Sunday, December 31, 2006

lost in translation: part 2

i'm really sorry i wasn't able to finish already my list of depressing/sad songs.
xmas came by and well i had to prepare for it. i hope you've enjoyed your xmas.

oh yes my dad and I have finished the whole Alias tv series. It only has 5 seasons..really, really worth checking out. i cannot believe jennifer garner still shot the freaking show even though she was pregnant..

i am typing in my notepad today as i have found out that it is better to type in herebefore posting anything on blogger. and then i have a back-up in case my beloved pc decides to hang up on me.
so here we go i hope i can complete the whole list in this entry.. i just discovered that blogger doesn't want entries which are too long. but what the heck i don't really care! haha!

7. Masaya (piano version) - Bamboo

An old adage goes, "love is but a great irony..", and yes my favorite Bamboo song aside from 214 does justice to this saying.

So ironic is the effect of love, a great mystery as people would like to say. Every now and then we confront ourselves with questions as why we do this and that, ask ourselves if there is justification in the actions we do. Love is an unfathomable concept, an idea very hard to grasp, yet is all over us. Everywhere we look we find manifestations of it. Everytime we sit down and think we can only wonder, why is love so powerful?

ok, so much for that. I think the song needs not a full digestion of its lyrics, just give it a listen. Particularly this version. I'm sorry if I'm fickle with versions, but the piano arrangements of this song are amazing, performed by the wonderful Ria Osorio of the Phil. Philharmonic Orchestra. The piano has done wonders to the song, adding layers of sadness and monotony into the song..

ang pag-ibig, ganyan talaga, ako'y nilamon na ng pag-ibig, ganyan talaga, masaya...

6. Broken Sonnet - Hale

You didn't think they wouldn't be here eh? Think again...

Considered as the masters of "iyakan" songs thanks to the voice of frontman Champ, Hale's songs will be forever the common girl's choice for the perfect sentimental head trip. Loneliness? Depression? Anxiety? Name it, and they've got a song for it.

Not taking away anything from them, they don't really suck. The songs they make are well written, except for a bump or two in their choice of words.
But why Broken Sonnet? Yes, we all know there are better songs than this but allow me to explain. Broken Sonnet is about the realization of a lost cause. Imagine, finally giving in and admitting to yourself that, despite all of the hard work and sacrifice, you're not really fit for each other, i mean, you and the your prospect (excuse me for lack of a better term)
if there is one thing people hate to admit, it is the admission of defeat.
the chorus of the song goes like:

i'll leave my fears behind
coz, tonight i'll be right at your side

forsaking common sense for the cause of love is a regular habit of people. you can't really blame them, love is like a drug.
the pre choruse provides us with supporting ideas:

i don't care what they say
i don't care what they do

a lot of people do that. they leave and drop everything behind. a lot of sacrifice has been made, but at the end, it all boils down to nothing.. such is the pain infused into this song by Hale. A masterpiece.

5. Only One (acoustic version) - Yellowcard

A song so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes, in public.

I heard this one on my friend's pc, and boy I was so blown away by the whole song. The instrumentation, the arrangement and the voice. An absolute ear candy.

I really had to cry in public because this song hits you hard, especially people who consider someone as their one true love, aka their Only One.

Yellowcard's Only One is probably the best song to dedicate to the person you love the most. Nothing is sweeter to a person's ears when someone tells you that you are their only one. Unbelievable.
These are the lyrics of the song.. Read on:

Broken this fragile thing now
And I can't, I can't pick up the pieces
And I've thrown my words all around
But I can't, I can't give you a reason
I feel so broken up

And I give up

I just want to tell you so you know
Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you

You are my only one
I let go, there's just no one that gets me like you do
You are my only, my only one

Made my mistakes, let you down
And I can't, I can't hold on for too long
Ran my whole life in the ground
And I can't, I can't get up when you're gone
And something's breaking up

I feel like giving up
I won't walk out until you know

Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go, there's just no one who gets me like you do
You are my only my only one

Here I go so dishonestly
Leave a note for you my only one
And I know you can see right through me
So let me go and you will find someone

Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go, there's just no one, no one like you
You are my only, my only one
My only one
My only one
My only one
You are my only, my only one

well, what have I got to say? Total surrender to the person you love. Unreal..

