Saturday, August 26, 2006


my head's throbbing in pain, I'm weak, I lost my voice, I cough and cough and cough...

I'm just sick... And it sucks...

The week past was a complete blur.. Well, except for the scolding I made to my beshie. Maybe it was an exaggerated reaction because I was stressed out and sick, but anyhow I'm really sorry.. We're ok right now, I hope it stays that way.. One lesson I learned from this, people sometimes do care. Yeah even if you feel obnoxious to the world and all that, people will see if something is wrong when they care.

I'd like to thank a few people. Well I don't like giving out names, but thank you very much. It looks like some people do care about others if they wanted to. Salamat ng marami!!!!

btw, Karl tagis ang yelokab!!! hahahaha!!! nakatipid ako dun!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Now playing: Oo - Up Dharma Down

When two distinct and entirely different things are mixed up, its either you get something really bad or something really good... Its like combining eggs with, erm, say, sardines.. Yeah they taste good, individually.. But try and put them together in a blender and see what monstrosity will come out of that.. Haha!!!

But nuff said, classical and rock music were both at the ends of the spectrum. Literally.. Rock, as some classical conneusieurs like to call it, is just rampaging noise. On the other hand, some people believe classical music to be the ultimate sleeping pill, causing boredom to the nth... It took some dude who new both genres of music to really appreciate it and at the same time cook up a plan that, if generated a few years back, would have been laughed at by people.. But at the end, through some nifty orchestration from both the media and the musicians themselves, they managed to give us this.. A rocking ensemble of people who would have been fighting for the stage if not for the guys who organized the event...

ok, before I continue... a recap of the day as it went by:
- woke up early, got stuck in traffic, didn't go to Math class due to sheer boredom
- read half of the book about Michael Jordan in Powerbooks for 2 1/2 hours
- took the "exam" (more of like, a seatwork really..) in Philosophy
- met two people, Joseph and PJ, who were good enough to lend me their guitars! Shout out to both of you!
- went to DLSU to buy something to eat
- went to Folk Arts for the whole shebang

Its really amazing how two kinds of things put together can give you a whole new entity. Its like what LP and Jay-Z did with the mash up album Collision Course, earning themselves some Platinum records and Grammy nominations. It's when bands like Yellowcard or Silent Sanctuary exist to further push the envelope for other musicians to follow. Guys playing today have set the standards high, and are getting the praise for going against the flow. OK, so much for preaching the good news, lets get into the concert.

thoughts during the concert:
- I like it when the orchestra pulls off that getting-louder-and-louder-then-poof-the-sounds-gone type of thing.. You probably know what I mean
- I saw this girl in the entrance, wearing this Giniling Festival tshirt (by the way, its a band who sounds like Kamikazee, funny lyrics and all), lugging around some 20 pcs. of items you normally see on a Mcdonalds menu. Yup, I think she brought the whole menu...
- I am pissed because Urbandub didn't go with First Of Summer, I thought it would rock if the damn song had orchestrational inputs (violins and stuff)
- I am glad that Up Dharma Down had a great set, so did Itchyworms, although Beer wasn't in the set list... Maybe the conductor was too drunk to think of a musical arrangement for the song
- my beshie says Ney Dimaculangan of 6 Cycle Mind is cute.. Ok.. So may you explain why you snubbed him when we saw him in Robinsons?
- there's a midget in the Manila Symphony Orchestra!!!! And he's playing the percussion!!!!
- I got the feeling that 90% of the women there were probably going to watch Hale. I was right...
- Lalay Lim of Urbandub is super cute... haha!!!
- I admit it, I wanted PJ's battery operated electric guitar!!!!!
- Shit, all the free booze was lost when we got in line... Poor us....

and so we ended the day... Got home safely though it was around 12am... but its all good.... gotta stop philosophizing and all. Lets save that for another post.

See you in Rockestra 3!!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Nani dattebayo!!!!!

I'll never forget those words uttered by my favorite anime character...

I love Naruto. At best I try to get myself copies of the episodes, but sometimes I just watch them... Buti na lang may dvd sa Divisoria!!! hahaha!! I love it!!!

