Sunday, February 22, 2009

in the end, life really ain't that bad

somewhere in the back of my mind, i am breathing a sigh of relief. or as Spongebob Squarepants calls it, those allegorical personifications used to illustrate the concept of thought (yep, those mini-mes running around my head) are breathing the collective sigh.

i didn't really lose everything after i thought i lost it. my mom always told me to be prepared, and yes it looks like i would be treading the path not followed by everyone. you know, when you thought everything is already figured out, the monkeys come out and mess it up. but again it should be taken as a chance, to prove to yourself and to everyone around you that it can be done.

and that's the best thing to do: show everyone you made it.

i loved what happened to me this past week. i've been very productive, proactive and happy. i am now engaging myself in projects which are of a lot of value to me, and i would make it a point to see them get done on time. i hope everything works out. i'd love to go out of UP with a bang, while saying to myself that i did something great and of value.

i love UP. i loved the institution that has molded me into who i am right now, and of which has taught me the values of service, sacrifice and excellence all for the greater good. i met a lot of people who have had a profound influence on me, and still met a lot of people who act like jerks and asses.

but still, UP has been good to me. and life too, as of late, has been good. i hope i can ride this wave all the way through graduation and into med school (UE or LaSalle? red or green? hahaha!).

till then, enjoy life! :D

Saturday, February 07, 2009

its back

i feel kind of funny writing this. but somehow its the relief that's getting into me now which makes my day.

a week ago i bottomed out. i didn't know what to do after that.

then things looked up. somehow i've had a glimmer of hope.
let's make sure this one works. ok?