Sunday, October 26, 2008

its nice to be back!

hindi naman sa nag out of town trip ako o kung anuman, pero isang malaking kaluwagan na umayos na ulit ang buhay ko ngayon. hahaha!!!

naka-XP na ulit ang pc, excited na akong mamili ng bagong parts pang upgrade rito. by grad gusto ko nang magpapalit ng pc. papabuo ako ng bago. hehehe!!!

masaya na ulit ang buhay. and it has rubbed off as well to the people around me. sana magtuloy-tuloy na ito. salamat ng marami Lord!!! :D

(salamat din sa yo. lalo na run sa 2x2 na bigay mo. wahaha!!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


malas. malas. malas. malas. malas.

puro na lang malas!!! nitong mga huling araw puro malas ang inabot ko sa halos lahat ng bagay na ginawa ko sa buhay.

talaga bang aabutin to ng isang linggo? wag naman sana. pero kung ganun na rin lang, sige ok yun. kahit papano baka may matutunan ako tungkol sa sarili ko. tungkol sa iba. tungkol sa buhay.

sa ngayon, isa lang ang masasabi ko...


buti na lang di nya ako iiwan. :D (oo ikaw yung tinutukoy ko!)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


sometimes, we don't really get the things that we want because we are store to receive something better.

after giving it time to settle in, i finally got it. i now understood why things did not work out the way i wanted them to be.

what i didn't know was, there already was someone waiting for me. were we really fated to meet each other? the circumstances around us tell me that indeed, maybe we are. i never imagined that along the way as i progressed in my life that i would meet someone who has complimented me so well. someone who has made me feel appreciated and loved. someone who has inspired me to exceed what i have expected of myself.

thank you. you and your impeccable timing really did wonders in my life.
thanks for another great day. cheers to a million more. :D

Monday, October 06, 2008

commuting, GG, weather and basketball high

i was supposed to be blogging this way earlier, but since we enjoyed a few rounds of FOC i was amazed that it was already 12:30 in the midnight. last time i looked at the clock, it was just 8pm! time flies when i'm in front of the pc. haha!!

anyway, i just wanted to tell the story of my 1 1/2 hr bus ride going home. it was a friday back then, around 7pm. it's every commuter's nightmare. rush hour set in, and the heavy traffic on the other side of Taft Ave made me realize that going to Lawton may just add more time to my commute going home. 

waiting for a bus was excrutiating. what made it worse is that every bus going south had to be standing for the rest of the trip. what made it really painful was that when i boarded the bus, there wasn't any more room at the back so i was forced to stand in front where most of the compression between passengers happen the worst. malas ko lang ganid yung konduktor at nagmamadali na akong umuwi kaya nagtiis ako.

so for more than an hour, i stood in a very awkward position which left both my legs in atrophy since i couldn't really move, and that my left leg was awkwardly positioned while supporting all my body weight because my other leg was also bent in a not very normal way. then when i came to have a seat (finally!!!), this lady beside me kept on elbowing me. really nastty stuff happening in my friday night commute. good thing i was able to rest upon arriving home. but then i kind fell asleep and left my girl hanging. (really sorry!!!!)

so there's that friday commute nightmare. and then there's the weather which has been freakishly erratic for the last couple of weeks. best case was that which happened to me this past saturday. it was around 2:30 in the afternoon when i left manila to go home and try to play some ball. i thought the time i give myself would be enough, then i underestimated the saturday traffic. i still can't figure out what goes on during saturday afternoons that make Bacoor traffic really heavy. the bus i was riding on got stuck around SM Bacoor. the sun was shining there, so i said to myself that i should just be easy and not panic because i'd be able to catch another game though not the first.

then, as we crossed the rotunda that bridges across SM, the sky went black and raindrops came in. IN A SNAP OF A FINGER AS WE CROSSED THE STREET. then more horror came as we lumbered toward Imus. that's when the torrents came in. it was like Katrina struck Imus. bad trip tuloy. as i descended the bus i immediately got soaking wet within seconds which forced me to get a tricycle home. sayang ang pera, magastos kasi yung trike. bwisit na ulan di ako nakapaglaro ng basketbol. so what did i do? i ate. i ate kamote na may asukal and caramel crunch ice cream ba yun (ah basta masarap!) kaya ayun guminhawa pakiramdam ko. yun pala silbi ng comfort food.

finally, the NBA and PBA seasons kick-off in October. sarap na ulit manood ng tv. tapos may malapit na rin sembreak namin, e di laro na naman. haha! sana nga lang makalaro ako. may thesis pa pala akong gagawin. 

i want to improve my game. and i want a new ball. haha!!!

so there, that's all ya need to know. i may be posting my Christmas wishlist next time. maybe. haha! :)