Wednesday, April 25, 2007

If I wasn't so perverted...

I could've been gay right now.


I wouldn't watch a lot of porn back in the day.

oh well, whatever. things happening around me right now:

1. heat. heat. white hot heat. No, not the
Miami Heat (currently 0-2 against the Da Bulls) but the weather right now. Heat, heat and more heat. Sticks to your skin. Makes you wanna go to the beach. Makes you perspire. Makes you drink a lot. I drink a lot of Gatorade nowadays, water just doesn’t do for me now, makes me bloated.

2. currently engaged in an intense tooth and nail battle with rats and cockroaches. Ugh. Pests. Kill them all!!!!

3. obsessing over Hunter X Hunter all over again. And Gundam Wing. I have the whole series in delicious dvds. Hahahaha!!!

4. been playing a lot of basketball, Age of Mythology and Age of Empires 3 lately. Gotta have the Warchiefs expansion pack for AoE3.. Does anyone have that? Etimos!!! Hisboli!!!

5. some weird people leaving weird comments on my chat box. Not good. Definitely not good.

6. enjoying Naruto: Shippuden and loading songs unto my Ipod. Really good stuff indeed.

7. Election season in full swing. Suddenly we have a lot of people knocking at our doorstep asking us for their surveys and whatnot for (insert candidate’s name here)

8. I wanna swim. And I wanna go snorkeling. To the beach!!!!

9. Note to self: your bestfriend wants other things to do aside from watching movies. Go get her a cup of halo halo. And enjoy your summer together.

10. I love making my bestfriend really, very happy. Haha!!!

11. Looking forward to the block’s summer outing in May.

12. 300.. Spiderman 3.. Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End.. Transformers the Movie… Shrek 3… Metal Gear Solid: The Movie… oh yes, lotsa movies. But MGS isn’t going to start shooting until 2008. And I heard Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn of LOTR) is Hideo Kojima’s pick to play the immortal Solid Snake. MGS isn’t going to be based from the games, but Kojima-san will be writing a new script and story.


14. Em gonna get a new cellphone very soon!!! Yipeee!!!

15. It seems that both my younger sisters now have a monthly period. Ow. Uh oh.

That’s it for me. Till next time!!!! <('^')>

Monday, April 09, 2007

Of Clouds and Dreams

This is for my bestfriend. The one that brings out the best in me in everything that I do. The one that pushes me to do more, and achieve more. The one that picks me up when I’m down. The one who stuck it with me through everything. The one who saw me through all the lies and the deceptions. The one of the few people who knew the real me, and understood me well enough..

We go way back, to where all of this started. First year of college. By then I was just looking for someone I could ride the bus home with, since bus rides are very much boring unless you have something to do.. By a funny coincidence I met this small, weird girl with the big cheeks. She exhibited a very hostile aura, tipong kumakain ng tao. Haha!! (^_^) The air of intimidation surrounding this little girl was thick, but what I saw was, well, a glint of goodness in her. You can’t miss it really, that beneath those walls was a good person. I was wrong on two counts though. One is that, only a few can see what I saw in her, and second, she isn’t just a good person. She’s plain great. And she’s my bestfriend.. Lucky me..

By some way, even though it was against her will, we rode the bus home together. If my calendar was right, it was the 18th of June. Saturday. Dun ako naging fans ng Hale, tapos napabili kami ng album nila. It was the first time na uuwi kaming magkasama, may pahabol na laboy pa. Hahaha!!! She originally lived in Las Pinas, but was displaced and now lives in Dasma, much against her will. She’s like an old tree uprooted from the land where she grew up. Kahit gaano kaganda ang lupa sa kabila, mamimiss mo pa rin yung lupang kinalakihan mo.