So, why is this depressing? Its about someone who was left by his "only one". How sad can that be? Trust me, it can be very, very sad and depressing.
so, we have to cut this one short. Don't worry, we'll have the complete list soon, I hope..

*jana says i'm articulate? what? i don't even know what that means! kidding! thanks for the complement!*


Sunday, December 24, 2006

lost in translation

the past week has been a bugger... well sort of.. I went out too much, and as a result, I slept outside of our house for the first time since I was 9 yrs. old. hahaha!!! bad rc, baaaaaad rc!

so there, the result of going out which started in paskuhan sa ust that ended up somewhere between the sofa in lee's condo to the alabang escapade which had me spending the whole night outside the house was a bummer. but then again, it made sense to me. i was challenging the authorities too much, that my father had to step in since my mom cannot keep me on a tight leash. i still hope for a new phone. come on my good and very loving parents! give me my sony ericsson w710i!!!!! *cross my fingers*

why are there no small Transformers robots in Festival Mall? why? why? WHY?

meanwhile, let me share you something I picked up while loitering in Powerbooks ATC...

Hidden amongst a stack of books in the shelves of the beloved bookstore is a funny little doodle by Tom Reynolds.

Its called I Hate Myself and I Want to Die: the 52 most depressing songs you've ever heard. Its a damn funny and good book. Tom Reynolds' witty banter in analyzing these 52 songs ranging from the Barry Manilow wonder "Mandy" to Celine Dion's "All By Myself" to Evanescence's "My Immortal" is sure to make you laugh out loud. My beshie and I enjoyed reading the book, and yes we did laugh a lot. It was a fun read for anyone in need of something to joke around with. But make no mistake, the songs included in the book are big ones, which dole out the best of the best in suffering, self pity and depression.

So here I am now, trying to have fun before Christmas rolls in around 12 midnight, to give you my own list of depressing songs.

Criticisms, suggestions, new ideas and violent reactions are welcome. This is a very subjective list. And no, I will not make a 52 song list because I'm too lazy for that one. For this, 10 songs will be enough.

How will I be picking the songs? Simple. Any freaking song that makes my tear glands swell up should make the list. A question may arise, but that would make it a list of sad songs right? Don't worry, I'll try my best to separate the sad from the depressing, if there was such a difference. So any input from you will be welcome. Okay lets do this:

Oh, they're not in any order. Let's just make them as we go along shall we?

10. Director's Cut - Kamikazee

Yes. Jay Contreras and the rest of the boys know how to make good depressing song. Don't let the rocking instrumentals fool you. Listen closely to the lyrics. The scenario is all too familiar. The song chronicles the feelings of someone who just got left in the air by the one he loves. Despite the effort and all, he still gets dumped. Frustration laces the song in its whole. "Lahat ng gusto mo/tamang sunod ako/nagtataka bakit biglang ayaw mo na" is one line in the song which I can relate well. (ok don't ask why)

This song is perfect for the days right after the break up. Lakas kasi manumbat nung kanta eh. hahaha!!!

Another line goes:
At kung hindi/na babalik/sana sa paggising ay wala na ang nadaramang sakit

At kung hindi/na babalik/pilit sasabihin na hindi ako nagkamali

aww so sad is the one being left by the person he truly loves. Who knew Kamikazee knows how to pull heartstrings? Or am I the only one who feels this song? hahaha!!! Moving on...

9. What If - Menaya

My goodness. Sabi ng Menaya nung nag guest sila sa Breakfast, pang JS prom daw yung kanta. Its more like for a funeral of a friend if you ask me.

This is the song of love bordering obsession. Something like, I did it all but you won't even notice kind of song. The song repeatedly asks the question what if to the subject (in this case, let us say the one you love)

The song hits those who have long been suffering in silence, unable to answer the lingering questions he/she has because either they don't have the opportunity to do so or they don't have the courage to.

A part of the song goes:
What if cry?/What if I die?/Would you care about me?/Would you ask me how I feel?

