Tuesday, January 29, 2008

wala pa rin akong tula

yes, i still do not have a poem for my class tomorrow. i am having a lot of difficulty trying to piece together words which would be creative enough, yet still pack the informational power for it to be considered, well, good.

i admit, wordplay isn't my cup of tea. prose is. so here i am sending out my apologies to those whom have listened, and may have become offended with my not so good use of words. really, i appreciate you all for not covering your ears as i painfully recite the piece of poetry i created.

poetry made me think twice of going into music too much. maybe i doubted myself writing songs. songwriting isn't the way for me, i thought. producing the song is. applying the beat to it. listening to the song itself. one day i'll produce a song. kumbaga, gusto ko yung trabaho ni errol choi sa coffee prince. :) (pero di ako babaero!! haha!)

yeah, music producer. i want that job. i also want to try my hand at being a club dj. mixing sounds. making people groove to the beat. controlling their emotions through the pulsating beats coming from the turntables. that's why i love daft punk, the chemical brothers and sunset daze. my interest for music production led me to club, techno and house music (though i don't do clubbing). i can envision myself doing such. aside from becoming a doctor. heck, maybe i'll try to integrate that music recovery therapy to my future patients. music relaxes the brain. a relaxed brain equates to a stress free body. finally, a stress free body heals faster, and is healthier.

tonight i was subjected to a lot of stress. my pc went haywire thanks to my sister. luckily, i was able to rescue it. the bad news is, i'm still in recovery mode right now. i think my pc and i share a connection. whenever the pc is broke, i'm broken too. haha!! its funny at the same time very weird. well i can't blame myself for loving my computer. di pa naman ako addict, wag kayong mag-alala. hahaha!!!

i'd rather live without a computer than stay with a broken one. :P

Monday, January 21, 2008

a few updates

because my blog has degraded itself into a pathetic waste of bandwidth, i have decided to embark upon a journey to refresh it with my new thoughts. wow, such a deep use of language to explain an excuse for not blogging recently.

i don't see myself as an active blogger though. i only write when i feel like it. i let the urge come to me. i don't like forcing myself to write. i think i am a lesser individual when i force myself.

anyway, a few updates for those who still come.
- toxic days are upon us once again, fellow isko and iska. the antagonistic tendencies of our professors have not only resulted unto more sleepless nights, but also a lot less time for us to socialize, enjoy ourselves (in a non-sexual way of course) and and get in touch with nature (something i have enjoyed doing)
- yet somehow, we find opportunities in which to breathe. 3 hour breaks and afternoon classes are such a welcome sight.
- i have expanded my list of things to buy once again. it now includes a pair of sunglasses and a basketball
- unto the subject of basketball, it is the only activity in which i feel most alive. and it unclogs my brain. i just played a few 1 on 1 matches a while ago, and i never felt so alive again. it is alienating to just stare at the computer monitor all day long.
- washing the dishes has now become my official "thinking time". yes, i got to solve a lot of stuff in my head while washing the plates. :)
- i want my SBC mug already (and the planner, and the tote bag, and the pen, and the free drink coupons)
- i noticed that i am now searching for books related to my course, and am now involving myself pretty much into politics, especially the campus variety. damn school. haha.

so that's pretty much it. go visit my multiply. i have pictures there. haha! :P

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

woo vista!

wala pang 1 week yung pc ko, nadali na agad ng virus!!! ayus! kaya ayan nagpalit ako ng OS. ganda ng vista, kaso parang kailangan ko nang mag overhaul ng pc. naghihirap na yung pc ko e. hahaha!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

hurrah for 2008!

wow, and to think that 2007 wouldn't end any faster. welcome to the year 2008. i'm not in any position to tell you what's gonna happen, but i am obliged to tell you what has happened to me.

my PC is back in action!!! my, my, my i am having so much fun right now. no more disconnections for me now. 1GB of RAM and a 160GB HD is coolness!!!

This New Year marks a noticeable drop in fireworks sales and usage. come on, it is good news that a lot less people are hurt, but the reality that people don't see is that the noise has considerably gone down. it's not that people are not buying fireworks, but rather, they are unable to buy because of the prevailing state of our country. hopefully something goes right this year. something that all of us could enjoy.

i'm not really feeling good right now. actually, i think i'm sad. something is awfully off. great, something to start my year with. hahaha.. maybe i shouldn't think about worthless stuff that i don't even have a right to know. i'm not the privy type you know.

in a few days some of us (unfortunately, including me) would be off to school again.
things to buy
- maybe a wallet
- definitely a y-splitter cable
- and a couple of more stuff

so there. happy new year to y'all! :D