Thursday, August 23, 2007

poetry topics

sa mga taong wala pa ring topic para sa aming poetry reading (alam nyo kung sino kayo), eto ay mga additional topics na pwede ninyong kunin.

1. terraforming - TAKEN by Mark
2. whaling (i.e. japanese mass whaling) - TAKEN by Ruthy
3. "sensitive" environments
4. extremophiles - TAKEN by Karl
5. Rare Earth hypothesis
6. voluntourism (volunteer work + tourism) - TAKEN by Dana da bertdey girl
7. carrying capacity (in ecosystems) - TAKEN by Riki
8. peak oil
9. "green" power
10. virgin territories

ayan, sinipag kasi ako. sana makatulong! ^_^

maaari lamang pong ilagay sa tag board o kaya magcomment kung kayo po ay kukuha ng topic, para di nakakalito. salamat po ulit!!!!

hindi po kailangang gumawa ng bagong account kung walang blogger account, basta click nyo lang yung comments. hehehe!!! :)


as of yesterday, i have signed up to be an online activist for Greenpeace.

yes, somehow within me is an environmentalist waiting to shine. hahaha!! but seriously, consider these simple facts that i have noticed during the past four years:
- since 2003, every succeeding summer has been a hotter one. thus i wonder how hot next summer will be, since we're going to the provinces for our immersion.
- yearly, the water level is going up, so if don't notice, your backyard was actually flooded when monsoon rains came around.
- how about the erratic weather? a long dry spell in july when it's supposed to be raining? what about the hot december we had last year? come on, 8am heat during a 5:30am simbang gabi? definitely not the Christmas i was used to.
- how come we've had these storm-like monsoonal rains when tropical storm Egay never actually hit Manila and Southern Tagalog?

it astounds me, that when we see a clean street, we tend to put our litter there. can't we realize that what we are doing is actually helping in the further deterioration of the Earth? nakakainis yung mga taong tapon na lang ng tapon. parang hindi kayo tao e.

here's something really simple for us to do. kung may makita kayong basura sa harapan nyo, please naman, pakipulot at ilagay sa tamang lugar. don't worry about getting the germs, you could always wash your hands later. and don't even think that a clean-up crew would always be around. for other people's sake, take action by yourself, even just for once. please. its going to go a long, long way.

and another thing, get educated. see what the moronic capitalists do not see. after you get educated, inform other people who do not know.

seriously, we only have a little time left. sana basahin to ng lahat ng taong dadaan man lang dito. dumaan na rin kayo e. salamat.

let us save the Earth. unless you can give me any other planet on which we could live on, please clean up your act. :)

Friday, August 17, 2007


Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

My 7 Random Facts/Habits

1. i consider myself mildly autistic

2. i hate storms due to the fact that they bring in noisy rain

3. i am a basketball nut (who doesn't know?)

4. stand-up comedy jokes only work once on me

5. i had the skin of my foot peel off for more than five times

6. i am VERY superstitious

7. i do not have a very good night tonight

Now i tag alpha, jerelle, sunogbaga, migi, ryan, me-ann and chowee

leaning beside the cold, fragile wind

here i am, currently sleepy, listening to sounds from tiny little speakers, writing something in this blank white space.

its literally storming outside, not exactly the weather we had a few hours ago.

the good thing about the storm is, it brings out these billowing, cold winds.
masarap magrelax. masarap gumawa ng wala.

masarap din kapag katabi mo yung taong gusto mong makatabi, sabay inom ng mainit na kape o sipsip ng umuusok na sopas, habang nakatalukbong sa loob ng malaking kumot na pinaghahatian ninyong dalawa. hehehe!!! :)

masarap ang malamig na hangin. makakapagjaket na ako. ayus.

Friday, August 10, 2007

strike me! strike me!

Everything has changed...
Faces stayed the same...

and then... then what?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


survey mula kay chrish. astig.

10 years ago...

8yrs. old ako. hahaha!!! tapos wiling wili pa ako sa family computer. adik maglaro ng contra at super mario (kasama si miko, ang aking kababata). mahilig din kami maglaro ni miko ng mga sundalo sa veranda nila. hahaha!!!

5 years ago...

13 ako. kakasimula pa lang ng 2nd year. pinakamasarap na taon ng high school ko.

1 year ago...

2nd year ko ng kolehiyo. enjoy. hahaha!!!! pasok na ako sa dean's list.

5 snacks I enjoy: (at random)

1. siomai
2. pishbol
3. french fries
4. ice cream
5. proven

5 songs I know all the words to:

1. The Happy Birthday song
2. Lupang Hinirang
3. Theme song ng The Simpsons (da da da dada dadada dada dadadada dadadada!)
4. Burnout ng Sugarfree
5. We Love You Father Hannibal (AMP!)

