Saturday, March 21, 2009


lot of sh*t to finish. still hoping that i get exempted. want to graduate. hahaha!
eyes hurt. something stuck in my eye. my goodness.
(post that looks like a twitter feed. love twitter. haha.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

basketbol muna!

my man, D-Wade, has flipped the league upside-down with acts of stupendous will to win and undeniable ability to put the ball in the hoop.

i've been playing a LOT this weekend, which means that the time allotted for reading materials is cut down! haha! my teammates have been coming together right now, a little more practice and we would be back where we were a few years ago. we're gonna make a killing in the summer leagues. i can guarantee it. :D

3 things we need to do every game:
1. defend
2. execute
3. focus

the only way we can lose is by going up against really strong teams. you know, overmatched. haha! but i'm really excited about the coming league. wish us luck! ^_^

Friday, March 13, 2009


finally! i am done with my thesis. but i still have a long way to go. so much to read! papers to do and exams to pass with flying colors! my goodness! i hope i can do it. i still have a summer basketball league to worry about. whew! :D

Saturday, March 07, 2009

post number 160

sadya kong ikinalulungkot na napakatanga ng aming butihing mayor. nasayang lamang ang aking boto sa kanya, sa buong akala ko na may maibibigay siyang bagong paglilingkod sa aking minamahal na Imus.

kaya simula noon ay hindi na ako magiging hunghang sa pagboto. dapat kilalanin ng mabuti ang lahat ng mga kandidato. humanda sya sa akin sa 2010.

(inspired by a phone conversation i heard.)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

on being normal

i feel relieved typing this post right now. for one, this would be another addition to those prophetic posts (or motivational posts, whatever i may call them depending on whoever asks me) that litter my blog whenever i wanted to do something or wanted to change something about myself.

for the longest time, it has been my greatest joy to please other people, or offer them help, or just be there for the sake of having someone who always can lend a helping hand or a listening ear. while being engaged in such a noble cause, events have happened which have set off things (and thoughts) in motion.

for the last few days, i took a long, hard look at myself.

part of me loathes being in this situation. not being stable, desperately fighting to keep a dream alive (sometimes even having thoughts of abandoning the dream altogether), punishing myself because things did not work out and worse, not having the balls to admit that i was wrong in some aspects and therefore being stuck in this confusing situation.

don't get me wrong, i love my undergraduate course, but the hard part is selling it as a preparatory course for medicine. that, and i'm not really good at selling (and interviews).

but the bigger part of me sees something else. if i had indeed pursued my dream selfishly, then i would not have met the wonderful people i've encountered in college (and my most wonderful girlfriend), and then my dream would not have a concrete purpose (from being a misconstrued version of what a male nurse was to being able to serve people who have not had any medical attention).

my interviewer was right. i did not cover my tracks. i misled myself into attaining something that i could not attain. my mind is still in conflict right now. had i been too little, too late? or was getting there really not really meant for me?

for days i thought i was going crazy. so many ideas coming in and out of my head. trying hard to balance regret and rationality as i tried to get out the mental traps i have set for myself. too much thinking indeed, and i would really not be able to get out of this if i did not stop myself from bullishly going forward without taking anything out of this.

yes, i know odds are stacked against me. i'll have to fight through a lot of these forthcoming years of my life. but still, i know i can do it. not in a omniscient kind of way, no swagger this time.

by going through this, i now know that i need to be humble enough to accept my mistakes and shortcomings in order to move on with my life. i have become tired of being normal. i feel that my skills have deteriorated somehow. i feel like i have underperformed. i feel the aura of mediocrity surrounding me. all of this has to change now.

now is the time to kick some major ass. time to prove the doubters wrong. i do have a lot of potential within me but now, more than ever, is the time to realize it. unleash the tiger kumbaga.

no more timidity and reluctance. no more nice guys here. i'm going into the real life and i am going to give some ass whoopin to those who get in my way.

the killer instinct should be there.
leave no stone unturned.
try to get better everyday.
lick the blood of those whom have fallen in your hands.
excellence should be seen in every work.
be humbled, and learn from defeat.
be jubilant and thankful in victory.

and of course, have fun. and take everybody else up with you. no sense in being Superman if you can't lift a 100 people, right? ;)