Thursday, March 22, 2007


elibs tong prof ko.. hahaha!!! circa 1970 something to tignan mo naman yung kulay... wahahaha!!!!

finally, the 2nd year of my college enters its home stretch... and i am fucking busy!!!! fucking busy man!!!

no sleep!
no eating!!
no play!!!!
no... money!!!!!!
no relaxation!!!

yup this is the UP life... but i guess, life doesn't stop even if you wanted it to. So I go on with my life right now, finish this blog post and continue what I need to do.

two speeches
one fucking hard paper
one simple assignment which i couldn't find
one or two final exams i haven't started studying yet

zero hours of sleep tonight.

nice stats man. I hope I have Dwyane's stats before he got his arm pulled off.. They're nicer.. Get well soon man, the Heat need you.

the Toronto Raptors are bound for the playoffs this April.. I love Chris Bosh. The first time I saw him on TV Vince Carter was still his team mate and he hit a game winning three ball.

I both love Brandon Roy and Adam Morrison. But the 'Stache is a lock for ROY because Bargnani is out indefinitely after undergoing appendectomy this morning.

Dallas and Phoenix. I love Dirk. I hate Dirk's homeboy Steve Nash. The guy's good. I just hate him. Maybe its his habit of licking his palms while playing...
They're going to slug it out for the best record. Well, unless Manu and Co. do something about it.

Gil-Zero is the man you want to watch on YouTube. Or maybe hop on to and read his blog.

so there... fucking busy me...

Friday, March 16, 2007


wow an update from me...

it has been thoroughly busy this time of the year.. lotsa finals.. lotsa paperwork to do... i do hope i finish in time..

just got a new ipod. goodie!

me and my bestfriend are finding new ways to enjoy and be happy...

i want money.. for my nike apparel and 1 GB of ram for the pc....

i want to swim.... missing my pe class....

summer is here... do i get a summer job? nah.. i'm gonna work out on my game... mas masarap magbasketbol no...

did a great job on my bestfriend's birthday week... whew!

i do hope all is well for everyone i know....


p.s. i love my bestfriend.. ^_^

Monday, March 05, 2007


haha.. i am in the mood to blog. And what I am going to write in here isn't for you to laugh at, nor for you to scrutinize and analyze. It is a personal whim of mine. So bear with me. ^_^

t'was one wee sunday afternoon, with me trapped in the mall with nothing to do except have a text marathon with my bestfriend. We talked the usual, until we went to the topic of, well, the women of my past. Oh yes, marunong naman magkagusto sa babae si rc. Pramis. ^_^

From there, my bestfriend asked me to enumerate qualities of theirs which well, one hasn't. Its kinda complicated, because there is this one trying to get in the elite echelon of the women whom have made me fall in love with them. Ayun, so ako naman isip-isip kung ano nga ba meron sila.. And I found quite a lot of funny things about them. haha!!!

all right then, here goes!

there's 3 of them. and all of them are or have:

- seen me cry
- held telethons with me (min. 4hrs)
- heard me sing
- went to my house
- played basketball with me
- their own special song that I dedicate to them up to this day
- held endless text marathons with me
- pictures with me (and i have pictures of them)
- have been asked by yours truly of the "spectacular question" <- super secret question i only ask to girls i like
- received at least 2 gifts from me
- received a Christmas greeting from me
- received a New Year's greeting from me
- received a birthday greeting from me
- received I love you's and i love you so much's from me
- known by my family
- a special nickname for me
- have been treated by me several times
- have received "pasalubong" from.. who else? ME!
- have seen the "dark side of rc fajardo"
- made me appreciate my religion more :)
- at some point, became my “bestfriend”
- at some point, left me

they also:
- know what my favorite food is
- are not killjoy (minsan lang!)
- love mushy movies
- love to read
- have been courted by a lot of boys
- have rejected a lot of boys
- have had their first loves before I came along
- are not interested in video games
- are active in extra curriculars
- are intelligent
- are creative
- are sweet
- are thoughtful
- are always smiling
- are good looking :D
- can be arranged according to color (go figure! Haha!)
- know me pretty darn well
- make me do their bidding (slave kuno)

meron pa!
- nakawalking trip ko na
- nakasama na sa bus pauwi
- right handed silang lahat
- taga Cavite silang lahat
- ayaw nila ng morbid violence (i.e. Saw, 300, Kill Bill)
- mahilig sila kumain
- nakapunta na ako sa bahay nila
- lahat sila below 5'3" ang height (^_^)
- extroverts sila
- AYAW nila ng math at chem
- studious (by my standards naman)
- makulit
- hmmm, may valedictorian, salutatorian at 1st honorable mention! (jackpot!)
- ayaw umarte, in short, tropang backstage
- nakasakay na rin ako sa mga sasakyang pag mamay-ari nila :)
- inis na inis sa akin nung di pa nila ako kilala
- naSILIPan ko na silang lahat >:) (silip lang! PROMISE!)
- mayroon akong picture kasama sila sa kanilang living room
- lahat ng mga kapatid nila kilala ako
- nabigyan na ako ng letter at least twice
- ayaw magpapisil sa akin
- nakita ko nang naka gown
- may 2nd flr ang mga bahay nila
- unang hinanap sa aming bahay: CR
- may special and memorable moment sila sa kwarto ko.. wahahaha!!!
- malakas mantrip
- mahilig mang gago
- malalambing ^~^
- religious
- nakapag rant na sa akin! wohooo!!!

wah marami pa to e.. Just check on my blog every now and then to see if there is anything new. What I do know is this, I loved them all very much. Sana maayos pa ang kalagayan nilang lahat. Lalo na si…. Ummmmmm… hahahaha!!! Go figure!! ^_^