name..) we set sail for Laguna, a good one hour drive away.

Like any other summer outing, this one had the prerequisites: the wild kids, the adults not interested with swimming, food galore and body shots of everyone! hahaha!!!

so, nothing interesting happened in the outing, just absorbed the beautiful panoramic view of the highlands and the always fresh air.. i missed that air.. maybe that's what I missed the most after leaving high school, and after Manila gave me my rhinitis again... fresh air... it has become a rarity, and thank God they still gave me chances to enjoy this manna from heaven.

note: don't go to China, they have oxygen bars retailing O2 at $10 per hour! the sad part is it's unflavored!!! they sell flavored air by the way...

as of the same time my bestfriend was in Indang celebrating life, missing Las Pinas, being one with the environment (clean air and all) and enjoying a children's party...

after the shebang had adjourned, we packed our bags and went home.. Which translated into a butt-busting 2hr drive that left my behind sore and all... After a few moments of reflection and drinking (water, of course.. am allergic to alcohol) I turned on my pc and voila.. blogging the day as it went by..

random thoughts going around my mind:
- will I ever wake up again getting a text message from her? (yeah. it was ALL GOOD while it lasted..)
- why do priests sometimes have jagged teeth?
- why does it always rain whenever we have an outing?
- or a much proper question: does 1 typhoon per week be considered normal in the typhoon season of the Philippines?
- you'll pay 120 pesos for a chilled coconut on Taal. I'm not kidding.
- finally I've nailed that damn breaststroke with a frog kick
- Calamba has the biggest city hall I've ever seen.. Las Pinas may be 2nd.. or 3rd.. or whatever...
- too much chlorine makes the skin a tad dry, and makes me look like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.
- hilaw na mangga + bagoong + apple juice = paquiao-morales 3 in my tummy

so in about sometime I will be able to beat the current sprint record by dashing to the toilet and dropping the BOMB.. and that time... is... now!!!!!

shout-out to all the people in the cbox.. nice work! I'll link your sites later.. can i have your comments now?