Thursday, May 28, 2009


sex videos are the rage of news networks right now. by networks, i mean ABS-CBN and GMA. by news, i mean the shit they broadcast between 6 to 8 PM every weekday.

for a show aptly named 24 Oras, all they actually did today was stand by the Senate halls listening to the Senate's hearing on the maligned doctor's sex videos. TV Patrol was committing the same sin as well. about 70% of air time was devoted to Hayden Kho and his family. somebody needs to see the tv ratings they have produced right now and give them a reality show. something like, Keeeping Up with the Kho, or any other shitty title.

as it stands right now, Hayden Kho has flipped the switch from upstart, cosmopolitan, hunkish doctor into a deranged, drug abusing, psychologically impaired shell of a man in a span of one week. to me, this psychologically impaired part was manufactured by his lawyers.

maybe, the psychologically impaired part of Hayden was that he failed to get his hands on a HIGH-DEFINITION camera instead of a low-res one that shoots in MP4 and 3GP format! really now, this makes the video size really small, and makes it really, really tempting to be uploaded.

anyway, what i hate about this whole scenario is the fact that the storyline has changed directions too many times. it started with Katrina Halili going to the Senate to ask for help because her rights were violated due to the uploading of the explicit videos. that was then, today, everyone is training their eyes on Hayden Kho's apparent durg addiction, coupled with the fact that he still hasn't mentioned the supplier of his drugs (whom he allegedly says is a VERY, VERY big name). so today, the whole thing has evolved into a new monster altogether. and the networks are really happy because the story lives to see another day, with all the implications still intact and bursting at the seams.

the ABS-CBN comedy show Banana Split, spoofs the late night entertainment gossip show by Kris and Boy, entitled S.N.N. or Showbiz News Ngayon. they retitled it, N.N.N.N., which stood for eNtertainment News, Na Naman. which is probably what every sane person is thinking right now when they watch the news.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

things that i should be anxious about

so i finally enrolled myself (c/o Mom) to medical school. for the past few days my mind has been wandering around imagining things that are bound to happen once i start med school. but i wouldn't really bother entertaining such thoughts right now.

fortunately for me, i have around 1 1/2 weeks left in my vacation. that's before the real work starts. i'd want to enjoy this summer to the fullest, so that i can start fresh and amped up for school.

i'm really stoked about watching the new Eureka Seven movie. i really loved the anime series, and for them to come out with a movie after four years is great. never mind that some of the old animations would be used, i just loved everything the series had. the action, romance, the sounds of the series, everything was just gravy for me. so i really have to watch this one, because i know that it would not disappoint.

to somehow get over my Eureka Seven fix, i've watched dvds and downloaded pictures of Renton, Eureka and the gang. really, i love those guys.

so much is going to happen within the next months or so. a lot of it however, hangs on me. for the first time in my life, i study to help my parents. i can now feel the urgency of the situation. i do hope i can get a scholarship that would allow my sisters to get into top-notch schools in order for them to have the best education possible. my parents have done their part. now would be the best time to do mine.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

after almost a month

i feel kinda weird right now. all of a sudden, after saturating my eyes from watching tv shows all day in front of the pc which literally busted my butt to having to play SF with the homeboys til 3am, words started to fall in line here inside my mind..

for the past week since we've been eliminated from our little summer league, i found myself trying to enjoy what's left with my summer. so far, it has been great although i wasn't really given the freedom to go out whenever i liked because i did not have any money (literally pockets and piggy banks EMPTY).

fortunately, people around me have been finding ways to enjoy the summer heat (and rains!) without stretching the wallet much. many times i found myself either in debt or piggy-backing my friends who had the patience to lend me money. i swore that i'm going to get their money back (i WILL pay them off, EVENTUALLY. haha.)

but so far, summer has been good. a lot of good times, high times and first times. a lot of songs blaring through the speakers as i ran through the first summer after i graduated, telling stories of fun and adventure, of heartache and heartbreak, of the good times and the bad.

did i get better this summer? kind of. basketball wise, yeah there has been a little improvement. we finally got ourselves a team we can call our own. we call the shots, we play off each other's strengths, we make plays and we practice hard. i love it. hopefully next summer we can put ourselves back in a position where we can win, and we will do our best to achieve our goals.

as a person? again, somehow i've noticed an improvement. i did a lot of introspection when i was crawling past my last semester for my bachelor's degree, trying to analyze the positives that came with the negative experiences such as failed expectations, failed projects, exams, etc. but generally, it centralizes itself upon failure, and how i should handle it. this summer taught me a lot. although we lost, but we had fun. yeah it sucked, having to be at the tail-end of jokes from the people but that pretty much was it. no one really degraded us or anything, and we even got respect from others. overall, i learned that you should take failure with a smile, that i should give everything on the things or activities i involve myself on. i should work hard, but most of all, i should enjoy..

when i was finishing my degree, i didn't really enjoy some of the subjects i took, and not coincidentally i had subpar grades coming from these boring subjects. this reinforces my theory that whenever i enjoyed a subject, i usually got high grades from it..

now, the challenge from me is how to find fun and life within things or activities that strike me as boring. that would be... well, fun. i guess. haha.

this particular summer has been a ball. aside from the lack of money, i don't find anything to gripe about with this year's season of the sun. i hope you are enjoying your summer so far. make sure you get the most out of what is left of it.

something to think about as i put the finishes to this entry:
when you fail, do not forget what the experience taught you. sometimes the beauty is in the attempt, in the "try" section, in the journey. no one found beauty in giving up.