Saturday, December 27, 2008

it's two for one tonight

in one day, almost all of my problems got solved.

first off, i got my brand-spankin new CPU! complete with all the specs i wanted. now the only thing i lack is the time to download and play all of the games that i have been fantasizing for quite a while now. we also got a new lcd monitor, so now i can watch movies with booming sound and HDTV quality. haha! :P

then, i got myself a globe sim for free, care of the promo from SM dept. store. funny thing is, my girlfriend's number and my new one both start with 0915 and have three 7s in them. sooo cute!

i still need to fix the hard drive issues and figure out how to manage our new wireless router. haha! till next time!

and oh, i hope you have a blessed Happy New Year! :D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

its the most wonderful time of the year

it was supposed to be a very Merry Christmas for me. but as of December 21, events that really sucked kind of ticked me way off and thus the enjoyment that Christmas was supposed to bring wasn't really that felt anymore.

let me count the reasons:
reason number 1:
today marks the 3rd day that the Globe service number 2870 has not responded to the zillions of texts appropriately typed "Unlitxt80" to my phone. at first i thought it was just a network problem, but it seems everyone around me except for myself has now been registered to the unlimited texting service offered by globe.

this led me to the conclusion that my sim is the culprit and the only ways to deal with it would be either to break it in f*cking half and buy a new one. so for now i am forced to utilize the sulitxt promo and just let my remaining load balance dry up before i change numbers again.

reason number 2:
CPU situation. as of now i do not honestly think that my parents would be giving me funds to buy a new computer. with that fact, any idea to buy new shoes and shirts after Christmas would be thrown out of the window. they have suggested that i try to save up for the new PC, and that is really what i intend to do. and if i succeed, NO ONE but me gets to touch the PC. i don't really care about them anymore, so long as i can build my own PC and use it. i don't really want to get stuck unto a laptop that crashes when you open more than 2 tabs in Firefox.

reason number 3:
bad dreams. well, for 3 days every time i slept, i would always dream of bad things or bad/embarrassing situations. thankfully, that episode is over and i can go on with my life now.

as bad as it may seem, i still have found things which have made life better for me in this period of time.
1. it's vacation time! no school sh*t to worry about. not until after new year.
2. basketball. i may have gotten better in playing. the shots have not been dropping yet, but it seems that my defense has improved, and i somehow added about 1 or 2 inches in my vertical leap. this may be a product of the leg stretching that i do every morning or maybe i just got a little lighter. i am now in the process of getting some post moves so i can become a better all-around player.
3. SIMBANG GABI complete! for the 2nd year i have managed to wake up at 3am to attend morning masses for 9 days. i wish for more blessings to come for next year, just as good as this year has come for me, or maybe ever better. :)

though life sucks right now, i'll never lose hope for things to get better. maybe i should remember what that priest was saying during simbang gabi. a little patience could go a long way. i don't really think there is really a feasible solution to end the little problems i have been encountering this holiday season, but i believe that a little more patience in my part can go a long way.


Monday, December 01, 2008


i'm tired right now. but somehow, i feel alive.

that's how it is whenever i step-off the court after a few pick-up games. for many reasons, whenever i don't play the game i become really sluggish and well, sometimes incomplete. playing ball invigorates me, jumpstarts my body and my mind. i can't really live somewhere that does not have a court. believe me, i would go crazy if that happened.

i noticed that i talk a lot of things in my personal space, but i have not discussed a lot about how the game has affected me. the game hasn't been always good to me. since i was little when my cousins who came from the province taught me how to dribble, shoot and pass, all i ever wanted was to become good at it. basketball the game taught me how to be competitive. but being small and skinny back then, i was not really the one that i pictured myself playing the game. in short, i sucked. haha!

but luckily, i had a set of basketball crazy friends and classmates who picked me up, so there. i got a little better every year, and i now made it a point to add something to my game, no matter how little it is, from defending better to reading opponent sets and setting better screens, i work hard to make my game more complete. it also helped that competition was good, so i was able to measure myself against them. though it is still hard for me to see the kinks in my game so i rely a lot on the inputs i get from friends. so far my shot is already falling, so i don't really have to hear my teammates whining whenever i pull-up. haha! it's more of being aggressive in attacking the basket, getting rebounds and defending the opponent so that they do not get the easy shot.

so there ends my small, disconcerted, patchy effort to talk about the game. i wrote a scouting report about myself some years ago, i can't find it but i should say i have come far from being that player who could only go to his left and has a shaky shot. :D