Saturday, July 28, 2007


very awesome birthday!!!

- libreng pancit canton c/o Ate Susan ng GAB canteen
- regalong condom mula kina Karl at Enrique at Mark
- regalong tshirt mula sa bespren ko, at isang nakakaantig na sulat!
- masayang tambay sa KFC kasama ang siomai kidz at arianne pusit!
- punta ng greenhills by bus
- libot sa virra mall
- maligaw at mag-enjoy sa fully booked
- magwaldas ng pera (money well spent)
- maghanap ng tshirt ^____^
- kumain ng yellowcab (wooohoo!)
- bumili ng Starscream ng Transformers! (katuparan ng pangarap!)
- makatanggap ng maraming bati mula sa maraming tao!
- magsaya
- mag-enjoy
- magpasalamat sa Diyos
- namnamin ang biyaya

wala man lang akong nakuhang pera mula kina mama. takteng yan. ayus lang. buti may ipon ako. wahehehe!!!!


and to all the people who have greeted me in their special ways, thanks so much and i love you all!!!!


*balik na ulit sa paglalaro ng Transformers nya*


post number 71!!!!!



Wednesday, July 25, 2007

blog meme 2: 7 strange and random things about me!

once again i am tagged by my homeboy chrish (wassup pare!) and now i begin my:

7 weird and strange things about me! (drum roll please)

1. when i was young, i loved to play a lot around our outdoor clothes hanger. ginagawa kong monkey bars and stuff. plus i made a lot of mannerisms with my hands (chronically jerking out and stuff like that)

2. because i made a lot of mannerisms out with my hands and i talked to myself a lot, my mother thought i was autistic.

3. i am allergic to tobacco and alcohol. which makes me a perfect excuse not to drink and smoke.

4. i absolutely cannot sleep without my favorite hotdog-shaped pillow.

5. i do not get aroused by porn anymore. siguro namanhid na ako sa sobrang panonood. :)

6. i am a naturally crazy capitalist. sa tagalog, kuripot!

7. i hate overly hyped and overly mainstream stuff. (may it be music or clothing)

and thus ends my blog meme. now i am tagging chowee (bespren! kaya mo to!) and jana. :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

miss ko na sya



Sunday, July 22, 2007


i had an enjoyable weekend. :)

the wind blew us off to alabang, kung saan kami iniwan ni justine (iniwan daw namin sya.. teka, panu namin maiiwan ang taong mabilis maglakad na nasa harapan namin?? haha!)

it took about an hour before we knew where we are. haha although that was an exaggeration, because we didn't get lost (thankfully), but it took an hour before mark reached us. we were already desperate. no food. no money. everyone else around us enjoying their food (sa loob kami ng jollibee naghintay), everyone NOT hungry. haha.

but of course, we were redeemed as our gracious host (mark's mom) fed us till we were fat. yeah there was lots of food going around and lying around. delicious food indeed. sabi nga ni karl, masarap daw spaghetti kina mark. ayun, soundtrip, gawa ng presentation, brainstorming, laro, nood ng matrix revolutions, tignan at mamangha sa mga retro pix ni mark, lokohan, tawanan, at kung anu-ano pa.

by 6:30pm we hied off mark's house to move to our house for the overnight (ayaw sumama ni mark malandi kasi. haha!)

loko rin yung jeepney driver na nasakyan namin pauwi, 7 na lang daw imbes na 10 yung bayad kasi pauwi na sya. ayus tipid pa.

pagkauwi ng bahay at 8pm, ligo agad kami sa sobrang init, tapos nood ng the simpsons hanggang 10 tapos gumawa na ulit kami.

sunday: (sunday na kasi 12am na to e)
after hours of bickering, we managed to finish around 65% of what has to be done. :)

sa kabagutan, sinubukan naming mag install ng dota. ayun nadiscover namin na yung cd na pinahiram ni mark ay may bonus 3rd disc:

barely legal #16

ayus. tawa kami ng tawa.

ayoko na, tinatamad na ako magkwento. basta enjoy yung unang beses na maghost ako ng overnight session sa bahay. andami daming pagkain. haha apaw yung coke (bakit kaya?) at busog kami palagi.