For the rest of our first year of college, we had fun. We talked and talked and talked some more inside the bus. We had fun. Suddenly bus rides were too short. We enjoyed each other’s company. She thanked me because adjusting to Cavite hasn’t been such a pain because of me (awwwww). We went to a lot of places, went to Las Pinas, I met a lot of her college friends, had a lot of adventures, toured manila, scoured divisoria and recto (naalala ko yung rosin, haha!) ate at a lot of places and basically had fun doing so much stuff. School stuff was good since we were always in a group. She can do a hell of a lot of things. She’s a good leader. She’s good at conceptualizing, and she’s great at finding those cute little stuff you usually overlook at the mall or in the internet. As the first semester was ending, I got to know a lot about her. How she was like in high school, what she wanted for her birthday, what she wanted in her life, how she feels about herself and about others, her work ethic, even on how smart she is. And of course her favorites. Food, music, clothes, anything and everything. I got to know her pretty darn well. We were comfortable with each other, something I didn’t envision the first time I had the guts to tell her that I needed someone who would like to take the bus home with me. We were polar opposites in a lot of ways, but somehow we didn’t collide and slit each other’s throats while we sleep. She was a great person and a greater friend. In some way I got a peek of what was behind those walls she put up on herself, and what I saw was good.

Second semester came, and we did what we always did: have fun together. Then September came, and while chatting the night away, I brought up the topic of us being bestfriends. She didn't like the idea since back then I already had another bestfriend. But I laid down all my cards, did everything I could, said anything that would make her give in..

Then at the wee morning of September 17, I got myself a new bestfriend.

It has been more than a year since that date. We've celebrated our anniversary, and countless other days. We've had fun and all that. But that doesn't mean we didn't have fights. Sure we had fights, little fights. Fights that go down the drain and last less than a day since it was so easy for us to make up and forgive each other. Then, 2nd year came. Our little fights became bigger, little arguments escalated quickly. There would be times that I'd threaten her to go home alone. Remarks I would love to take back. I said and did things which were unforgiveable. I couldn't wait for the year to end since all we had was bad luck. There were times that we wouldn't want to see each other because we would argue again. People around us started noticing that we would fight. There were nights where we would cry. She cries, I cry. Over the phone, in front of the computer, in the steps of our school building, even inside the bus. That year was hard, tough, painful and trying. But we never gave up on each other. 2007 came. I had to do something. I'm not going to allow shallowness to break down a year's worth of fun, laughter and love. Little by little I started doing things. Somehow, her trust, which my stupidity destroyed, was coming back. Step by step, we learned to trust each other again, understand each other again. In essence, we rediscovered each other. We started having fun again. It was relieving and at the same time, happy to see her smile. It's a great achievment for me to see her having fun again. I would never forget her birthday week. I've never seen her so happy. It was an achievement in my part. A little effort here and there certainly works wonders. That's what she taught me. She also taught me what I forgot to do a long time ago: being myself. For a time I wasn't me. She held my hand and we looked around and yes, i found myself again. I guess nobody's gonna appreciate how great of a bestfriend she is to me, since I'm not giving her up to anyone. Too bad for them. Again, lucky me..

The storm has passed.

We're back. We're in each other's arms. We're happy. We love each other to the ends of the Earth. We're having fun again. None of us really care about tomorrow, for what we have today is what's important. You can't change the past, nor the future, but you can do something about the present. That's what I'm doing right now. That's what I learned from being her bestfriend. I learned to nurture what is there and recover what was lost. I learned to believe. I learned to understand even more. It has been a long time since I accepted her, annd her weirdness. It has been a longer time since I've come to appreciate her shortcomings, since they provide me with the opportunity to help her, and become a better person myself. I love my baby beshie. I love her so much.. (^_^)

I wanted to do this for quite a while now, and since I'll be gone for a week, I'm gonna leave her something she'll read and be happy about. I've been saving all of my appreciation for this one. I hope you find it a happy read.. And if ever you forgot how much I love you, just take a look at Cloud, and give him a big hug. Then play Panaginip and Kismet in your computer. They'll make you remember..

*huggy hugs for my princess*