Tuesday, February 02, 2010

This and That

i haven't blogged in a while, for reasons which include:
a) too much NBA 2K10
b) school activities and school stuff
c) the absence of my mood to write something

there are days when i was too lazy to do anything online. i wouldn't post anything on twitter and tumblr, no new pictures at multiply and no one to chat away with.

everybody else looks like they're too busy to be disturbed. while i do away the time with watching tv series, studying and doing extracurriculars. i should be guilty of cyberslacking. i am also guilty of having too many commitments which have put various strains on my relationship with my girlfriend. there are days when i wished that medical school would stop being so demanding already. or maybe it should be me who would try and give up some of the things i enjoyed doing at school. i don't really know for sure. maybe i should just aspire for more understanding in our relationship. we both know this is one tough test, and i wish that we would be resilient enough to withstand the trials and injustices (damn schedule of mine) the path i have chosen has given me.

i stand by the maxim "if you don't have the time, make the time" but my belief towards it is being put into the test. i should take concrete steps to improve the conditions for the two of us. i know that i could cut the fat out. maybe that's what i should do.

so that's how i have been since last night. or in some nights for the past few weeks. nothing drastic happening though. i just know and believe that we (Mae and I) will be able to pull through four years of this together. if i need to invoke Divine Intervention then i am fully prepared to do so.

moving on, i just received an email from Haloscan saying that they would discontinue the free commenting service and allow us existing users to import our accounts unto a new service which needs to have annual payments. i say fuck them all with their corporate money-making asses. there are many ways to generate revenue aside from directly putting prices on you products.

updates from the school side of things: 2 months to go and i will be wrapping up First Year medical school. i hope i would be able to do enough in the stretch run and get exemptions for physiology and community medicine. anatomy is still up there, but it is a long shot. i should pass psychiatry and biochemistry via a final exam. then i could pay attention to the summer leagues.

18 days from now the APMC-NCR sportsfest will be held in Pasig, and fortunately i qualified to get into the team. i hope we have fun playing the other schools from Manila. i wish we could win the whole thing. our team is stacked and i think it would come down to who wants it more.

the NBA All Star weekend is happening next week. so far my teams (Boston, Miami, OKC) are doing good. but i hope the Heat get some help in the off-season. they should resign Wade first before anything happens. i haven't been able to watch any live games, but it looks like Charlotte and Memphis will delight me if i get the chance to watch them on TV. i'm a sucker for great defenses, and the Bobcats under Larry Brown play one of the best perimeter D's in the league.

that's all for today. stay safe everyone!   

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