Tuesday, July 29, 2008

things i got for my birthday

this isn't actually a blog about my whole birthday, but rather, of the things that i got which made the day all the more special. ahh, life is so good these days. especially when it's your birthday! haha!

a short recap of what we (that's me and me-ann) did. went to greenhills, went to the chapel, ate at CPK which had great food and service but almost ran our wallets dry. then went back to manila, had fun eating at Wendy's and Jollibee. then went home exhausted enough not to write a paper for our major. haha! we are such good students. :D
i had to ommit the tiring and annoying tasks that my mother gave me, because it made me so tired after a long but very fun day. overall, it was a day which we will remember as our "try ou something new" day. haha!

sorry if i had talked a little bit. now, without further ado, here are the things i received for my birthday.

in no particular order:
1. a Nike Basketball shirt - my golly! i didn't really expect receiving this on my birthday. i remember that feeling of being overcome by surprise and amazement because somehow i ended up having a shirt that i've been wanting to buy for a long, long time! haha!!

see!?! such a very good looking tshirt! hahaha!! :D

2. Air Jordan handtowel - another gift that caught me by surprise!!! grabe, na
windang ako nung nakuha ko to! akalain mo yun may twalya palang ganun?! hahaha!!
oha. sarap nyang tignan lang. parang ayoko nang gamitin. hahaha!! :P

3. A4tech in-ear bass boosting earphones - a gift for myself actually. i bought it in VMall, because they are the only ones selling these at very cheap prices. (370php compared to 600php at MoA! jeez). a long time after my original A4techs broke down, i was on the verge of giving up on finding a replacement. luckily, one family trip to greenhills changed that. i promised myself to buy this on my birthday which i did.
its actually silver by the way, which fits my ipod's color. niiiiiice. :D

4. her - she's not actually a thing. well, duh. but i really, really consider her a something of a gift to me. ever since she's been in my life, everything's come up in roses (which have thorns, so its not a perfect life you know) and well, life doesn't suck anymore. she also gave me items number 1 and 2 so really, i do have a lot of thanking to do. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! you made this all possible. hehehe!!!
biased ano? hahaha! ganun talaga. salamat ng marami!! xoxo

some other things i got for my birthday:
- a new phone (from my parents, which i intend to pay with my own money)
- a toy soldier from Cams. thanks a lot Cams! am now trying to find more ways to make him dance. haha!
- a card from my sister. really good stuff. kikay and all, but hey, its the thought that counts!!
- a teddybear from me-ann. haha di na talaga pinansin ano? kasi naman yung tshirt kinuha yung atensyon ko! hahaha!!!

so there! thus ends my (post)birthday entry!!!! peace on Earth! :P

Monday, July 28, 2008

happy birthday!


hindi muna ako magbblog ngayon. andami pang ginagawa e!!! pakswet na skul yan! XD

Sunday, July 27, 2008


post number 125. yeboy.

in a few hours it would already be the 28th of July. PGMA's State Of the Nation Address would begin in the afternoon. maybe around 2pm. well, i'm just juggling it in my head. i really don't know what time it would actually begin.

what i do know is, i'll be turning 20 by then.
new phone (which i bought with my own money. using credit cards i call my parents. haha!)
new life
new year
new attitude?!?

somehow i've gotten the urge to bring something new to the table. do things i haven't done. palibasa bente na. hahaha!!!!

no one dare piss me off tomorrow. i'll be somewhere in the metro celebrating with my girlfriend. so there. :D

Saturday, July 12, 2008



yes this is me two weeks before my 20th. ;)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

at last

we're finished. well, i was supposed to write this after the conference, but i was so dog-tired and sleeping was the best thing to do after that.

it was a very stark revelation for all of us. especially for me, as being the one in charge for practically everything, i got to see who can do what and who was willing to do it.

it was surprising for me to know my blockmates better, and to see who were the ones that i can place under the "nuances" column. please, i hope that your incompetence only victimized OUR event, and not the other "things" which rank of higher importance in your life.

in behalf of everyone, i am extending my deepest and sincerest apologies to all of those whose time got wasted (and some who dared not waste their time at all) by our event. and if you have something to say, just be sure that its worth saying. don't give me useless shit and criticism which i cannot use and which i cannot fathom where it came from. so there.

and so continues my very active senior year. damn, if i was this active in high school, what could have happened to me? what type of person would i become now? guess i'm about to find out. :P