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars:

1. purchase a Mclaren-Mercedes Benz SLR600
2. get a house for myself and my family in Valle Verde or Alabang (whichever they like)
3. buy lots and lots of Nike apparel
4. buy a new SE phone
5. play in the stock market (para naman lumaki. hahaha!!!)

5 places I would run away to:

1. basketball court
2. kwarto ko
3. simbahan (oo, tampulan ko ng problema ang simbahan)
4. rooftop ng bahay namin (para magpahangin)
5. bahay nina lolo

5 pieces of clothing I would never wear:

1. bras
2. ladies' clothing
3. jumpers
4. girly shoes
5. girly accessories

5 bad habits:

1. junk food
2. impulsiveness
3. exaggeration of emotions
4. hindi mareklamo (people don't know what's wrong when i'm sad or angry)
5. indolence (naks)

5 Biggest Joys:

1. buying something that i actually planned to buy
2. Naruto: Shippuden
3. helping people in need
4. Transformers
5. learning something cool (may it be a fact or a skill, doesn't matter)

5 fictional characters I would date:

1. Tsukino Azusagawa - Yakitate! Ja-pan!
2. Eureka - Eureka seveN
3. Rosemary - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
4. Himeno Awayuki - Pretear
5. Elhaym Van Houten - Xenogears

Monday, August 06, 2007

sweet dreams

i had a very amusing sunday, with me texting everyone and everyone texting me. my cellphone was ringing (not really, it was in silent mode) non-stop. enjoy magtext ng magtext. hehehe!!!

i was using my cellphone so much that at the end of the day i had to charge it coz the battery was drained.

one really good friend of mine (oh jana ikaw yan. haha) cared to text me with some quotable quotes. seeing that she was alive and had credits to spend made me reply to her texts. as usual, our talk usually revolves around that person. With her getting annoyed and pitying me for my situation and all.

sabi ko naman nakahanap na ako eh, natuwa naman sya. nabigyan pa ako ng EXCELLENT!

as I bid her and my other textmates a good night, I somehow reflected on the fact that I am pretty lucky and blessed in my life today. Kahit papano, may supporting cast pa rin. Yung mga actors nag-iba, but the roles they portray are still the same. Wait, maybe not. Sure there are a few changes and such. Notable, but not drastic.

I slept the night away. Then I had a dream. A dream about her.

God has such a good sense of humor. Just when you thought you actually purged yourself of thinking about the person, yung tipong di mo na muna iisipin kasi pagod ka na, she suddenly reappears.

Ok, not literally. In my case, biglang nagtetext, o kaya magbibida sa panaginip ko. In short, nagpaparamdam. The worst thing is, I get worked up once again. Ginaganahan na naman ako pagkatapos nyang gawin yun. haha..

I don't know if I should be tormented by this. Maybe I'm just happy that I got my hopes restored. haha..

so, after not thinking about her for practically a whole day, she shows up in my dream. well, she was MY dream. nothing else happened. just me, her, and the other high school people.

we were all in a carnival. then there was this ride, which looked like one part of a rollercoaster and only had two seats. it was running on a rollercoaster track with all these twists and turns. the fun part was that it starts as one huge drop. everyone rode at the very top and screamed all the way down as if they were falling.

so there, we all went in and rode at the ride by pair. laftrip pa nga sila e, dapat daw isang lalaki at isang babae. haha e ang konti ng boys nun, kaya naka ilang ulit sila. ako once lang daw sumakay, kaya nilubos ko yung turn ko. hahaha...

i was wishing for divine intervention, that i may be paired up with that person. pero malas lang, ang nakapares nya e yung first love nya. asa pa ako di ba? hahaha.. ayun, pero sabi ko sa sarili ko ok lang, tropa kami nung first love nya e.

at tsaka mukhang masaya naman sya. haha..

pero syempre mas gusto kong ako yung kasama nya di ba? hahaha...
then the strangest thing happened, this friend of mine decided to give up his seat so that i could be the one who goes with that person for the ride.

napatanong ako kung bakit nya gagawin yun. sabi nya nakita nya raw yung pamaypay ko run sa upuan. tinignan ko yung ride, andun nga yung pamaypay kong pink. hahaha..

ayun, sabay kaming umupo. we buckled up, tapos nagstart yung ride. the ride was so fast that we were like falling, sabay kapit naman sya sa akin. haha tuwa naman ako...

then my mouth opened...

"antagal kong hinintay ang pagkakataong ito.."

then she looked at me, and she said..

