Sunday, September 21, 2008

chris paul love


yup. because my mom didn't manage to take home a pair of shoes from hong kong.
and yes, she promised to buy me a new pair after they arrived. so, i already had an inkling that today (Sunday) would be that day when i can finally have a new pair of shoes.

and boy, did i buy shoes.

well, for starters, my old pair of playing shoes have already worn themselves out. after 4 yrs of continuous running, jumping, diving and turning, after all the punishment i gave them every time i step on the court, a retirement is something that is worthy of the services they have given to me.

just so you know: since the last time i brought a pair of kicks, i promised myself only to have a single pair of playing shoes. so far i've been faithful to that. :D

so, here i am raving about my new shoes. well, they're Jordans. haha! finally, i now have a pair of Jordans adorning my feet!!!! though really not an Air Jordan shoe, (i was gunning for the XXIII) these are the best looking shoes i've bought. Chris Paul's signature ones. really, really nice kicks. haha! how i wish i'm as good as he is. 

i also got myself a new green nike shirt. thank you very much mom!!!! :D

i almost forgot, today marks one year since fall out boy had their concert in Araneta. loved that day. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

wow. i wrote this.

What do we really want? Some of us dedicate most of their lives trying to live up to what society views them to be. For some, fulfilling this label imposed by those surrounding us is their life long dream. Who doesn't want their dreams to be fulfilled anyway? Everyday we wake up and each day brings us closer to achieving goals we have set for ourselves.. But do we really want it? Or does society require it from us? Did we really choose the path we have traveled for so long? Maybe we did it because our parents wanted us to be like this. Maybe our friends lent a hand in forming us to who we are right now, and eventually making us choose whichever path we are on right now.

Every time we watch television, go to see a movie, read a book or even hear stories from others, we avail ourselves of a chance to meet other people, other characters. They may be real, or they may be maybe not. Maybe they're just a figment of the imagination of the author, or scriptwriter, or whoever is telling the story. Whatever the source is, there will ultimately come a time where you will meet someone, real or not, who's just like you in a lot of ways. You may have a lot in common with this person, this character born out of the minds of gifted writers and storytellers.

I've known a lot of people who have already met, seen and even read about these extraordinary people. We try to be like them. Some of us already are. Some of us even share the same experiences characters endure within a movie or book's plot. We see what they see. We hear what they hear. We even feel what they felt, during that exact moment, a moment that also coincidentally happened in our own lives.

We all have a place in the world we live in. Some of us spend our entire lives looking for that place. There will be some who lose their way, and others who find it easily. Whichever case there may be, rest assured that each and everyone of us has their own place, their role in this world. Our duty then, is to make sure we know where it is, and once we get it, we make our mark. Because ultimately, we all want to leave a mark somewhere in this world. We want to be remembered, cherished and thought about even after our time has ended.

There are times when we wished we could be someone else, because our lives sucked. There are those who always get their own way, those who find a shorter way to get to where they are now, and even those who take the road less traveled.

In the movies, books, television shows and people's stories we somehow manage to find a character whom we can relate to. Someone who went through the same pains and triumphs as we did. Someone who coincidentally, had the same cards dealt by life in his or her hand as we do now. We find songs that encapsulate all of what we feel every single day. We find words that comfort us, guide us, even those that reprimand us for what we did. Somebody out there actually managed to create an object capable of bringing us back to remember something, correcting us so that we do not make the same mistakes and inspire us to do better with what we have.. Because ultimately, no matter how much alike two people are, they could never be the same. Any fictional character is eventually tied to the story he/she is in, and the burden of what they do falls on the thoughts and imagination of its creator. We makes us real people different is that, we have the ability to change, to actualize our potential. To correct mistakes that should have been committed. To be better people than we pictured ourselves to be.

People change. That I think, is humanity's most precious asset. For these characters that we find in the movies, the books and the shows we watch only present us with one of the infinitely many ways we can reinvent ourselves. They have the role of showing us what to do and what not to do. Our response here is that we don't want to be trapped in their shadows, because ultimately we can be better than who they were,

and we can do more with what we have.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

up and running

before i dive into revising my thesis' review of related literature, i would like to warm up my brain and fingers by posting a blog.

