Thursday, September 24, 2009

looking forward to the better days

in around 2 weeks, my first semester of medical school would be over. overall, i think academically and personally i sucked.

i really don't think people or our profs should be calling us doctors already. i can't really feel that i am making progress, though there are times when i correctly diagnose someone or i somehow find the ability to muster some "medical advice" to my friends. the term "doctor" should be reserved to those who would make it. personally i think it's too early to call us anything else except students.

today every subject we had gave their own version of quizzes. so in all i had 4 quizzes. and then another possible 2 (there would be 1 for sure) will be done tomorrow. this is on top of upcoming evaluations and final exams for our semestral subjects. the next two weeks we'l be having would be shit. but then again, that's life. not that we're gonna get fucked or anything, but we can do something about it.

in spite of this, we still look forward to the good days ahead. there would be times where life seems a whole lot of bull, but it just serves as a counter-balance so that we may be able to appreciate more the good times and the blessings we may receive each day.

for the next few weeks i hope to save money to buy stuff and get new shoes. plus i hope that we get the faster broadband. when sembreak comes, i'm going to ball out like crazy. till then, its back to work. peace out.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

before reviewing for an exam

i REALLY had to write this down. was supposed to tweet some of these thoughts but if some asshole finds out i'm gonna be in big trouble.

- intrabatch/interbatch LOVE. yes naman. nakakatuwa talaga ang mga babae. lalo na sa group namin. haha! i really did not want to share any stories as told by them. suffice to say it gave me some more insights into who they really are, since as of now the people who study medicine are settling down and are going back to their undergrad habits. ditto to myself.

- tsismis. gossip. or things-you-are-not-supposed-to-know-but-you-knew-since-you-were-there or shit-i-did-not-know-that kind of stuff. trying to memorize certain stories that people may consider "juicy" is like studying anatomy. there is so much to know! haha!

- Maxene Magalona's nose. my girlfriend told me this afternoon that since her first afternoon drama show, Francis Magalona's daughter has had a rather pointy nose. Two things i would like to point out: first, if you were to play a role of ANY woman who is actually not rich, why go for the nose job? do i really need to see a chambermaid whose nose can actually puncture the wall of my house? second, THOSE GODDAMNED NOSTRILS! if you look at her nose closely, one nostril is bigger than the other. what the f***.

- Bayani Fernando. to aspire endorsement of the Administration Party as candidate to the highest post of the land, BF has displayed behavior of a toddler which ticks off a lot of people and what's more to that were his answers during the aforementioned Party's executive meeting which tiptoed the line between moronic and hilarious (i.e. to get more jobs the rich have to get richer so more wages can be issued). Good thing the Administration Party wasn't high on marijuana nor drunk as hell to choose him as the standard bearer.

- Gibo, Noynoy and Manny V. still haven't found any reason to vote for any of them. Noynoy has a pathetic legislative record, Manny V.'s commercials only need the words "for President" to be qualified as campaign material and Gibo hasn't shown anything except fluency in Ilocano. (haha)

all this shit came from watching TV on the bus in the afternoon and from watching the evening news. now back to regular programming.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

blogging from the laptop

another exam is coming. somehow i've been able to study and by hanging out with the smart dudes and dudettes in our batch i've kinda picked up some things which would enable me to better master the art of taking stressful exams.

i have somehow pinpointed my weakness, and that is my inability to be relaxed during exams or quizzes. somehow i need to learn how to be relaxed and composed. i'm already excited to take the next exams because it's another chance to prove myself. i think having that meeting with the guidance counselor helped me a lot.

i was watching Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame induction and one thing about him struck me. he was very uncompromising and was finding ways to motivate himself all the time. somehow i lack the high levels of discipline and motivation that are needed to perform on a higher level. i must be able to obtain such so as to continue my journey into having the best medical career i can achieve.

options for my specialization are increasing. after studying the chest area, i've picked up interest in the field of head and neck surgery. even otorhinolaryngology. i'm keeping my mind open.

wish me luck!!! ^_^