one of the rare days that i didn't find myself hungry. we had a good time. haha!!

dota na to ulit. hahahaha!!!!

ayus karl! ayus riki! sa uulitin!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


its all going round and round right now.
suddenly it becomes cyclical. but then again, that would be alright. since repetition ultimately leads to the "getting used to it" feeling. it would be ok with just that. magandang balita nga siguro yun.

my bestfriend is happy. again, that comes first.

i'm loving the days right now. i've met and have become close with the other people who exist around me. its become fun reaching out to people who like to help. its a great feeling, really.

the dependency stops here. i've mixed it up, and frankly, i think i'm doing well at this.

gone will be the monotonous whining and musings of someone who is seen as overdependent to a single person. it's gonna be replaced by a feeling of relief, of support, of enjoying company of other people no matter how far they are.

this day was really tiring. just had this killer exam which had me almost brain dead. almost had an X mark put beside my name because we were the second to the last ones to answer a question correctly.

i love it when the pressure mounts. when everybody expects me to fall flat on my face. that's where i excel. i love proving people wrong.

when the odds are stacked against me, i bring out my "A" game. i love seeing the disappointment on people's faces when they see me triumph.

take that you bastards! haha!!!

again, thanks to all the people who made me happy right now. i love you all!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the faltering shadow of regret

note to self: never try to look at things which may induce indolence. (speaking of which, we have an exam about indolence tomorrow.)

- pictures
- comments
- wallpapers
- drawings
- gifts
- progress

yeah anything which can be really, really annoying and can make me really, really lazy.

it is very bad to think a lot. right now it also is very troublesome to think ahead. a really big problem for me.

nakakainis. haha. wala na tayong magagawa, ensconced na yung tao e. it would just be a matter of time. and it was all my fault. oh well, at least the little person is happy. ayus na yun.

yeah i missed bonding with my bestfriend. ok na yun. mabuti na yung lam nyang may pakialam ako.

so much for a great day. but a good day nevertheless.

happy beshie day to me.. and to my bestfriend.

best wishes na rin. haha..

Monday, July 16, 2007

my blog meme!

I have been tagged by my homeboy adrian. (haha) Blog meme raw ang title. Nice.

1. Food you hate--> lemme see, ayoko ng dinuguan. kasi dugo yun. haha! i also don't like the innards of chicken and pork. sa streetfood ayoko ng betamax at isaw (yung isaw kasi naexpose sa isang show dati, kadiri talaga). basically yun lang. anything else kinakain ko. hahaha!!!

2. Fruits that you hate--> durian. the one and only durian. ambaho kasi!

3.Veggies that you hate--> talong. kadiri ang talong. tsaka okra. come on, sino ang nakain ng tinaguriang "gummy veggie"? kahit anong sabihin ng "makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulay" hinding-hindi pa rin ako kakain ng talong at okra!!!

4. Celebrities or People you hate--> for me it's wrong to unjustly hate people. but one of the worst traits that people are prone to having is that they can be very inconsistent with what they say. they make you believe in this and that but in ultimately in the end they resort to the opposite. i really hate that when it happens. as for celebrities, i pretty much hate them all. they're like, you know, publicity whores and stuff, masyadong papansin na kasi minsan e. gagawa ng kahit ano para lang matsismis.

5. Events/incidents/situations you hate--> hmmm, awkward moments would be one. then there's when people discover something that i hid a long time ago. other than that, hmmm, traffic would be one. then power shortages would be another. then there's failure. really, i curse when i fail. plus it makes me look bad. haha!

6. TV shows or movies that you hate--> I HATE KOREANOVELAS. PERIOD. oh, and of course any other show imported from the ASEAN region + Taiwan and China.

7. Type of Music that you hate--> bands with either singers that suck, too overrated, victimized by the mass media, and are popular. oh, plus the ones that the posers love. (which in a short list off my head may include the likes of callalily, 6CM, bamboo and the like. although i love bamboo.)

