Sunday, February 14, 2010


i still don't know how to correctly spell Valentines. Some of them have the apostrophe, thus written as Valentine's, in memoriam to a certain priest who believed in love and was then canonized as a saint.

i'm feeling good today. but my body hurts. my day got the early start at around 5:30am. went jogging with the folks. they have started to jog around every Sunday and this was the first time i cam with them. glad to see them leading healthier lives thru exercise. though dad still won't quit smoking, and i don't really blame him.

running around the public cemetery was fun. the clouds were there to delay the onset of sunshine, and the morning winds were cool and crisp. after running we decided to play badminton at the local court. my sisters tagged along and it became a family event. suddenly we did a lot of stuff together today, and it was totally fun. couple that with the fact that me and my girlfriend went out on saturday and that gives me a really, really good weekend. 

actually, i have a lot to be thankful for this week. i'm almost there, trying to finish 1st year medicine on a high note, and the final push that i have been waiting to mount on my grades. we just finished a set of exams this week, and not only did i pass all of them, but got rather high grades.

it's victories like these that do my soul so much good. it inspires me and allows me to realize that much of my hard work does not go to waste. and it also makes me like our subjects more. just keep pushing. my girlfriend always said to me that "motivation gets you started, but discipline is what gets you there". she always says the best things.

i hope to finish this year on a high note. i also wish that everyone enjoys their lives right now, and enjoy the days. man, i am so euphoric right now.

so lighten up, be happy and keep pushing. Happy Valentines Day.
oh, almost forgot, this makes post no. 200 for me. goodie!

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