These things are questions you don't ask to anyone except, well maybe your closest friend or your significant other. What if goes out there and screams out the freaking questions bottled up inside you. So if you can't really tell somebody how you really feel, let them listen to the song. Maybe they'll get it. Maybe not.

8. Rebound - Silent Sanctuary

Ah the violin. The local version of Yellowcard, Silent Sanctuary abuses the innate ability of the violin to make people sad. I personally rank the violin first ahead of the piano as the saddest instrument ever made. Sarkie Sarangay, the songwriter of the song masterfully tells the story of a bittersweet romance. It reminds me a lot about myself. Which is well, sad. The gist of the song is a lamentation of a someone who was used by his/her love to get over someone. Kung baga panakip butas. Thus the line "Rebound mo lang pala ako", and the song's title in itself.

The first verse of the song goes:
O kay bilis naman/Magsawa ng puso mo
Ganyan ka ba talaga?/Bigla na lang naglalaho
Para bang walang nangyari/Di mo man lang sinabi

The chorus goes:
Sana'y hindi na lang/Pinilit pa
Wala ring patutunguhan
Kahit sabihin ko pang/Mahal kita

See what I mean? The song has the bitter vibe of someone being used.

Nakakainis talaga/Nagmukha tuloy akong tanga
Pinaasa mo kasi/Puso ko ngayon tuloy lumuluha
Bakit iniwan mo kong mag-isa/Ilang araw lang ay babay na

Thankfully, the song doesn't lash out. Its a smooth and easy one to listen to. It also helps that the violin arrangements are great, courtesy of Seton Alumnus Jet Ramirez, and PPO's own Kuya Chino (i call him that. go figure)

Feeling bitter because you've been used? Give this one a listen. Shout out to _____ _____! I personally dedicate this song for you!


Saturday, December 16, 2006

4 days to go

aba mantakin ninyo december 16 na, pero hindi pa rin malamig...
pansin na pansin na natin kung gaano kainit, gawa ito ng global warming. ayaw kasing seryosohin ng mga tao ang pag-agap sa polusyon, ayan hala sige painitin na natin ang buong mundo!

aantayin na lang ba nating sing-init na ng summer ang disyembre natin sa mga susunod na taon bago tayo kumilos? ayusin nga natin mga buhay natin pwede? ang kahit anong gawain na makakatulong sa kalikasan ay malaking bagay na. paano na yung mga susunod na mga bata? lalaki na lang ba silang sanay na sa mainit na disyembre? o di kaya ang mainit na buong taon?

di naman ako aktibista para sa kalikasan e. pero para sa mga taong me kapangyarihan dyan, gumawa naman kayo ng paraan. di yung kayo lang ang may karapatang magpalamig!

hmmm ok yun ah. pwede nang speech para sa isang rally. mag-aktibista na kaya ako? hahaha!!!

apat na araw na lang. apat na araw at december 20 na. at malamang sa malamang pupunta ako sa pamantasan ng santo tomas para makita at iabot ang munting regalo kong pampasko para sa aking pinakamatalik na kaibigan. hala, di ko nga alam kung magkaibigan pa rin kami e. basta alam ko ayaw nya akong kausapin nung nagkita kami nung septyembre. ang galing.

ang hirap bumili ng regalo. andaming iisipin. pero hinayaan ko na lang. nabili ko na e. its the thought that counts ika nga nila. ang inaalala ko lang baka meron na sya nung ireregalo ko. cross my fingers sana wala pa.

hanggang ngayon di pa rin kami nag-uusap. di ako makapaniwalang ganun sya kaabala sa mga ginagawa nya. daig pa nya si darna. asus...

nakakainis pakiwari ko binura na nya ang lahat ng ano mang alaala nya na may pagpapatungkol sa akin. wala namang namagitan sa amin (wahaha talaga lang ah!) kaya di ko alam kung bakit di kami magkaabutan...

lagi na lang walang load, lagi na lang may ginagawa. lagi na lang alanganing oras. lagi na lang bawal. ganun ba talaga kasaklap ang timing ko sa tuwing susubukan kong kontakin sya? tama lang sa kanya yung diligence award na nakuha nya nung graduation namin. bakit ba sya nasa uste e pwede naman sya sa up. bakit ako wala namang award pero sa up nakapasok? baligtad yata..