Yeah, watching every fight makes me want more to become a Konoha nin (ninja, in Japanese) i my next life. Living it in full color and all.. hahahaha!!!! The adrenaline rush is so awesome, it makes me dizzy after watching a very good one (i.e. Neji vs. Kidoumaru, Naruto and Sasuke in the waterfall, Lee and Kimimaro although it was freaking short... I still loved it!)

Well, how did this all start?? Flashback to about 3 1/2 years ago.. (wow!)

yeah naruto first came to my attention when abs-cbn started airing it around summertime... back then they were the only ones with the rights for the show... I have to admit, I didn't like the show until I had the opportunity to watch a whole one. Then I was hooked... Freaking hooked...

Fast forward 2 years...
summer before college, I was having a ball of a time because a kind soul managed to give me a bundle of cds with episodes of naruto.. The series was (and still) a big hit in Japan right now, so I got a handle of the advanced episodes since channel 2 was so stupid that it could only get episodes of the show up to the Chuunin exam part..

I was just staring at the computer back then, watching with glee as Naruto tries to kick ass as hard as Sasuke would. Although all that Naruto does sometimes will go in vain because he was too ignorant (he's not stupid, just ignorant! freaks!)

Nowadays, I and all the die hard Naruto fans here and around the world suffer due to the limitless supply of filler episodes that the animators chalk up. WOULD YOU PLEASE CONTINUE THE FUCKING STORY????!!! The manga created by Masashi Kishimoto (who, by the way is my other favorite Japanese guy, aside from Hideo Kojima, who will have a blog dedicated to him soon. lol) has enough material already to start a whole new series!!!! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO FUCKING DELAY IT FOR SO LONG?!


Dear Animators,

Don't you notice that a lot of people are enraged right now because you guys just wouldn't give a shit if we clamor for the NEW episodes of the story coming from the manga? What the hell is this? Some kind of a marketing plan? Are you trying to get more viewers because you can't be satisfied with the phenomenon you created? Capitalists should be beheaded or even be drilled in the chest (ala Hostel) if they keep messing around!!! GIVE US THE NEW EPISODES YOU IDIOTS!!!! I'M SICK AND TIRED OF FILLERS!!!!!!

And Mr. Kishimoto, please make sure that the new episodes for the 2nd part of the story will feature better fight scenes and all. Thanks a lot!!!!!

Now, I end this blog, I still have a whole dvd to watch. hahaha!!! I'm too absorbed on this... lolz


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Divisoria! Part 1

A lot has been written and said about this place, in the middle of the bustling urban jungle of Manila where lore of it has spread out far and wide.

Saan ka nga ba pwedeng makakita ng mabibiling mura? E di sa DIVISORIA!!!!!!!

Its the one stop place for anything and almost everything that can be sold or bought. It is where the forces of the market are in effect. It is where the most talented snatchers hone their talents and train their future successors. All the chaos, the glory and gore of it all... If you want it cheap, it's probably in Divisoria...

So before anything else, what happened before I went there?

Let's See!!!

- had the once-a-week swimming class with Sir Vivi ( I like to call him that.) had my skin dry and my eyes burning in pain for God-knows-why
- had the once-a-week Econ101 class with Sir Arcilla. I passed the exam!! Fucking yeah!!! hahaha!!!!

nothing unusual happened, just the same same every Wednesday...

then me and my bestfriend went to Divisoria. She got to buy a watch for herself so I tagged along.

I bought:
- 1 pc. Incubus: Live In Red Rock dvd
- 1 pc. Naruto dvd (ep.185-195)
- 1 pc. cloth pencil case for my sister

And my bestfriend bought herself a Jim Carrey movie. Liar Liar. Nice!

then we went home....

random thoughts while inside Divisoria:
- I like Divisoria in the "off-season". NAPAKALUWAG! unlike the rabid chaos of the Xmas season and before the first day of school
- the first Filipino phrase a Chinese may want to learn: "Bili na kayo ate, kuya!"
- the Apple Ipod has around 17 imitations in one stall alone.
- Divisoria contains the most complete library of any American TV series. Daig pa Astrovision tsaka Video City e. Mura pa!
- my feet always hurt when I go to Divi
- is LYCHEESE the real spelling of lychees?
- I like the fact that I can hop on a jeep and go home to Imus straight from Divisoria. (yeah, I board the Divisoria jeep from Imus when I go to Vito Cruz for my PE class...)
- like Paola said in her blog, we really need to be nice to the salesladies.. (unless said saleslady gives you a bad stare, then proceed with whipping out of the chainsaw and cutting her head off.)
- are watchvendors really that hot-headed?

and so the trip to Divisoria ended with us going back to the Post Office and going home safely. Well, we still had a stop-over in the Imus Market to continue our East Side food trip series.... featuring pishbol, balat, isaw, buko, gulaman, chiken papkorn at siomai....

