Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An Angel

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Life's been pretty fast right now.. So much to do, so little time. It seems that you can't squeeze in things like this, typing in front of the white space allocated in your window.

In the whirlwind of life, I realized it is important to find people who are willing to be your company, for when the best moments come, it would be nice if there were people standing beside you experiencing the same moment that you did. That's what friends are for, right? They're the people who tag along your journey in your life and share with you the best, and the worst moments.

I'm kinda not in the mood to write. I dunno. Must have lost it along somewhere. Or maybe, I need that melancholic mood again somehow. Kailangan bang maging malungkot ako para lang makapagsulat? Di naman siguro. I liked the Manila Collegian pin. Its about writing. That writing is not a sanctuary, for it was a choice from the beginning. I agree, penning down your thoughts is a choice from the start. Kasi marami namang iba pang mga avenues to express yourself with. There's art, violence, games and a whole lot more. So right now, I am woefully trying to write some sense into this. Maybe I shouldn't expect too much from me. Magaling naman daw akong magsulat. Sana nga. Refer to the older posts to see me in my best. haha!

Life has given me so much right now. Sure I have a lot of problems to confront like school, social life, money, time, expectations and a myriad of other ones, but in return I get this bunch of people who I seemingly have nothing in common with, and together we pass through life and in the end I call them my friends.

I love being with them. Kahit mga gago sila, ok lang gago rin naman ako e. Kanya kanyang trip lang yan. hahaha!!!

Ang post na to ay partially para sa the FIRM at para kina miko, xtian, ryan, michael at peter. Mga tsongs masarap mabuhay pag kayo ang karamay. hahahaha!!!

This post is pretty non sensical, again brought about by my inability to write and because I really don't know what to say.

Well, I could say I'm happy right now. Me and my bestfriend are in the road of happiness right now. In spite of all of what has happened, we are still here. I love you so much beshie!! You bring out the best in me. :D

And then there was you. Yes, you. You know who you are. Thanks for everything. ^_^

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Doraemon. et al.

Hello! Kumusta ang valentine's day ninyo?

ako ok lang! hehehe!!! nagustuhan ng bestfriend ko yung buto (kasi nga aso sya dati, e ang aso gusto talaga ng buto) nakabili ako sa istarbak for the first and ONLY time. hahaha!! ayoko na bumili sayang lang pera ko. Kung di lang kasi valentine's day e.

Kung saan saan din ako nakarating nung valentine's day. Overall masaya sya kasi kasama ko bestfriend ko.

Nasa rob din pala si rossann. Asows. hahaha!!!

O mga bata, simula na ng Naruto Shippuden. 1hr special ang unang episode kaya nood na!!! hehehe!!!

ayokong bumili ng dvd ng doraemon. nakakatakot daw yung boses nya sabi ni dana. Sana may ilabas na compilation, yung tagalog. hahaha!!!

today marks the 17th month of our bestfriendship with my lovable bestfriend. Caz, pupunta ako sa bahay nyo mamaya!! blog lang ako konti ha! ^_^

parang gusto ko ng yellowcab. tsaka gusto ko ng rollback sa unlimitxt service ng globe. kupal naman kasi yung ginawa nila.

naisip ko lang, kailangan ko lang ng 50k para sa mga luho ko. maliit na halaga lang yun o. hehehehe!!!!

sa mga mababait dyan, donate naman kayo ng ipod sa akin. hehehehe!!! pabirthday at pa xmas nyo na. wahahahaha!!! para may silbi yung bulsa sa bag ko na lalagyan ng music player.

ang kyut kyut nung pasabit sa cellphone na nailaw na bigay sa akin ng bestfriend ko. ^_^

Sunday, February 11, 2007

bago ^_^

Wow. Antagal ko na palang di nagblog. Yung mga iba kasing post babuy baboy dahil sa dami ng ginagawa. Ngayon ko lang naramdaman ang pagiging UP ko. Wahahaha!!! Dedz ang magpahinga kaya dapat laging on the go.

So eto after ng department week (na mejo enjoy naman) magboblog na ulit ako. namiss ko naman ang magsulat e, tinatamad nga lang ako magsimula. :D

Anu ba ikukwento ko? La naman masyado. Tignan nyo na lang yung speech ko para sa Comm3 namin.

Impromptu sya. 4-6 mins. Bunutan ng topic tapos 5mins para i organize lahat ng sasabihin mo. Sabi ko gusto kong matapos sa 1st day pero ang nangyari ako ang pinaka unang nagsalita. Buhay nga naman. So eto yung speech ko. As I remember it.

BTW maayos na pc ko. May NBA Live 07 na ako, Sudeki, at Suikoden. Ayaw talaga gumana nung Prince Of Persia buset. Naka Mozilla Firefox na rin ako. Buti na lang.

Adik din ako ke Doraemon. ^_^

eto na speech ko. read till you laugh.


I spent my 5 minutes outside the room reflecting upon my life, trying to pick out amongst the myriad of the things I have learned the most important ones. It was difficult to single out one so what I'm gonna tell you right now will be the first one right off my head. Kinda stupid right? Don't worry, it's not going to boring at all.

In the 18 years of existence here on Earth, I've essentially learned two things. One is always to be myself at anything that I do. I haven't been myself for quite a long time. Its been bothering me and my bestfriend for a long time now. I don't know how I lost myself in the process but somehow, I gave in and let society take over of my identity. Something that you don't always do in your life. My bestfriend accepted me as I am, the perverted, maniacal and very annoying me. Its not safe to say that by allowing society to manipulate your identity you avert a lot of problems. Sometimes it works the opposite way. My bestfriend and I are in the middle of a fight right now so please bear with me if I break down into tears in front of you.

The people around you do have an effect in your personality, but ultimately it is up to you to decide what you will become in the future. As for me, I have my own goals, which I know how to get and when to get them. Life stops when you stop dreaming, so for everyone of us in this room, let us not forget why we are still here, becuase of our dreams and aspirations, and let us not forget why we are in this university, because we know we can fulfill our dreams with its help.

The second thing I would like to share with you is, never let fear get the most of you. For once fear takes control of you, it becomes a very formidable wall to overcome, sometimes too much for people. Always be a step ahead. We all have our own personal fears, but my piece of advice for you is to just do it. Fear of failure is your fear already gripping you. And the only way to overcome it is to face it head on. Easy to say but hard to do. It has and it will bring out the best in us, for like gold and iron ore, it must past first through fire in order to bring out its inner beauty. Well, my time is almost up, so to sum it all up, always be yourself in whatever you will undertake and do not let fear get the best of you, but rather let it bring out the best in you. Good Morning. ^_^


so that's it. yun na yung speech ko, medyo edited yan kasi di naman photographic memory ko. Pero yun na yun. hehehe!!!

i love my bestfriend. She brings out the best in me. ^_^

Thursday, February 08, 2007

debate.. debate.. debate...

antagal ko na palang di nagboblog.. hehe di ko na magalaw sa dami ng ginagawa ko...

well eto na naman, speech na naman para sa debate. tama ba yun? ok lang sana kung di inatake ng topak yung kalaban namin at yung committee na in charge e. POTEK!

so ayun, buhay pa naman ako at masaya. yun muna..

mahal na mahal ko ang bestfriend ko.