8. Household chores that you hate --> hmmm, nah i don't have a specific chore i loathe upon. maybe it would be feeding the birds of my mother. (why do i have the responsibility to do this? i wasn't the one who brought the f*%)ng bird.

9. Things you hate about the world--> capitalism. imperialism. neo-colonialism. end of story.

10. Things that you hate about yourself--> me being impulsive. yeah that would be it. i've gone and hurt a lot of people using that. then there's my lack of self-esteem.

"if were to be reborn again, i'd like to be one with a little more self-esteem, so i could tell the person i had loved everything.." - Anemone

next up: Vinch, Joanne and Kate!!

12 days before

it would be 12 days before my birthday.
tomorrow marks the 22nd month that i have a bestfriend
it has been three months since her birthday (and i hope she remembers mine)

suddenly i have had the urge to blog everyday. maybe it's what keeps me sane through the days.
speaking of days, here's my favorite part of the song Days:

The promise that we made on that day has broken and scattered
Pieces of passionate and short lived memories
Even if i wake up from the dream that we've both had
I won't forget these feelings, ever
The days of my memories shine down on this moment

haha very japanese indeed, but it still hits me really hard. since the song actually reminds me a lot of the thoughts i have when i think of her.

BTW, Days is the first opening song of Eureka Seven. (again, a must watch if you love anime)

So there, maybe i'll have another blog before the day ends. i am hoping that this day would be eventful. :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

what? i can smile already? nice!

so today i have started to blog about my day, which was good.

wasn't able to use the pc due to other people who also have other needs to be meet by the trusty pc.

*oh don't worry my pc, i am going to get new a cool 80gb hard drive with a cool 1gb of ddr ram*

so as i am typing this, i have no music other than the screeching rat lurking behind me. i am annoyed by rats. death to all rats. they are dirty, little, promiscuous vermin ready to chew on anything. really, really troublesome bastards.

i am not in the mood of ranting right now. well, apparently there is nothing to rant on, and plus, i bought a lot of stuff today.

*nah, di ako maniniwalang yun lang ang pa-birthday sa akin*

maswerte pala talaga pag malapit na ang bday mo, tapos sale sa mall. dami ko tuloy nabili. wahahaha!!!

now i know the sense of shopping. pero yung shopping ko dapat talaga binibili. hahaha!!!

i actually bought a whole new outfit from top to bottom. which was nice.
really had a great day today. my cell was ringing always. had a lot of people to talk to. really, a reverse of what monday was like.

thank the Lord... salamat po!!!!

i'm not using the georgia font since it ruins my blog style. maybe i'm gonna revert it to arial after i publish this.

again, a boatload of thanks to moogie, bea, maple, mark, riki, karl, and even jerelle.
nice batch of people you know. really nice. :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

it won't be soon before long

for a change i am using the georgia font of blogger.

in a conversation i had with my friends, i had learned that the georgia font is small, like, really small. so if you hate writing, well, don't even go near it. let's see how this test run works.

i've relegated myself to using the arial font, which is rather basic and then a little big than TNR. but that's alright.

i love my skin. haha dual mode skin for me. i can adjust it to a naruto style or a eureka seven style. nice.

again, if you love anime, watch eureka seven. you'd thank me later.

what went down today:
- spent a lot of time in the computer
- went to Greenbelt, got a taste of the Ice Brownie Fudge of Seattle's Best, and got converted to Seattle's Best. Yes, Seattle's Best. I boycott Starbs.
- got some cash from my ninang because my birthday is coming up
- thought of things to do on my birthday (article number one: watch the simpsons movie)
- hope that somehow i will enjoy my birthday
- hope that i have a lot of money
- tried to remember the tone of the "uwian na" theme song from my elementary days
- oh, time first and time out literally meant the same when i was young (ack! does that mean i am old?)
- second thing to do on my birthday: buy the new Yellowcard cd
- started to download the complete soundtrack of Eureka Seven which hypnotizes me until now
- hopefully cousin anna drops by our lolo's house so i can pick up my brand new nike shirt. (oh yes! after almost a year! i actually bought a new one! why are these expensive?! screw the capitalists!)
- realized that Shonen Heart (E7 2nd opening song) actually reminds me of swimming and beaches
- tried once again to patch things up with a certain someone
- not yet sleepy
- printed my classmate's paper
- wrote mine in less than an hour
- had a good talk with my bestfriend
- was happy that my bestfriend went home safe after what transpired
- noticed that i have had a blog for almost every day this week (this is what happens when i am sad)
- thinking of setting up a Playstation 2 fund (or even a PS3 fund for that matter)
- choices choices choices: Metal Gear Solid 4 or Valkyrie Profile 2?
- Bourne Ultimatum will be shown in August!!!!! oh the joy!!!!!
- noticed that my beloved phone's keypad is really, really scratched up (which up to now i do not have any idea why. i don't even have long fingernails)
- thinking of replacing said keypad
- and other things i have forgotten already (so much for memory enhancers)