ansaya mamili kasama ng beshie ko. (kahit na ang binili lang naman nya para sa kanya. hahaha!!) bibilhan nya ako ng transformers!! yahoo!! sya pa ang mauunang magbigay nun sa akin. akala ko noon si %&*^ e.. pero wala malas lang talaga.

ansaya nung araw kahapon. may concert na libre at nakanood kami ng beshie ko, kain kami ng kain ng kain at laboy ng laboy. salamat sa araw na yun beshie ko! hehehe sana nag-enjoy ka rin! ^_^

di ako bitter, pero naisip ko, di pa nga ngayon ang tamang oras para ibigay sa kanya yung dream catcher na pinangako ko noon... dun ako nangako sa taong mahal ako.. di sa kanya.. hahahaha!! ambitter amp...

hindi ako naniniwala sa mga summer flings? kayo? ^_^

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Now Playing: Typecast - Scars of a Falling Heart

Its already december 9 and I haven't got out and do my christmas shopping..

well, I already planned it on the next saturday, which is december 16th, which coincidentally is the 1st day of the Simbang Gabi. And Nicole's birthday. Wonder if I can call in the States to greet her personally... Well since I don't know how to dial for international phone calls, might as well scratch that.. haha!!

I went to Dasma yesterday to enjoy the fiesta. Thanks a lot to Ruthy for giving us the food we have been raving about since we were in Manila. Haha!!

I'm pretty much freaked out right now. Maybe I'm just nervous. No, maybe anxious is the correct term. I'm gonna be somewhere in december 20, where hopefully a lot of questions will be answered.. I know its not going to be a picture perfect day because there are too many factors to consider. And to tell you the truth, I really don't know what to say when that day comes. Heck, I don't even know if I am going or not..

Is half a year really that long? You know, long enough to erase your existence.. Everytime I think about it, I feel that I just met her for the first time. Kala ko talaga di ko na sya kilala.. Which is bad, since it becomes an impediment in my thought construction. Di mo alam kung ano sasabihin kasi nga di mo na kilala.. Bad trip....

I really hate my 18th year. A lot has gone wrong since my birthday. Its killing me. haha!!
Maybe I should use my birthday as an indicator on how my year will progress. Feeling ko tuloy nahawa ako sa beshie ko, pero pag pinag-isipan ko, oo nga ang bagong taon ko nagsisimula rin pala sa birthday ko. On my next birthday I am going to be happily celebrating, so that my year would be better than this... Or better yet, I should wish to have a better birthday next year...

Really I am freaked out.

random things about me lately:
- just finished monk and the simpsons season 7. Am trying to find new dvds to watch
- i am angry at my mother for bringing up a pathetic excuse not to buy me a new phone
- still trying to think of what to give to the people this xmas
- wanting to go to tower records and grab the Typecast cd, and Incubus, and Sandwich, and Dashboard Confessional, and Silent Sanctuary, and Sugarfree, but no money.. Damn!
- still trying to think what to write in the letters I will give this xmas
- just fed myself to the lions as I recently volunteered to partake in a debate about homosexual marriage rights
- will participate in 2 debates this sem, no plan to expand that, but hey, its a great exercise for my comm3 class
- am trying to get over her, uhh not really. just trying to get over my fear of public speaking
- am learning to organize thoughts while speaking in front of the public
- still no orgs for me (mabait akong bata!)
- so happy that the Naruto fillers end in Feb as confirmed by Shonen Jump! (finally! something to look forward to next year!)
- preparing for med school by studying the brain
- am totally nervous for december 20!
- formulated the name of our college barkada, THE FIRM. Yes to UP TFI! nyahaha!!!

kudos to all of us in THE FIRM! we went neck-to-neck with the best and we bested our expectations! haha!!

too bad Sir Ramota didn't really get what we meant regarding the TFI and commercialization.. HINDI NAMAN KASI SILA SAME WAVELENGTH E!!!! /gg na lang! ^_^