And the day ends with me typing away and getting ready to go to sleep....

Ay putangina, sira yung dvd ng Naruto.. Ayan, may topic na ako ulit.. Divisoria part 2!!!! hahahaha!!!!

salamat sa lahat ng mga masisipag magcomment! peace!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Note: errm, I made a promise to myself that I'd make posts with titles that are usually consisting of only one word.. But hey, we all get lost in our english most of the time.. so, I decided to extend my promise a little bit, hmmm, maybe a phrase title wouldn't hurt.. anyway....

I woke up this morning with the usual ringing of my dearest cellphone... (which doubles as an alarm clock :D)

Mom said we were going to church a tad earlier, and we did, much to my surprise... haha!!! I didn't have the chance to watch my favorite machine robo rescue which was totally annoying.. Anyway, the said reason for going to church earlier than usual is because of an outing in the faraway lands of Laguna! (sorry for the exaggeration, it wasn't that far you know..)

By 10:15am, exactly an hour after we got home from the church, we went to Laguna...

A simple stop-over by the Shell station in SLEX (the exact one we stopped on during the geology trip with mr.bato, este manueli pala) turned into a mini star sighting as we accidentally parked beside the car of certain celebrity babe/FHM covergirl. Flanked by 2 surfer dudes with the intent of possibly going to La Union (maybe, but by car? dang!), this certain celeb turned the windows down and was seen by my sister, who actually has a penchant for pictures with celebrities. (we have a whole album in the house, complete from child stars THEN who pose for FHM nowadays, to teleserye mainstays, to singing champions, to PBA players, even news reporters!)

Syempre si Mama nastar struck na naman, ayun may picture....

And lo, after buying the Mcdo Milkshake (a new product which is a copy of what Jollibee serves as melted ice cream, can't lay a finger on that darn name..) we set sail for Laguna, a good one hour drive away.

Like any other summer outing, this one had the prerequisites: the wild kids, the adults not interested with swimming, food galore and body shots of everyone! hahaha!!!

so, nothing interesting happened in the outing, just absorbed the beautiful panoramic view of the highlands and the always fresh air.. i missed that air.. maybe that's what I missed the most after leaving high school, and after Manila gave me my rhinitis again... fresh air... it has become a rarity, and thank God they still gave me chances to enjoy this manna from heaven.

note: don't go to China, they have oxygen bars retailing O2 at $10 per hour! the sad part is it's unflavored!!! they sell flavored air by the way...

as of the same time my bestfriend was in Indang celebrating life, missing Las Pinas, being one with the environment (clean air and all) and enjoying a children's party...

after the shebang had adjourned, we packed our bags and went home.. Which translated into a butt-busting 2hr drive that left my behind sore and all... After a few moments of reflection and drinking (water, of course.. am allergic to alcohol) I turned on my pc and voila.. blogging the day as it went by..

random thoughts going around my mind:
- will I ever wake up again getting a text message from her? (yeah. it was ALL GOOD while it lasted..)
- why do priests sometimes have jagged teeth?
- why does it always rain whenever we have an outing?
- or a much proper question: does 1 typhoon per week be considered normal in the typhoon season of the Philippines?
- you'll pay 120 pesos for a chilled coconut on Taal. I'm not kidding.
- finally I've nailed that damn breaststroke with a frog kick
- Calamba has the biggest city hall I've ever seen.. Las Pinas may be 2nd.. or 3rd.. or whatever...
- too much chlorine makes the skin a tad dry, and makes me look like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.
- hilaw na mangga + bagoong + apple juice = paquiao-morales 3 in my tummy

so in about sometime I will be able to beat the current sprint record by dashing to the toilet and dropping the BOMB.. and that time... is... now!!!!!

shout-out to all the people in the cbox.. nice work! I'll link your sites later.. can i have your comments now?

