Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ezekiel The Xerox Man

tis the 17th day of the month sooooo... happy beshie day!!! hehehehe!!!

had fun hanging out with my bestfriend, eating lunch @ Shakeys and making the most out of the day..

the things we hafta do are piling up. time to start doing em one by one... or else we're dead! haha!!

i'm really sorry if the blog has been dormant for a while. got caught up with a lot of school work, and a lot has been going on. I MEAN A LOT.

the lost in translation series will be postponed for a while. ran out of candidates for depressing songs. suggestions are welcome. thanks!!

vincent's blog has been nominated again. pls vote for him. click on his name vincent albert on my links and follow the instructions on how to vote. keep voting people!!!!

got any Metal Gear Solid themes for 6600 phones? send me one!! i'd appreciate it! thank you!

ahhh so much to do but so little time... poor me...

what has been happening to rc fajardo right now:

well, i am in the process of making good to my ever beloved beshie. i am so in trouble because of my shortcomings to her. she has done so much for me. I need to give her back what is due. :)

then I have this debate which I will be participating. oh boy. The Firm will have to pull out something good on this one. haha!

i am enjoying my subjects right now. except for one... the prof is a very potent sleeping pill. though i learned one thing, the true identity of xerox man!!! hahahaha!!! and thus the title of my post for today.

i am now obsessing myself on MGS4 and Naruto: Shippuden, which airs on Feb.15 (thursday). damn i cannot wait!!!

so there. gotta go. still lotsa work to do.. *poof*

Thursday, January 04, 2007


someone was ticked off by my latest post..


tsk tsk tsk...

ok so i will be a very good citizen and erase it immediately. hahaha!

so there..

in other news about me:

i just started watching smallville season 6... goodie!
my phone is back! yahoo!

happy birthday ryan!! mamat sa libre! hahaha!!! sarap ng pizza!

i'm sorry if i have not yet updated the lost in translation series. i don't have the time to sit down and think of other songs YET.. hopefully it will be published next week.

i am very anxious about my subjects. things will get very hard soon. oh boy...

ok got to go! hafta do some homework! :D