"ako rin..", then she held me closer. ako naman si opportunista, todo yakap na rin sa kanya.

tapos hinalikan nya pisngi ko..

tapos nagising na ako...

(haha, walang mapagkwentuhan nung panaginip o. ayokong malimutan yung panaginip e. so i'm saving it here. ^_^ )

Thursday, August 02, 2007

anlabo ko talaga.

the idea for this blog come to me when i was strolling down the mall with my bestfriend. after reading the WWE:UNscripted book (a book which suddenly, i am dying to buy), a certain type of inspiration began to dawn upon me. somehow, it is compelling me to write something, something that inspired. something that would uplift someone who is down, agitated, or maybe worn-out with their day-to-day routine.

i wanted to write something that could be a source of comfort, or maybe even inspiration. maybe this would be it.

a few days ago, as i was thinking of what to blog next, i began toying with the idea of finding the philosophical, or maybe inspirational, substructures of my everyday routine. or even my everyday life.

today, i watched a certain movie about a french cooking rat, from which came this strong line:
"you can't change nature son..

change. a lot of us fear it. some of us welcome it with open arms. i think the way we perceive change really depends on what it gives us. for example, an unwelcome change would really be worse received than say, a new and interesting hobby, which is a welcome change from the drag of monotonous living.

of course, like everyone else, we want to develop our lives to the fullest and enjoy living them, thus we pray for better changes. but sometimes, or even most of the time, change brings to us a new adversity to overcome. a change of address, displacement from your former habitat, a new character entering the scene, all of these for me account that type of change.

i can't really summarize my life right now. so much is going on. some things go bad, others become good all of a sudden. sometimes i unconsciously aggravate the situation. most of the time though, i come to the conclusion that i don't really know what to do and what i am doing at the present.

there would be days where i pray to the Lord to give me a clean slate. you know, there would come a point in your life when you'd probably say to yourself, "nah, i don't have any problem as of the moment", and then you'd realize that you should be enjoying that point in your life because you don't really know what's going to happen next.

the sad truth about it was, by the time you've realized that you didn't actually relish that point in your lifetime, you've actually been cornered by all the demons of your past.

too late. sorry.

that's how my life has been. its not exciting, but not exactly dull.

this isn't the inspirational crap i was supposed to write, but then again, i don't really have a standard to follow when it comes to all things "motivational'.

it this just a random burst of thoughts caused by venting out the supposed "anger" down another avenue? maybe so. i AM in the mood to write right now. maybe i'm just too happy.

i just wanted to write something that would put a smile into anyone who reads this.

lemme see, i don't like writing long, dragging stuff. i too read blogs, and blogposts which are really long annoy me. c'mon, you're not writing a novel are you? (not referring to anyone. *ehem*)

"do you have a person who you want to be beside with when the world ends?"

i love this question. lucky for me i do have a person in mind. i think having someone who you treat to that regard is kind of like setting a long-term goal. and long-term goals need a lot of work and time to be achieved. its like earning your first million. its like graduating from your dream course. its like buying your first car, or maybe having your first child.

there's nothing more rewarding than planning ahead and watching your plans come to life the way you imagined it to be. take it from me. i've gone that far into my life.

there came a time where i really couldn't wish for anything more. i had that person. then everything else followed. everyday i wake up, i thanked the Lord that i had that person. Otherwise, i wouldn't enjoy my life as it is.

i would not love anyone else the way i had loved her.

there, i said it. its the clincher. the answer to a question that sometimes i find myself asking. would i find someone better than her? maybe. but then that isn't her. it's definitely not the same. i get annoyed with people looking for others expecting them to give the kind of experience they have had before. that's pushing it too much. every person is unique. and i believe each and every one of us has that person.

the only difference would be the rate in which we accept the fact that he/she is that person.

then comes the hard part, getting him/her to believe... to believe that he/she is that person.
is this a blog of true love? maybe so. or maybe this is just one of the musings of someone who has really nothing much to do and is getting bored to death.

my left index finger hurts. anyway,

its the believing part that's hard to do. that's where most of the hard work goes.

there was a time when my person believed in what i was saying. but then again, maybe she came to her senses. maybe she'd seen enough. maybe i was just one of the jerks who schemed in breaking her fragile heart.

i dunno. really. i've paused looking for answers, relying on the assumption that the answers would come to me one day. or maybe, one day we could be back together again.

it's really confusing, when you don't want to let go of someone who you truly loved, although that someone sees you as nothing more. nothing more than, nah, you already know what i'm talking about.

what's on my mind today:
50% school, 50% random whatnots.

i should finish it here, coz i don't really know what i've been talking about.