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Pasensya na sa mga taong naunang magcomment.. haha wala na po yung mga comments nyo dahil naka halo scan na ako. hehehehe!!! sana po magcomment kayo sa mga susunod na post dito... sorry of the inconvinient. hahahaha!!!!

at dahil may cbox na ako, don't forget to leave a message there! kung gusto nyo lang naman...

I'm really sorry kung wala pang mga matitinong posts dito, aayusin ko muna blog ko. Then proceed with the trash talking. hahahahaha!!!!

hala nilalagnat na ako... uh oh....


Mother, Mother I am sick!
Call the doctor quick! quick! quick!

And so have gone forth my usual weekends of playing ball and bumming around. Yeah i got sick and had a lot of down time.. So, mother's orders:
- fluids
-trusty biogesic
- rest! rest! rest!
and some chocolate cake.. its funny how something that i consider an allergen can actually make me better. hahahaha!!!!

I woke up this morning with an unfamiliar feeling of throbbing head pain and body pain. And thus I am sick... Because stupid me I still got up to watch tv.. hahaha!!! tv is bad.. especially if you have a headache...

but alas, my innately strong immune system has taken charge, and I am feeling a wee bit better right now.. so i'm blogging.. and eating a big orange as I pen down my thoughts.
i still don't know if I'm gonna be able to fill this blog with updates but I am trying my best to do so.

shout out to all those people who have read and commented on my prenatal posts.. I love you guys! hahahaha!!!!

am still on the process of renovating the site. new skin and a cbox will be up shortly. :D

Friday, August 04, 2006


Yesterday was a great day. We got the MTV guys inside the school and all. And since I wasn't able to attend the one last year, which was in my first year of college, I decided to attend this one.
Yeah boy, I can say, the craziest concert/mini-concert/campus tour I've ever been to. My ears are still ringing. I can still hear those people screaming out.. Sheesh. But that's the fun part of it. At least everyone was obedient enough to follow the "no slamdancing" rules. Well, with bouncers the size of trucks, who'd dare mess the event up?
Kung si Jotabs nga kasya sa loob nung katawan ng mga bouncer, kami pa kaya?
random thoughts during the course of the day and during the concert:
- it's really hard to choose which place to eat your lunch. Kasi nakakauta minsan kumain sa isang lugar e.
- i forgot to bring my notebook (este, filler pala) in PolSci, but Sir Jal was not around. Nagtampo siguro kasi di sila pinatugtog sa MTV Campus tour.
- i am getting the urge to be absent in my Math and PolSci class. hahaha!!!
- i am still figuring out why my bestfriend buys see through tops.... harharhar
- one cannot live on Nutrilicious alone.....
- i do not like to involve myself with any fraternity in school.
- i like the MTV id straps that the organizers were wearing. hahaha!!!
- Ely Buendia will forever be with the Eraserheads, no matter how much he tries to "reincarnate" himself as a frontman of _______ (insert band name here)
- Yan Yuzon really does look like a clean shaven Yael. :D
- Next to Sugarfree, I now declare the Itchyworms as the guys who I'd love to see perform a set. Sila lang ang makapal ang mukhang kumanta ng mga kanta ng Hale e. hahaha! POGI ROCK!
- mukha palang bata si Pochoy (of Dicta License), pero nasa law school na sya. Di halata..
- Marc Abaya can spit water like Triple H! He can do that!! WOW!
- I am proud to say that we do have the craziest crowd when it comes to shows like this. I've never seen groupies these crazy. Must be an after effect of the dep exams. hahahaha!!!
- I love Rex Navarette
and my day was done, well after talking to my beloved bestfriend. :D
am really sorry i cannot talk well last night since i was dog-tired and all. pede ka namang maglabas ng loob sa akin during the day e. hahahahaha!!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


out of boredom and of an unexplainable desire to write, i made myself a blog. a little intro before the posts come out...

maybe i talk a little too much, so if people get offended of what i say, that's their problem not mine.. this is my little space anyway.

i'm just new to this so forgive me if the site doesn't have the pizzazz of those other blogs which may cause low-end pcs to crash. i don't indulge myself too much on pictures and all, but i do post pictures every now and then.

so let the show begin... and please, try to make a comment when you read any of the posts.. the feedback would really help.

as one Michael Buffett always said, "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... LET'S GET READY TOOOOOOOOOOO RUMBLLLLLEEEEE!"