my birthday would be exactly two weeks from now. 14 days. a lot could happen. yeah, i'd love that. i'm gonna try to make things happen. let's see.

tapos na ang birthday ng anak ko. haha..

i hafta sleep right now. ako maghahatid sa aking kapatid mamayang 6:30am. nice.

Friday, July 13, 2007

say goodbye and fall in love...

argh the anime series that has been my life support these past days had its encore run come to an end a few minutes ago.

poor me.

eureka seven was so good i had to watch it TWICE. damn...

a mesmerizing soundtrack, an unforgettable cast, a wacky story and lots and lots of action make up the series.

not bad really, when the series won various "Anime Show of the Year" and "Best Anime Series on DVD" for two years in a row.

yes, i will uphold it with dignity, Eureka Seven is the definitive Bones Animation masterpiece. they made the series from the ground up, starting from conceptualization, up to the manga series, then the tv series.

i never had this feeling of loss since Naruto went unto the dreaded "filler" year of theirs. it was a great loss really.

watching eureka seven was like watching a mash up of Romeo and Juliet and Transformers. With all the action going on, you'd still get the fantastic love story involved.

Yeah i say its fantastic because i could relate damn well to the show's main protagonist, Renton Thurston (although we are not of the same age).

Yup, i do have my own Eureka, and i wouldn't let her go bye-bye on me won't i? haha..

such a fantastic and engrossing series. haha and for 50 episodes, it doesn't eat up a lot of your time.

i do hope that the rumors are true about Bones Animation making the Eureka Seven movie for 2008. that would be bliss.

too bad for me, i don't have anything to watch anymore. nothing more to be thrilled with. nothing more to help me through the rainy days.

up next for me: maybe bleach (although i promised myself that i wouldn't watch it) or samurai champloo.

Full Metal Alchemist and Eureka Seven. Both from Bones Animation. Both are a must watch.

another ordinary morning

Yesterday I made a pathetic attempt to change my blog skin. but alas i am not that good in html (which confuses the hell out of me) and i reverted back to my original skin. my bestfriend was the one who set up my blog (kudos to her and her computer skills) and right now she is unavailable. poor me.

had a very bad dream last night. i'm not into telling it, its just that. a very bad dream.

i am thankful right now because i have a lot of things going on in my life today. suddenly i am brought back to the action by my "anak". dangkulit kasi e. haha pero ok lang.

happy birthday anak!

ahhh its friday the 13th today. already i am in bad luck since, i had my first brace adjustment yesterday. bad luck because, me and my mom are going with my tita to eat dinner in makati. damn!!! i won't be able to eat again!!! pakshet!!!! this marks the second time i wasn't able to eat. poor me.

our attending dentist was really good looking. haha kaya ok lang sa akin magpadentista kahit araw-araw. wahahaha!!!! pag sya yung natingin sa akin, feeling ko di ako mamamatay. hahahaha!!!!

i only eat two things right now when i am at school.
- mcspaghetti
- mcdonald's hot fudge ice cream

ahh this is the life. and i am losing weight right now. which is good. finally!!!!! hahaha!!! i am in the process of getting rid of my belly. haha!!

what do i do today? hmmm maybe talk to some people and play. and that's it.

