Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Something about working hard

when i first dove into medical school, i knew i had to work hard. harder than i've ever worked in my almost 15 years of schooling prior to this. the sheer volume of information being thrown at you is immensely daunting and tiring at the same time. a lot of adjustments had to be made: new school, new environment, new traditions, events, academic cultures, new challenges and new people to commune with. days in medical school were really long and dragging, with 4 hour lectures being the norm and extensions being considered normal procedure.

on top of that, mounting responsibilities at home and being away from my girlfriend. really nasty stuff. especially when you don't see each other for weeks primarily because I had four exams in the coming week.

this was the shit i had to put up with for the first few months. i was already ticked off that i couldn't get the lessons as quickly as others did. my big ego wasn't ready for much disappointment. there were times that academic failure and other problems mixed into a very deadly cocktail which was enough to break me down. somehow i needed to acknowledge my vulnerabilities. i needed to get my act together because medical school was not going to give me anything for free.

i needed to put it the work. i also needed a system that would provide me with the blueprint and motivation that i desperately wanted for me to make it through.

i started by opening my eyes a little bit. chopping up stuff, not really biting off too much, savoring the small victories like passing quizzes. from the start i knew i was in a disadvantage but i did not imagine the discrepancy to be really big. fortunately for me, that huge gap is constantly being closed upon by me every single day.

i put in the work, and trusted myself that i could make it though. whatever the ramifications of my work i would gratefully accept. success was hard to come by, but as the New Year turned, i somehow got it.

i got it. somewhat. passing medical school truly is hardwork and dedication. and it is almost always never enough. i needed to become a sponge. soak it in. learn as much as i could. things would turn out well. i trust that they do.

i just need to work on it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

i've got a bad feeling

at last! the aforementioned four exams are finished. as of airtime i only know that i have passed 1 exam.

this week has been a mixed bag for me. because of too much time being taken up by studying (i have not been able to make any advance readings in the neurosciences), it has taken a toll on all other things in my life.

an indicator i often use is the current relationship i am in. i really need to put time in it, considering the fact that me and my girlfriend are not really living in the same vicinity (21kms is a long way, mind you).

and every chance i get, i would have to take it. any missed chances may result into something more catastrophic. no matter how tired i may be after this week, i really need to see her this weekend. if i need to bring my study books then i will. the fact is i really need to see her. 

i hope she understands where i am right now. i also hope she will understand the major mind fuck that the glorious schedule makers have made for me. (god damn it final exams why do you have to be deep into the summer?) we really, really need to talk. we miss each other too much.

ika nga eh, kulang lang yan sa lambing.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

just to get the sluggishness out of my system

exam week starts tomorrow. 4 days of exams. somehow i still feel that i am lacking reading materials for my exam. i still wish i can do great starting tomorrow. i am quietly trying to prove to myself that i can get things done and that there would always be time for everything.

so that would be all for now.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

i should post something here!

unfortunately, because the guest lecturer for physiology got sick, our classes were cancelled and we had the rest of the day off.

what did i do? i downloaded games for the itouch. and copied pictures for the anatomy practical exams next week. will do studying later after i find something to eat.

got measured for the basketball team unis before going home. i wasn't really interacting with the higher batches and was a little quiet because i was the only freshman on the team. haha! hopefully the jerseys turn out great. i have a lot of expenditures to keep track of in order for me to save money. good thing i cut back on travel fare going to school because i can hitch a ride with dad.

anyway, i would be implementing my "study in the morning" regimen tomorrow. actually i have been doing it for the past 2 days and it has netted good effects towards my learning.

almost a whole week of exams ahead next week. and team practice also starts next week. a lot of activities!! but i know i can do it. besides, i once read from a book that "the busiest people always find the time to do things" and i think that this maxim should be applied. if you don't have the time, make the time.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

21 months

- study biochemistry and other subjects
- upload files
- check the interwebs for something
- update the itouch (supposed slang term for the ipod touch)
- study powerpoints
- text marathons with my girl! hooooooo! (we are 21 months legally acknowledged today and around ??? months together. hahaha! :P )

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Inspiring words from the Great Forrest Griffin

"Being honest with yourself is the best way to live life because it keeps you from having massive falls. After all, if you think you are unbeatable, and then get your ass served to you on a platter, your whole world comes crumbling down. That's when excuses start to flow, but who's buying them?

No one.

Not yourself,, not others. If you can admit to yourself that you simply got beat by a better fighter, it dissolves the lies and allows you to be a happier person.

Although it is depressing to admit to yourself that you will never be the best, it is liberating at the same time. Instead of trying to be better than everyone else, which is existentially arrogant, you can focus on being the besr that you can be. Even if you can never defeat the Anderson Silvas and BJ Penns of the world, you can take pride in the fact that you did the most you possibly could with what you are given. You can take pride in every accomplishment. What more can you ask for?"

- Got Fight? The 50 Zen Principles of Hand-to-Face Combat

inspirational shit for all of us.

before i go to school tomorrow

again! school beckons from yonder! from this moment on i would devote time for study and catchup reading. the 2 weeks given to us were spent on many events (christmas, new year, anniversaries) and hopefully i would be able to balance them along with school work.

for now, lemme get in my proposed resolutions for the coming year:
1. trim myself down - eat sparingly, exercise more and watch what i am eating
2. pay off outstanding credit - enough said
3. save money!! - god damn!
4. devote more time to studying - no more excuses!

that will be all. thanks a lot if you are reading this. comment away! :)

22 and 14 years

my folks have been married for 22 years today.

and my youngest sister TJ turns 14 today. she stands 5'8". :D

I was going to type a post today

but i guess i'm gonna do it after i wake up tomorrow.

that was one good day with her :)

Friday, January 01, 2010


it is a New Year everyone! welcome to the new decade, the decade of the teens.
after a little bit of surfing, i noticed that a lot of people recounted what happened to them last year. some of them would name them highlights of their year, others remember them for the memories and still others will remember 2009 for the lives lost/tragedies that have befallen them.

life gives us no other choice really, but to move forward and face the new year with hope and the certainty that something big would happen as the year runs its course. so here I am to tell everyone to DO SOMETHING this 2010.

- get a job!
- get good grades!
- follow your dreams! (inspirational shit yo!)
- make that hobby of yours into something really productive (forge money perhaps!)
- trim that holiday fat!
- find that person you've always wanted! (wow cheesy!)

just do something that would enrich your life or the lives of others! don't lounge around and sit there. go out and get things done! Peace!

yes dad, those sparklers are the safest to use