Tuesday, May 27, 2008

quite frank, but not really.

two years ago, only two things mattered to me. my computer and basketball.
take one out, and my whole life fishtails. i panic. i become washed out. i become kind of crazy in a very ugly sort of way. in short it's not really good to deprive me of my only joys. i become a monster when one fails me, and people have suffered because of this. (haha! maybe an exaggeration on my part. but it has its effects nevertheless.)

i really wasn't into girls. not my thing. although a lot of people mistake me for being a playboy. (something which i can perceive either as an insult or a complement, depending on my mood)

my life was simple. get to college. become a doctor. upgrade my pc. become a better ball player. after that, well, i haven't thought about that..

then she came.

this one is for you my dear.

love is a like a free lance (to borrow from Eureka7), it either hurts you or it makes you stronger. depends really on the user to which target he/she wants to point the lance on. sadly for me, my first few brushes with this lance resulted to grave injuries. something that made it hard for me to recover from. it was very idealistic, really. i was loving a person so much but was not given as much recognition as needed.

as a result, it ended badly with me getting slashed (or hurt, or whatever)
for me, my motto back then was: "better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all"

then she came.

i never really wondered how movie romance works. i suppose they put two different people and let the circumstances work themselves out until they fall in love and ride into the sunset. then they stick the destiny, fate, or meant to be something label and it stops there. a movie has a definite ending. no one really wonders what happens to boy and girl after they stop reading the script. unless the movie studio decides making a sequel.

hey, my life isn't a movie. it ain't perfect and it definitely still has no ending. but somehow after she came, i started believing the whole destiny, fate or meant to be concepts that movie directors and scriptwriters are so adept of using.

i still can't believe it. really. no matter what way i stack the precedence of the events that happened between us, it still fits the same perfect picture.

so this is what they call dream-like. its like a dream, but it's real. like a movie set in reality.
you see, she was too good to be true.

every little thing, every bit of what she does and what she is, actually fits to what i like. no, not like, more like love.. yeah, i love everything that she does.

and now here we are. stuck in our half-real/half-movie like lives. still very happy. still very much in love. still enjoying each other's company to the fullest. still doing a lot of things. still going out on adventures. still dating. still living our lives one day at a time. savoring life, and what it has to offer.

no, we don't have everything up by the roses. we fight. we argue. but in the end, we temper each other out. we understand. we forgive. then we get to the fun part again.

but maybe the best part of it is that we love.
and we bring out the best of each other. (hopefully. haha.)

somewhere in the back of my mind i still wonder how someone becomes this happy. then i realized, not only did i love, but i was loved. by the person most perfect to do it.

this time, it wasn't a matter of finding the perfect love, but finding the person that will love you perfectly.

when that happens.. the eyes glitter, the hearts beat faster, the mind flutters, a smile is etched unto your face. and you can't really help but be happy, coz somehow someone found you, and liked what they saw.

magical isn't it? i still can't believe it myself.
she, does things that i realized were things that i really, really liked.
she, sees me as i am. and accepts what i am not.
she, understands me at a level no one else does..

in the middle of these words is a happy child content of what he has..
a hand that fits his hand perfectly.
a smile that makes him smile as well.
a presence that makes him feel good of what he is and what he has done.

and finally..

a love tried and tested, a love that has persevered.

she, is a blessing to my life.
she, is the reason i wrote this. :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

bleep bleep


my gulay! sa dinami-dami ng araw!!!!!!!!!!! kunwari lang pala na tapos na kami. bad trip. diyos ko day! XD

Monday, May 19, 2008

after 33 days of practicum...


do i have to say anything else? :P