i've already changed my blog title. so yes a change in blogskin is inevitable. :)

oh, i'm taking that back... i've just edited a couple of things in my skin. haha.. i am soo content with my current skin right now. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007


ahh this is a very normal day. i slept around 3am and woke up at 6:30am! nooooooo!!!

but of course i dragged my behind towards my sister's room and there i slept for another one and a half hour. that was good enough for me.

no school for me today. really nice. although its already past 3pm and the only thing i did besides waking up was play and eat. oh, and the eating didn't even last that long.

i ate a really, really good lunch today. on the menu was beef with onions and my favorite marble patatas. oh yes. the best damn finger food since the french fries. marble potatoes are those cute, little potatoes that you can pick with your fingers. yeah, i love them. lalo na pag gisado sa mantikilya at olive oil. mmmmmmmm... masarap yun!!!

so far, i am happy today. nothing has happened to piss me off today. or i wish there wasn't. the day's still at large and anything could happen.

i wish to thank all of the people last night. yeah, the ones who were with me in spirit. its not what you think.. they're not dead, but still they reached out, whether thru text or through chat and other means, which was good. and i wasn't so lonely anymore. it really means a lot to me you people. and i want you to know that everything you have done since last night has been truly appreciated. and i am grateful.

thank you anak. thank you moogie. thank you na rin kay alpha. haha pwede na akong magsaya ulit dahil sa inyo. maraming salamat talaga. :)

and i wish i have a happy birthday this year. oh, ok, that's not it. just a pleasant and enjoyable one would be nice. a day spent with all the people i love. that's probably it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


tonight, going home, i ran for my life....

yeah, i ran, ran as fast as i could. as fast as my two legs would allow me to. run away. run fast. tried to escape reality. miserably failed.

anyway, before that, i wanted to talk about my day.

it was a good day actually. and it all started way back in the morning, in the bus as i was on my way to school. it is because of this event that i decided to blog right now.

there was this middle aged man and this girl who probably looked like someone who studies in college. they sat beside each other on the 2-seater side of the bus. By no means were they related. They looked like people who, early in the morning, were thinking about what would happen to their own days today. They had their own lives to worry about.

The bus rambled on to Taft. There, as the bus halted in front of the stop light, the lady stood up to get off the bus. Then she unknowingly dropped her handkerchief.

Enter the middle-aged man. First he tried calling the lady's attention, but alas he failed. He then left the handkerchief on his left side where the lady once sat beside him. Then suddenly, he stood up, got off the bus and chased down the lady who was already on the other side of the street, and gave her the lost hanky.

It was like watching a scene ripped off a movie. I was like, "man, unbelieveable. if only other men were like that." And the street where the bus stopped was at Nakpil, near PWU. I believe the man paid fare for the Plaza Lawton station. Could you believe that? Unreal.

I would like to meet that man again. I'd introduce myself, shake his hand and say, "Nice move pare! Answabe mo!". Haha really, you don't get to see people like that often.

it was a great start to a day. too bad it sucked in the ending. pathetic little people. oh well...

let me borrow words from an old friend of mine. I'm trying to run away from the goons stalking me right now. Well that's the only option i have right now, since all of the places i have thought of hiding are already exhausted. hay, buhay nga naman.

di bale, masaya naman sya e. haha bullshit. conceited little people. oh well, minsan lang daw ako malungkot, lubusin ko na. at tae talagang itatapat pa sa birthday ko. hahahaha!!!

i had a great day, then i ran away at the end. :(

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


67%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Online Dating

nah. not that addicted to blogging. just wanted to write something.


maybe i'm lucky. no one ever goes to my blog now i have my own multiply site. great.

so this online space i have right now suddenly becomes a private one. haha. exactly what i need right now. especially with all the shit going on in my life.

we have no classes today. goodie. means i don't have to see certain people. haha. i hate seeing people happy at my expense. that's crap. it annoys me very much. oh well, so much for being in hatred with annoyances.

currently pouring myself out on Coldplay, Jack's Mannequin, Aqualung and Ben Folds Five. Its nice getting lost amidst the melodies of the piano and the various guitar distortions. Its a brief escape from my bullish life right now. Yeah i need a lot of escapisms especially now. Now that i'm alone. And now that somebody else is happy to my detriment.