a few updates from me:
- fam's in hk right now. for 4 days. going to disneyland, stuff like that. they're with my mother's older sister and some of my cousins. i hope they manage to give in to my demands of a psp or a macbook (haha! wish ko lang di ba. kahit laptop lang na matulin to compensate for my impending pc upgrade.) though come to think of it, since i saved them a lot of money by not going with them, maybe i should renegotiate the money to become funds for my pc upgrade since i really need one more than the laptop or psp.
- why a psp now?! macbook?! i'm actually not fond of laptops. maybe its the satisfaction of getting something a wee bit faster than my pc that's forcing me to get a laptop. and for the psp, well, since bus rides and typhoons create massive traffic jams, might as well embrace upon the legions of commuters who live and die with their own psp units.
- my body hurts. recently, i played basketball so intense it left both my arms aching so much that any hint of upward movement results to me wincing in pain. the thought of having something more serious than just overstretching anything is downright scary for me. though i don't really pursue basketball as a career, i wish to take care of my body from various bumps and bruises. maybe i should get myself a regular exercise program or something. 
- i want to dispose my belly fast!!! but to do that i need to exercise.
- my brain needs exercise too.
- being alone in the house for almost 4 days can be a good awakening experience. hahaha! i suddenly have an itch to throw some kind of a house party. anyone interested please let me know. :D
- i suddenly realized that i had a lot of "bestfriends" in high school. and then i remembered how confusing my life was back then. :P
- going through old stuff with someone either makes you laugh, have a red face or reminisce. haha.
- i had too much CHIPS and CHOCOLATE this weekend. haha i don't wanna get that fat!
- Chillos.. Chillos.. Chillos.. why don't they have larger bags of these? i want a whole sack of em! now!
- i love OVERNIGHTS. haha. :D

so there you have it. i'm going to play pick-up for a while. catch you all later. peace.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


oftentimes, my girlfriend and i have these days wherein we don't find ourselves doing anything. it's either we don't have money or we're just too lazy to go out and find ways to enjoy ourselves. there would be times where we would just play with our cellphone games (darn addicting games) or find some posh place, buy their cheapest item, and just sit down and chill out.

then there are times we just find our own little place in the metro. whether that be inside the school premises, or in our favorite mini-stop tambayan, and just talk. talk about anything. talk about everything. talk about things we observed, things we've seen. talk about our plans for the future, talk about what we saw on television last night, really ordinary stuff. 

we talk a lot. haha.. now that's something that came into my mind just now. i remember saying to her the other day, that even if calling her in the landlines was free of charge (because we don't have our free NDD privileges anymore) i still won't call her that often. now, don't be mad at me just yet. i can't really see the sense of talking about things we have talked about the whole day.

maybe it's my fault. i just sometimes can't think of anything else to talk about. or maybe i'm just too lazy to find about other things to talk about, since there is a whole new world still waiting for us to talkabout.

can you forgive me for that? i hope you can. :D

of course, talking has a lot of functions. you tend to get to know someone a bit more, you can learn something new, and you can effectively pass the time. 

so, whenever we're bored, we just go out to our favorite chillout space, buy something really cheap just to get good seats, and talk the day away. i love those moments. :)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

looking back.

1. the tagged victim has to come up with 8 descriptions of their perfect lover.

2. he/she must mention the sex/gender of their perfect lover.

3. he/she must tag 8 or more people to join this game and leave a comment on their page saying they've been tagged. 

4. if tagged the second time, there's no need to post again.

She must be/have...

1. i need a good conversationalist. yeah, a really good one. we should be able to talk, (err, she has to talk and talk a lot, haha, but not the nagging type) and share some things in common. i hate dull moments. being unrestrained or spontaneous is definitely a bonus. keeps me interested. 

2. full of confidence. yeah, that's what i really need right now. she's got to be the motivated and driven type of person. knows what she wants and knows how to get it. i also love laid back and relaxed girls who take their time. hahahaha!!! (contrasting, eh?)

3. a sporty person. someone who's inclined to sports. its okay to have an active lifestyle, but i sometimes get the impression that they're lesbo or something. maybe someone who's interested in sports (lalo na sa basketball! yey!) and will not yawn once i rattle off all the stats and figures that i know.

4. she MUST accept me. hahahaha!! i'm the least likeable person on Earth, but there are those select few who get past the superficial things and see the real me. and, well, they're happy they got to know me. *ehem*

5. kudos to those street smart girls. i love them!!! yah, like a girl who's got a lot of common sense, and doesn't do a lot of stupid things. never liked the "kikay" type anyway.

6. well, at least we should have ONE similar passion. say sports, music, fashion or literature. i never had a friend who didn't have the same interest such as mine (it serves as an ice breaker, mind you) so it has to be a requirement. hahahaha!!!

7. uhh, she has to be accepted by my family. i was raised with strong family ties, so if the girl can't get along with them, she's going to the pay dirt.

8. lastly, she has to possess the sweetest face i've ever seen. yes, people with those kinds of facials exist. God's such a great artist. hahahaha!!!

super retro blogpost. hehehe.