Saturday, June 13, 2009

been a while

it has been a few weeks since i last posted anything on this blogsite. the last few days of mine have been dedicated to staying in front of the PC as long as possible. haha!

so most of the time i spend updating our tumblr blog, playing Assassin's Creed and following the NBA Finals.

so, recently i thought about having any worthy topic to post on this site, one which i can talk about in length, but apparently, i am too lazy to talk about anything in length. i don't know why i am so lazy about it, but i can't call it a writer's block because of the fact that i was just very lazy and all.

medical school starts for me in a few days. i wish to enjoy every second of it and be the greatest doctor i could ever be.

so, back to the supposed topic. it has been a long while since i posted on this blog. apparently, i am being engulfed by this wave or should i say, a new trend going on in the internet: micro-blogging.

so far, i have been a member of Twitter and Tumblr for quite some time, and i have to say, posting bits of my life as they happen by the spur of the moment has given me satisfaction. that, and because i was too lazy to write anything in length. though i am predisposed to having deep thoughts, i find it too taxing to try and extrapolate them into words which only a few people ever really see. not that i would abandon posting on this. but the fact is, time has been less for me to write prose contemplations on what i think and that of which happens in my life every so often.

i think that would be all for today. i'd still be posting. haha! look at me reassuring myself. :P