A few days ago I read Kuya Darcy's paper (he studies Lit in DLSU) about poetry. He talks about us humans being gods in some respect because of the feelings we can interject through playing with the words within poetry. Songs are basically the same since they are also poems, but with sounds. The best ones know how to toy with what we feel and then amplify it through beautiful instrumentation. Yeah i agree with Kuya Darcy, we are Gods.

Everyday gets harder. I drag myself out of the bed. I stare at my phone and its time screensaver. No one bothers to communicate with me. That's fine. Maybe the one that even tries to communicate was the last one i would talk to. Could someone other than her text me? haha maybe not.

i recently had all of these really cranky thoughts running through my head. oh they were nothing much, but i guess they were bad so that i wouldn't have to do it. i hate doing bad things.

thoroughly enjoying valkyrie profile right now. maybe i ought to buy the ps2 and play the 2nd game (valkyrie profile 2: silmeria), which was hailed the "most beautiful" game for the ps2. yeah, i'm gonna buy myself a ps2. hahaha. so i can forget about all the bullshit i have and immerse myself on other things.

maybe i should join an org in school. so i can meet other people. yeah, that would be good.

my birthday's comin up. hopefully if i can just get a greeting from a certain someone and my family, then it would be nice. i won't expect anything after that. i'll just get my birthday money and move on with my life.

although that birthday would mark the 2nd time i was truly sad.

i'd like to see rain pouring down a big glass window. kind of makes a miniature waterfall. that's a good thing to watch right now. with my current condition i can watch it the whole day.

i should thank people right now. i am sad. and now my ability to write has come out again. cool!

Monday, July 09, 2007

one hundred percent karma

naturally, i am a strong believer of karma. you know, the good and the bad ones.

i think i can credit all of my superstitious beliefs to the upbringing of my mom. yeah i believe in a lot of weird things (your feng-shui or what not) and yes, they do have a great effect in my life.

so, right now, i have all my bad karma being skewed up my ass. poor me. this is what i get for choosing. this is what i get for sowing seeds which i know will come and stab me someday. too bad someday came pretty fast.

this is much worse than it was in my 4th year high school.

i am running out of places to hide.

anyway, i'm not going to make this long. i'm just, not in the mood right now to be happy. maybe one of these days i'm gonna find someone who can put up with the bullshit i have right now.

and i am praying that whoever that will be, come down here pretty please? i am genuinely running out of time, of things to do, of people i can talk to, generally, i am all alone right now.

yeah i hate crowded people and stuff like that, but that doesn't mean i'm a loner. somehow i can find myself content with one person. too bad i have NONE right now. *sob*

can someone please approach me and say something nice to me?

maybe this is what happens if you don't have many friends.
hey, maybe i have friends, but nah, i'm not gonna fall on my knees and beg someone to talk to me. not like that. i did that yesterday and i felt all pathetic and shit.

everything comes with a price. and some people don't accept that. good for them.

to them, everything can be had if they wanted to, selfish little people. why don't they stop for a minute and take a look around them. i hope they can see the people they have hurt whether they liked to or not.

its been a while since i've written crap like this. yeah, its been a while since i had that putrid, disgusting feeling within me. all this crap makes me puke. but hey, i'm not a puker you know.

i hope i can conquer this bullshit with a proper mindset. you know, just convince yourself that everything is gonna pass. but nah, i can't subscribe to that. i've been through too much bullshit to know what it feels like to wait for nothing.

the weather now is cold and stormy. nice. it fits my life situation well.

i can't wait for it to rain when i go home from school. not the hard rain, just the one loud enough to be noticed but not violent enough to get me wet. when that happens i'm gonna pull out my umbrella and start walking. after that i'll just pray hard that something may fall down from the sky and hit me in the head so i can think straight.

let me say this. its bullshit to say that you love someone when you really know that you love somebody else.

"once upon a time, i had a bestfriend. we weren't your normal bestfriends mind you. then my bestfriend found herself a prince...

and they lived happily ever after. the end."

my name is rc fajardo. and my life is bullshit right now.